Bill O’Brien calls Texans’ red zone offense “horrendous”

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Texans coach Bill O’Brien was not happy with his offense, or even his own playcalling, in the red zone during today’s loss to the Colts.

O’Brien said after the game that he thought his offense, which gained 322 yards and picked up 20 first downs, generally played well. But in the red zone, it was a different story.

“We had a lot of multi-play drives. Our red area has been horrendous for us the whole year. We had a lot of trips into the red area but we have not been able to score touchdowns down there, and that was the case today,” he said.

O’Brien blamed himself for the Texans failing to score once they reached the red zone late in the first half, with Deshaun Watson instead throwing an incomplete pass that had Jason Witten on ESPN questioning the play call. O’Brien seemed to think that questioning was fair.

“I needed to do a better job for Deshaun in that instance,” O’Brien said.

The Texans need to do a lot better for Watson, who was sacked more than any other quarterback this season and too often seems like he has to do it himself. His 2018 season is over, and now the Texans need to give him a better chance in 2019.

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  1. Had nothing to do with the red zone offense. It’s a cop out for a bad home playoff lose. Classic “clear and present danger” quote..

  2. “We had a lot of multi-play drives.”

    Unless you commit a turnover, EVERY drive is a “multi-play drive”.

    The problem was most of their decent drives were well into the 2nd half after they were already 3 touchdowns down.

    Once again the Texans waste everyone’s time in the playoffs!

  3. The Texans offensive playcalling has been scattershot all year. BOB is a great play callee against the Bengals and Jaguars of the NFL world, but he gets outschemed by coaches who actually outperform him in the basic x and o’s. Crennel’s defense was poop too, but the Texans are The Great Pretenders of the NFL since the Kubrick/Schaub playoff teams.

  4. Crennel’s defense was poop too, but the Texans are The Great Pretenders of the NFL since the Kubrick/Schaub playoff teams.

    Meant to say Kubiak not Kubrick

  5. Texans clearly got a good “old fashioned” beat down at home!
    I had Indy winning this in a close one but O’Brien & Co. looked way overmatched.
    Frank Reiche has got Indy dialed in & they could give KC fits next week!

  6. O’Brien is NOT the Texan’s HC who can get them deep in the playoffs. I doubt the McNair family trust will fire him, however.

  7. I truly think the offensive line is the foundation of any good/great team. Watson has absolutely no time behind that unprotective line. Not a Texans fan, but with Watson, Miller and Hopkins, they really need to concentrate on that line this off season.

  8. The perennial All-Pro J.J. Watt earned another award last night ,the Harry Houdini Trophy for his disappearing act in every Texans big game.

  9. I don’t think they’ll fire Ob’Brien because he took ownership of the loss and did not throw anyone under the bus. For that he should be back next season, however if same result then he’s got to go.

  10. I think Obie earned another year after the way he turned the team around after an 0-3 start. And don’t give me that BS about our weak schedule. The Colts had an easier schedule but everyone overlooks that.

    They started 1-5. They beat Redskins and lost to Bengals, Eagles, Patriots, Texans & Jets. During their “red-hot” turnaround. They beat the Bills, Raiders, Jags, Titans (twice), Houston, Miami, Dallas, & and came-back to beat the Giants by 1! IMPRESSIVE!!! They also got shut-out by one of the worst teams in football against Jacksonville.

    Talk all the crap about Houston schedule, but who did the Colts beat?

    Yeah they whooped our but Saturday, we had our chances. We didn’t capitalize on them. The Colts aren’t going to beat Kansas City. NOT A CHANCE!

  11. Such an ” old west ” mentality….gotta hang someone for it all. Bill turned the season around from 0-3 to 11-5 with a playoff berth and another AFC South division title. He deserves to be there and isn’t going anywhere, so stop crying.

    The Texans have had 4 out of 5 winning seasons and 3 AFC South division titles under Billy O. That’s a far cry from being the scapegoat to blame for all of the team’s problems and probably the best coach the Texan’s have ever had in their short existence of 15 years.

    Remember, the Cowboys have only won ( 3 ) playoff games in the last 20 years and they get more respect. They haven’t won squat since 1995. The Texans didn’t come on the scene until 2002. What does that tell you?

    Bill cannot play on the field, it’s the player’s responsibility to execute the game plan on the field and/or react in the moment.

    Bill does need help with play calling, no question…but he isn’t the reason they aren’t going to the Super Bowl. This Gaine’s first season as GM. He has plenty of cap space and three spots in the first two rounds of the draft.

    All they need is an o-line and a update at corner.

    The Colts were not any better than the Texans throughout the season. They lost one, the Texans lost one. Both games were within 3 points, not blow outs by any stretch of the imagination. The Colts had just as easy of a schedule as the Texans had. The Colts will not go to the Bowl this year and probably won’t make it to the Divisional Championship game either.

    The Texans’ defense shut the Colts out in the 2nd half completely. The offense just didn’t capitalize. The Colts didn’t ” dominate ” anything. Luck got his protection and Hilton got his usual catches. That’s about it.

    The Texans just blew it on offense.

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