Bob McNair’s death increases sense of urgency for Jerry Jones

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Texans owner Bob McNair’s death earlier this season increased Jerry Jones’ desire to win now.

McNair died in November at the age of 81. Jones is 76.

”[Jerry Jones] has made it real clear during this run he would do anything he can to put his finger on it,” Stephen Jones said on ESPN 103.3 FM on Saturday, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. ”I think the passing of Bob McNair hit home with him. Bob, this time last year was healthy and running the finance committee and just seemed fine. And when you get to be a certain age you start to understand that maybe you aren’t promised the next year

“He certainly had his buzzer out, making sure all hands are on deck, so that we are doing everything we can to pull out each football game. Our backs are against the wall ever since we were 3-5, and we certainly feel like our backs are against the wall against the Seahawks. We’ve just got to go work.”

The Cowboys have won only three playoff games since their last Super Bowl in 1995. They have not even made an NFC Championship Game since.

Jerry Jones joked on his radio show Friday about time running out for him to get another Super Bowl ring.

“I don’t have time to have a bad time. It’s not on my schedule,” Jerry Jones said on 105.3. “And, so, I’m smiling when I say that. The facts are that it does create more urgency. But it’s always been our goal to get in this game or one of these playoff games and go from here. The next thing you say is get into the playoffs with a team whose arrow’s pointed up, get into a playoff that you give yourself a chance health-wise, get into the playoffs with a motivated situation, young team in our particular case, all of those things you have in the mentality of playoffs as well. It’s a tournament.”

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  1. Life can be tough if you get caught up in this sort of thinking. A year ago today (and for quite a few months after that) my late-60s father was, as far as he knew, perfectly healthy. Then he was surprised with an advanced cancer diagnosis, and he was gone four months later. It’s sad, and acknowledging that life can work this way doesn’t diminish the personal tragedy of a loss, but our time can come at any time. Live life the best you know how, and leave that as your focus!

  2. If you assume Chicago gets the win over Phily this weekend, then you could look at Dallas playing New Orleans if they get past the Wild Card. Not very probable that they pull off a win at home tonight, then a win in New Orleans.

  3. Jerry Jones joked on his radio show Friday about time running out for him to get another Super Bowl ring…………….If Jerruh would cancel his radio show, hire a GM that knows football and just sit back and sign checks he would be light years ahead of where his team is !! You are NOT GM material Jerruh !!!

  4. We are all mortal, young or old, and the malakh-a-mavet wraps us up in his dark robe without regard to age or position in society. I’m the same age as Bob McNair and I work every day, and I know that one day I will not wake up, or finish my job, or be able to say good-by to my loved ones. But in the mean time, I’m still planning a new business and continue doing what I do best without regard to the nearness of the end.

  5. Jerry Jones was a team captain on a college national championship team and has been involved up to his ears at every level of the NFL for 30 years. What are you going to tell him about being an NFL GM?

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