Buccaneers hope to make a big splash

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The Buccaneers need something to reinvigorate a franchise that can’t give away tickets to its games. And since it won’t be a new quarterback (for now), they’ll need to do it with a new coach.

That’s the current plan. Per a league source, the Buccaneers fully intend to make a big splash with their next hire.

This meshes with the recent report from David Haugh of 670 The Score in Chicago that the Buccaneers are willing to pay $10 million per year. That’s not just a number that would go to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly (in whom the Bucs have interest, per Haugh), but to whoever they end up landing.

Other candidates possibly include Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Baylor coach Matt Rhule.

Why rule out anyone at this point? With recently-former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer not completely closing the door on coaching again, bringing him back to the vicinity of Gainesville would definitely be a big splash — and $10 million per year could go a long way toward getting him to tolerate that arachnoid cyst.

Then there’s former Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who has expressed interest in the job (even though he previously said he’d only want the Browns job). He could emerge as a serious candidate, too, given his link to G.M. Jason Licht, who was in Arizona for a year with Arians.

Ultimately, the goal will be for Licht to make the kind of hire that secures his own future. Unlike most General Managers, Licht is getting a chance to hire more than two head coaches. He’s getting a third, and he surely won’t get a fourth. This one needs to count, and that’s what the Bucs are trying to do.

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  1. Nick Saban , Dabo Swinney ? Either of those guys would make a big splash. I can also see both of them diving head first into the shallow end .

  2. Let’s not forget that Bruce Arians mentioned the Browns job when it was the only one with an opening, as Hue Jackson was already fired.

    Coaches are a fraternity of sorts, so Arians wouldn’t express interest in a job opening that wasn’t publicly available yet. The Browns job is very attractive but also was the only one with an interim coach in place, so I could definitely see Arians joining Tampa, especially with his past history with Licht and Jameis Winston, who Arians has known since Winston was a teenager.

  3. I couldn’t imagine a young, up and coming coach committing career suicide by hiring on to coach Jameis Winston. I could see an old guy like Arians signing a guaranteed $50 million contract. He’d probably love to get fired in a year or 2 and walk away with $50 million. I don’t think too many coaches are looking at Tampa Bay as a winnable team right now, especially if they’re being forced to play Winston. Jim Harbaugh is big on character, so you can cross his name off the list right now.

  4. Why is it so hard for people to believe Urban Meyer is done coaching? It’s not like he needs the money and he is moving into other areas at Ohio State. I don’t believe he is going to risk his health to take another coaching job. Like someone mentioned, if in a few years they figure out a way to remove the cyst safely and his headaches go away, maybe he will come back, but I don’t see it unless that happens.

  5. Why not actually conduct a good search for a coach rather than bringing back a retread that has proven he isn’t that great. Seriously, Arians ran the Cards into the ground. Urban Meyer, Saban and Steve Spurrier… highly touted college coaches. Saban and Spurrier were horrible NFL coaches. The NCAA and NFL are different. Just because you are the head coach at an SEC team or Clemson, that gets the top prospects every year, doesn’t translate to success in the NFL. The NFL playing field is level. Every team has a chance to succeed. You don’t get 10 first round picks like you do in college anymore.

    I think I would be looking to an experienced/proven NFL coordinator. Get them on board and commit to them. I think the Dolphins made a mistake the Dolphins were pretty competitive. I think the Cardinals, Jets, Browns and Bengals all made the right choices – those franchises were pathetic.

  6. Want to make a big SPLASH? Toss Jason Licht into the bay.

    Our roster has 6-8 good players but too many that would not have a job on another team.

  7. Nick Saban said that he knew the NFL wasn’t for him when he didn’t have personnel control. He wanted Drew Brees at Miami but management wouldn’t sign off. I think Saban would still be interested in coaching in the NFL, especially if Alabama wins the title again this year. If Tampa offers him $10 million and personnel control? I think he’d really be tempted. What else does he have to prove at Alabama? There’s a reason he went from Michigan State to LSU to Alabama: Looking for the next challenge.

  8. Dennis Carson says:

    January 5, 2019 at 11:14 am

    Why is it so hard for people to believe Urban Meyer is done coaching? It’s not like he needs the money and he is moving into other areas at Ohio State. I don’t believe he is going to risk his health to take another coaching job. Like someone mentioned, if in a few years they figure out a way to remove the cyst safely and his headaches go away, maybe he will come back, but I don’t see it unless that happens.

    Because he left Florida for health reasons and retired as well and when it happened most assumed he would take another job and he did.

  9. If all the teams were good there wouldn’t be so many head coach openings. Everyone talks about bringing in a guy who can make a splash but it’s really all just a crap shoot. What you need to find is a guy who can work with the players already there with maybe a few adjustments. The NFL is nothing like college where you can recruit and change your team in a couple years. Look what happen to Steve Wilks in AZ. Maybe on a different team he would’ve been great but he didn’t adapt to what players he had. All these young coordinators should be doing their research before just jumping in to see if they can make it work and be successful.

  10. Nobody wants to sit in an outdoor frying pan for 3 hours when they can watch the game at home. If the stadium, at least, had some shade people may go.

  11. As a Clemson fan and rival of Jameis, Jimbo Fisher was the tough S.O.B that was always in his ear, unafraid to address him. Bruce is a old school in your face coach that is care free about protecting feelings and emotions and would probably be the best prospect for the Qb. Jameis greatest assest is his arm and Brue has a excellent deep passing offense.. I think almost to perfect of a opportunity for this underwhelming franchise.

  12. >Buccaneers hope to make a big splash

    How about they hope about signing someone who actually knows what they’re doing as HC? Honestly, you’d think after picking a control freak from college who tried treating grown men like children, an old coach who never changed with the times and was too stubborn to adjust an out of date, and a “hot shot” OC you decided to promote from within instead of giving serious consideration to outside candidates, that this organization would be done with “splash plays”. Please Glazers, for once just take your time on a coaching. If it ends up with Bruce Arians or whoever I’m fine with that, just to your due diligence and make sure it’s a competent HC for the pros.

  13. If they want to make a big splash they can trade two first round picks and a 2nd rounder plus 8 million dollars to the Raiders for Jon Gruden again.

  14. Bucs should hire Arians. Winston deserves a competent coach for once. Half their pathetic fan base already gave up on him. Surprised the hadn’t already like they did with Doug Williams and Steve Young

  15. They’re already dictating that the new coach has to start the disastrous Jameis Winston, so I can’t imagine anyone with self-respect taking the job.

  16. Matt Rhule would be a good hire. I thought Philadelphia should’ve hired him. He has NFL experience.

    Kelly is an interesting prospect. He’s hit his ceiling at ND, actually some time ago. His QB handling though might be a question. But he could probably handle being a HC in the NFL.

    Or, how about Jimmy Johnson?

  17. As a franchise, the Bucs need to get this hire right. Look at the last several HC hired, Morris, Schiano, Smith, and Koetter. Raheem Morris was over his head from the start. He let the players basically do what they wanted. No discipline, no accountability. Greg Schaino was the opposite. Probably too demanding and players couldn’t identify with him as a human being. Lovie Smith couldn’t get out of his head that the original Tampa 2 defense no longer worked in today’s NFL. You need to adjust, and Lovie refused. Dirk Koetter was the OC and a hot candidate to become a HC and the Bucs didn’t want to lose him. The Bucs were making strides offensively.

    Of the prior 4 coaches, I had the most hope from Koetter rein in Tampa. His biggest mistake was bring in his old friend Mike Smith to be the DC. Smith bend don’t break only works when you have the lead. You can play that scheme as a base defense like Smith did. Keotter was still acting as his own OC. Koetter is a basically conservative play caller. You move the ball slowly down the field and score. You run more than pass. With Smith’s defense, the Bucs we playing a lot from behind which effected the offensive calls. This season Keotter let OC Todd Monken call some plays. I saw a huge difference. Todd is less conservative in his philosophy than Dirk. The NFL is an offensive league. You have to be able to score when you need too. Koetter is conservative by nature, and wasn’t comfortable opening up the offense the way it needed to be. That eventually cost Dirk his job.

    The Bucs have a lot of talented players on this squad. There is a good mix of veterans and 1st or 2nd year players. Instead of hiring a coach and letting the coach come in and change everything around to suite himself, the Bucs need to hire a coach who has a vision to fit the core players that the Bucs already have. For the first time, it looks like ownership will open up the purse strings that allow Jason Licht to find that right coach. I’m excited!

  18. If the NFL adopted the rules of English Premier League soccer, the “splash” the Bucs would be making would be in their new league…after they get relegated.

  19. I was a Buc’s fan living in St.Pete during the John McKay era and often went to games & even pep rallies held in our local mall. I camped out & got tickets to the Bucs-Rams playoff game. Culverhouse ruined the team, by trying to cheap out on Doug Williams ( pay off 400k Doug wanted 500k. FF to recent history. #1 find a real HC like McCarthy or Pavano. 2. get a real QB in this yrs or next yrs draft. In fact trade out of #4 for a better pick next year. 3. Bench Winston and go with Fitzpatrick or grab Nick Foles. Winston will never amount to anything. Done.

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