Dolphins announce Dennis Allen interview

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The Saints’ offense hasn’t been a problem for most of the last 13 seasons. The defense at times has been. Starting in 2017, defensive coordinator Dennis Allen changed that.

The Dolphins have taken notice, and they’ve announced that Allen, a former Raiders coach, has officially interview for the head-coaching job in Miami.

Miami’s interest in Allen didn’t emerge until Friday. If the silence was deliberate, it was brilliant. Although any of the other teams looking for coaches could have interviewed Allen during the bye week, the fact that no one immediately pursued him may have kept others from adding Allen to the list.

Now, it’s too late; by rule, Allen won’t be available for interviews by other teams until the Saints’ postseason run ends. Only the Dolphins would be able to re-interview Allen in the dead period before Super Bowl week.

The 46-year-old Allen succeeded Hue Jackson as coach of the Raiders, registering a record of 8-28 with a decimated roster before being fired by owner Mark Davis during Allen’s third season.

8 responses to “Dolphins announce Dennis Allen interview

  1. When or if Adam Gase becomes Head Coach of the NY Jets he will plan on running the ball against the Dolphin’s weak defensive line. Moreover with all the time Sam Darnold will have due to the lack of pass rush from the Dolphins he will pick apart the secondary under his new Head Coaches direction! Oh and who will play quarterback next season for the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have no idea what a Franchise QB is given their last seven seasons.

  2. Who wouldn’t want a HC with a career record of 8-28 with back to back 4-12 seasons?

    I hope we get Allen and bring back Turnoverhill too!
    It will guarantee the 1st overall pick in the 2020 draft easily!

    See what us Dolphin fans have to look forward too?

  3. finfan65 says:
    January 5, 2019 at 5:24 pm
    The dolphins we 31st in offense.

    And 29th in defense.

  4. I liked Alan as a Raiturd coach. His problem was not adjusting his system to fit his players. He wanted his players to fit his system. The Raiturds did not have the correct personnel on defense to run his style.

  5. Allen’s lack of clock management made me lose my mind. And he’s so emotionless he didn’t look too passionate about winning or losing. If that happens, enjoy Miami!

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