Mike McCarthy interviews with Jets on Saturday

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Six days after firing Todd Bowles, the Jets will be interviewing a guy who is eight years removed from winning a Super Bowl.

Via Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, Mike McCarthy will meet with the powers-that-be in New York for an opportunity to become the next coach of a team that hasn’t been to the championship game (or won it) in 50 years.

The Jets previously have interviewed Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and former Dolphins coach Adam Gase. The Jets also are believed to have interest in former Colts and Lions coach Jim Caldwell, Cowboys defensive backs coach/passing game coordinator Kris Richard, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken, former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, and Baylor coach Matt Rhule.

PFT reported 13 days ago that the Jets are expected to make a run at Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. The Jets denied “our interest” in Harbaugh while also reiterating “Todd Bowles is our coach.” Now that Bowles isn’t, it will be interesting to see how the dominoes fall.

They’re expected to fall in the direction of an offensive mind, one that will get the most out of quarterback Sam Darnold. More recent criticism of his performance notwithstanding, McCarthy got a Super Bowl win out of Rodgers in only his third year as a starter.

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  1. Idk hearing Marcedes Lewis’s account of what Rodgers was doing in Green Bay, and seeing Brett Favre who Mike McCarthy had traded pound the table for McCarthy tells me that him or his offense were not the problem in Green Bay. If he takes the Andy Reid approach and goes younger on the coaching staff on offense he will win in NY.

  2. Yes, this feels like the right time for McCarthy. Gase or Caldwell if not McCarthy. If the head coach agrees, then bring other appropriate candidates in to be on the staff.

  3. Love it great news now let’s get this done so he can get his staff the jets at this time need a proven winner. I’ll take a good 10 year run let’s go boys give him the cash and let’s go. Unlike the packers we will spend for you mike and improve the team other than the draft. Ohh wait the packers did sign Wilkerson lol and graham so yeah their big time players in free agency

  4. Jet fans, be forewarned. McCarthy is like your elderly grandfather, had success in his younger days but the world has since passed him by.

    Get ready for boring playcalling, poor clock management, bad special team play and one huge ego.

  5. I appreciated MM’s run at Green Bay. But, if the Jets ask him about “pad level”, I guarantee the interview will go into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

  6. Everyone takes sides about the controversy surrounding the decision by the Packers to move on from Favre. It turned out to be the right decision – for both sides. The same can be said for the Packers moving on from McCarthy – it will end up being better for both sides. McCarthy’s consistency and overall discipline would serve the Jets (or the Browns) well and he would develop the young quarterback. Hopefully, his play calling will also evolve as he moves into a new era.

  7. I doubt GB’s troubles are all on MMc, any HC would struggle to for success there at the mo thanks partly to long-term GM failings and an aging Aaron wanting all the power & money.

  8. I like McCarthy. I also like Pop Tarts, but only if they haven’t reached their expiration date.

  9. I love the play calling arguments. Name one coach who has not been criticized for running the ball when he should have thrown or vice versa. Yeah does mike have a outdated playbook who knows or how bout the fact that the plays called are only good if their excuted correctly. Give me a break this guy would be a perfect coach for a team especially the jets

  10. HEY JETS FANS, i know you look over at the NFC North on the other side of the world and assume McCarthy will turn Darnold into Aaron Rodgers, but it won’t happen. McCarthy’s style and system are very specific and Darnold is a bad fit, just as Baker Mayfield is too. MM requires a patient conservative play analyst and doesn’t work with a powerful slinger or any kind of improvisation. He also requires specific receiver types.

  11. I’ll never understand Packer fans bashing Mike McCarthy after all the success he brought Green Bay.
    Nine playoff runs in 13 seasons, including 8 in a row.
    8 double digit win seasons.
    5 divisional Championships and a Super Bowl title.
    He was blessed to walk into a situation of coaching a Hall of Fame QB.
    And then after two short seasons, he was tasked with developing another one, which he did.

    Throughout his years, he led an offensive juggernaut that was feared throughout the league.
    And for those that believe the league had passed him by, he still put up a top 10 offense in yardage this season, despite the league setting an all time high in that category.
    It’s true, that Green Bay struggled at scoring points this year.
    Failures in the red zone can’t be dismissed.
    But I’ll attribute some of this to losing our 2nd and 3rd receivers for big chunks of the season.
    Forcing the coaching staff to play the rookie wideouts much earlier than they would have liked.
    Also, a defense that created turnovers at a league low, the kind of plays that led to easy scores in years past.

    I honestly still believe that a lot of the Packers’ troubles over the last two seasons lie firmly at Ted Thompson’s feet.
    A couple of poor drafts down the stretch and the failure to utilize other avenues of player acquisitions hampered this roster.
    There is not a single soul left from his 2015 draft, four years later, that class should be the heart of this team and looking for a 2nd contract.

    I’ve never claimed that McCarthy is perfect, he’s not, but it’s so easy to pick apart anyone’s job under the harsh light of Monday morning.
    And obviously, the disintegration of Mike’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers has to be figured in too.
    But, who’s at fault there and was it beyond repair?

    Finding good/great coaches in this league is difficult, and a lot like QBs, can sometimes be a complete crapshoot.
    So when you finally do, you don’t let them go like yesterday’s trash.

  12. Mike McCarthy is a helluva coach and an even better man.

    Best of luck to him. Someone is going to get a helluva coach…and I will continue to be a fan.

  13. I like McCarthy. I think he’s a great coach. But as in any successful business, if you’re not changing……you’re dying.

    I wish him the best of luck.

  14. McCarthy got to 4 NFCCGs in 12 years and his QB never played well enough in any of those games. His D got him through in 2010 (held Chicago to 14 and scored). Rodgers did not score a point until down 31-0 vs Atlanta in 2016, so I don’t care bout that 3 TD game.

    McCarthy is an obvious hire for any of these teams.

  15. Should be easy for McCarthy to win elsewhere where his QB won’t ignore his every play call and instead the QB calls his own self serving glory plays to make himself look better

  16. I’ll never understand Packer fans bashing Mike McCarthy after all the success he brought Green Bay.
    Nine playoff runs in 13 seasons, including 8 in a row.
    8 double digit win seasons.
    5 divisional Championships and a Super Bowl title.

    Getting to the Playoffs wasn’t his problem.

    WINNING in the Playoffs was.

    I’ll never understand how he still gets so much sympathy after getting depantsed every post-season.

  17. McCarthy got to 4 NFCCGs in 12 years and his QB never played well enough in any of those games. His D got him through in 2010

    2007 – the Giants beat McCarthy to a pulp. He was outcoached in every facet.. by the most average team imaginable.. 14th offense, 17th defense.. bludgeoned, on his OWN turf!

    2010 – Rodgers QB ratings; 122.5, 136.8, 55.4, 111.5.. if Rodgers hadn’t used up 5:30 of clock to close out SB XLV, the Packers LOSE that game.. despite a 21-3 lead just before the half

    2014 – Rodgers had a 12 point lead with 3:58 to go.. one of his worst Playoff games, but no other QB has lost in that situation in post-season history. No one. Ever.

    2016 – 1st 2 Packers possessions; missed FG, fullback fumble.. 17-0 deficit.. the Falcons scored on 7 of 9 possessions.. but that loss is on Rodgers?? LOL

  18. Since obviously Jim Harbaugh is off the table and the so called experts were wrong in thinking he would leave Michigan, then it’d be the smart move to get another proven winner in McCarthy. Caldwell wound up falling apart everywhere he went and at 63 he is too old. College coaches usually stink, especially one with little or no NFL experience so set aside Rhule. Kingsbury has gone to Arizona thank God or Jamal Adams head woulda swelled worse than it is. Gase is an OC at best but McCarthy has WON and that’s what we need.

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