Texans’ offense sputtering, defensive injuries mounting

Getty Images

The Texans don’t look like a playoff offense in the first half against the Colts today.

Deshaun Watson can’t get anything going through the air, and Lamar Miller can’t get anything going on the ground, and the Texans haven’t scored or even come particularly close to scoring.

Watson threw an awful interception on a fourth down to end one drive, and he got run down by Margus Hunt on a third down to end another drive.

The Texans’ offensive line isn’t doing much to help Watson, nor to open holes for Miller, who has three carries for five yards.

Adding injuries to insult, the Texans have lost two defensive starters, Jadeveon Clowney and Justin Reid, in the second quarter. The score is 21-0 Colts.

Houston needs to get things going quickly or else the Texans are going to get bounced out of the playoffs early.