Touchdown machine Eric Ebron keeps it going in the playoffs


Eric Ebron is a touchdown machine.

Ebron, who scored 14 touchdowns in the regular season, scored another one on the first drive of the postseason. Ebron now has 15 touchdowns in his 17 career games as a Colt, after having just 12 touchdowns in four seasons as a Lion.

It was a six-yard catch for Ebron, which was set up by a 38-yard catch from T.Y. Hilton that put the Colts in the red zone. The Colts’ offense did it all through the air on their first drive, with Hilton gaining 63 receiving yards but running back Marlon Mack gaining just one yard on two carries.

The Colts also benefited on the drive from a bad call by the officials, who flagged J.J. Watt for jumping offside when they should have flagged the Colts for delay of game. Watt smartly was keeping an eye on the play clock and only fired out of his stance when he noticed the clock read :00. Unfortunately for the Texans, the officials didn’t notice the play clock but did notice Watt cross the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped.

The Texans’ first drive didn’t go anywhere, and the Colts are in business early on.

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  1. Still early (4:25 1st) but so far Colts look like they hit the field ready to play.
    Texans, not so much. Way too many stupid pre-snap penalties on 3rd down, giving the Colts an easy path to extend the drive.

  2. Ebron couldn’t catch a cold in Detroit and had a crappy attitude. I know drops aren’t really an official stat, but I’m pretty sure he had the highest drop/target rate of any TE for multiple years as a Lion. Despite poor production he spent years talking like he was a ProBowler when local media put a microphone in front of him. I wish the guy no ill will, but whatever changed with his attitude and approach after leaving Detroit wasn’t going to happen in Detroit. Letting him go wasn’t a mistake by the Lions. It may be an indication of something missing in the culture of the team, but Ebron was given every chance to be successful in Detroit. The question shouldn’t be “Why did Detroit let this guy go?” and should instead by “Why didn’t Ebron care enough to play like this and be a leader in Detroit? Why did he need hitting the FA market without an offer from the team that drafted him to finally play up to his potential?”

  3. Luck > Stafford
    Watching Ebron twice a year with the lions and now seeing him with Luck shows how awful the lions are. Continual dumpster fire

  4. Makes you wonder why he was so bad in Detroit. Did he work on his hand-eye coordination in the offseason? Did he want an easy out of Detroit? was the culture change what he needed? was he just snake bitten in detroit? It’s not like the passes he dropped as lion were uncatchable. He had every opportunity to be as effective as he is now. So don’t knock the Lions for getting rid of him.

    It be like if Laquon Treadwell suddenly decided to catch passes once the vikings cut him. it could happen, but he’s a guy who has done nothing but become an offensive liability. maybe he’ll be great in another uniform, but he’s been awful as a viking.

  5. Doesn’t matter. Bob Quinn got nothing for a player he released who is going to the pro bowl. Clearly, Doogie Howser GM is in over his head and should have been fired after that 6 – 10 embarrassment.

  6. Yah too bad EBRON DROPPED a TD from like 15-18yds out! Regardless of the defender getting his hand in there, that is a layup of a catch. Cost me dearly.

  7. Ebron’s play steadily improved in Detroit, but Detroit fans had already decided they hated him. That’s why he was happy to leave Detroit. And the change in scenery clearly did him a lot of good.

    This may also be evidence that NFL-caliber players don’t succeed unless the system they’re asked to execute is compatible with how they play. Too often offensive/defensive defensive coordinators are more concerned about executing their own vision instead of figuring out how to MacGyver together a winner based on their players.

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