Allen Hurns undergoes surgery Saturday night

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The injury was gruesome, one of those “look away if you’re squeamish” injuries.

Cowboys receiver Allen Hurns‘ left ankle turned a direction it wasn’t intended to go, an injury so bad that he went into surgery Saturday night while his teammates were celebrating their victory over the Seahawks.

“I really feel for him,” Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper said. “I sent him a text. I know he’s crushed because he wants to be here. Yeah it’s hard it’s our brother, and he’s in a room with us every day. We do everything together as a receiver group. It’s really devastating obviously to have to continue to play, but we played with him in mind.”

Hurns dislocated and fractured his ankle when Bradley McDougald landed on him after a 14-yard pass from Dak Prescott. Hurns held Jason Garrett’s hand as medical personnel placed an air cast on his leg.

Hurns left on a cart, in tears.

“It’s a challenging situation for players, you’re emotionally ready to play, you’re in the flow of a game and then that happens,” Garrett said. “Trust me, the guys on our team care so much about each other and they see their brother on the field like that, that’s not easy. He’s going to come back. He’s going to going to play a lot of football for us in the future.”

Hurns, 27, arrived in the offseason from Jacksonville, signing a two-year deal. But the second year of Hurns’ deal is not guaranteed and is a team option.

He made only 20 catches for 295 yards and two touchdowns this season.

10 responses to “Allen Hurns undergoes surgery Saturday night

  1. That was so hard to watch. Everyone who’s a fan of the league will be pulling for this guy to make a full comeback and have a great career

  2. I understand his tears. I had a biopsy in my neck for cancer years ago. The needle wiggling around in my neck to loosen up tissue to suck up into the syringe hurt so bad. This was done 6 times. Lying on the table in the most intense pain involuntarily caused tears to run down the side of my face onto the table.

    Allen Hurns, get well for next season sir.

  3. Kudos to FOX for not replaying the injury. Seeing it once was bad enough. Best wishes to Hurns.

  4. Undrafted guy who the Jags signed b/c who played for their OC in college. Worked hard, made the team, good enough to go FA and land a contract With Dallas.

  5. Good job Fox for not replaying the injury,in slo-mo from multiple angles. Seeing the young man on his back with a multitude of players and coaches around him drove the point home enough.

  6. Diehard Redskins fan here hoping and praying that Allen comes back 100 percent as quickly as possible.

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