Bears take 6-3 lead just before halftime

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The Bears and Eagles apparently liked the way the first half played out in Sunday afternoon’s first game because they’re doing a pretty good rendition of the Chargers-Ravens game.

Neither of the AFC teams scored a touchdown in the first half of their game and the NFC Wild Card game has played out the same way. Cody Parkey‘s second field goal of the game pushed the Bears to a 6-3 lead as the whistle blew on the second quarter.

It looked like the Bears might have wound up with a pretty good shot at getting into the end zone when Mitchell Trubisky hit wide receiver Anthony Miller deep over the middle, but Eagles defensive back Cre'von LeBlanc ripped the ball free for what was ruled an incompletion. A longer look at the replay appeared to show that Miller caught the ball and fumbled it, but officials let the call stand because there was no clear recovery of the football.

That ruling left Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, NBC rules analyst (and former NFL referee) Terry McAuley and just about everyone else watching the game scratching their heads, but the rulebook says it is the correct ruling for such a turn of events.

Trubisky took a brief trip to the medical tent in the second quarter after limping off the field following a run, but didn’t miss any snaps. He’s 13-of-23 for 105 yards and hasn’t turned the ball over, although Eagles defensive back Tre Sullivan dropped an interception in the end zone just before Parkey’s second field goal.

Nick Foles has turned the ball over twice on interceptions by linebacker Roquan Smith and safety Adrian Amos. The Amos pick came in the end zone and missing points on that drive looms large as we head toward the second half of a tight one at Soldier Field.

18 responses to “Bears take 6-3 lead just before halftime

  1. Brutal offensive showing by the Bears. If not for their D it would be 28-0 by now at least. Trubisky needs to settle down and the OL and WRs need to earn their pay.

  2. The officiating is a disgrace. The ref couldn’t even explain the Miller call. He just trailed off and walked away. The NFL has serious work to do with officiating, you see that ever game.

  3. Damn great game so far. Eagles patchwork secondary looking Solis.
    Mitch is average at best but D is stellar.

  4. Eagles have won something like 2 times on the road w/ these refs over the past 10 years. Now i see why. The only saving grace is that after they blew the whistle calling the play dead that they didn’t give the completion to chicago on the 5 for their own mistake.

  5. That rule is very strange. It was a definite catch and fumble but because of the whistle and ref picking up the ball, the Eagles would not try to recover (and its obvious they would have recovered had the call in the field been correct). So basically coaches should coach their guys to dive on every single loose ball.

  6. Uhm helloooo Chris and Al, the back judge blew it dead that’s why the Eagles didn’t recover the fumble. Another example of bad officiating, they just need to let plays go.

  7. wib22 says:
    January 6, 2019 at 6:14 pm
    Foles beat Brady in the super bowl!

    how did that happen??
    Umm . . . Bears D is better than the Pats?

  8. Philly beat NE. Foles did not beat Brady. As a team Philly scored more points than the Pats. Happy to clear that up for you.


    Should an been a completion with a fumble and no one recovering the Ball so it should go back to being the Bears ball at the Eagles 5. Easily the WORSE CALL I’VE SEEN ALL YEAR BARR NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Head ref “Did anybody see that last play”

    ref #2 :”UH NO”

    ref #3 : “NO”

    ref #4 : “NUH-UH”

    “OK then you scratch your head, you do that bobbling the ball thing and I’ll just make something up and call it incomplete”

  11. Clear control + a football move of 4 steps = incomplete?

    I thought Gene Steratore un-retired there for a minute!

  12. Steve Cunningham says:
    January 6, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Easily the WORSE CALL I’VE SEEN ALL YEAR BARR NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Steve. Nice to see you’ve avoided any exposure to English grammar and spelling in your life. The ‘WORSE’ CALL….’BARR’ none. If you’re going to write comment after comment on PFT, try a little harder not to embarrass yourself.

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