Browns complete interview with Matt Eberflus

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It’s been a busy weekend for Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

His unit came up big in a 21-7 win over the Texans in Houston on Saturday, which means he’ll be up against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs next weekend. Eberflus’ attention wasn’t entirely on the Kansas City offense on Sunday, however.

The Browns announced that they completed an interview with Eberflus on Sunday afternoon. Eberflus oversaw a major turnaround on defense in Indianapolis after being hired away from the Cowboys in the offseason and that effort has helped push his name into contention for another move up the ladder.

Interim head coach Gregg Williams kicked off the Browns interviews on Tuesday with former Lions and Colts coach Jim Caldwell talking to the team on Wednesday. Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski interviewed Thursday, Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell interviewed Friday and Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores interviewed Saturday.

9 responses to “Browns complete interview with Matt Eberflus

  1. Loved this guy in Dallas, and we TRIED hard to keep him. Offered more money and a decord title. He will be a good HC as will Richarson.

  2. Reminder…

    Eberflus was invited to take the position under McDaniels who then left both his OC and DC out to dry to remain in NE. These guys already informed their previous teams they were out, uprooted their families, and then had their head coach bail on them. Even worse, It was also reported that they weren’t even told by McDaniels about his decision to bail and he completely left them to float.

    Luckily for Eberflus, Frank Reich was a class act and left him on board to rebuild the Colts without ever having even met him before he accepted.

    It all worked out in the end, but current teams need to be aware of the level of snake they would be dealing with in McDaniels. If Eberflus can overcome that situation to earn a HC gig of his own, good for him.

  3. Hell, I’d take him over O’Brien right now. He could run an offense as well as a defense, better than our “so called” HC. All the games this weekend were close except the Colt game. What does that tell you about how O’Brien runs things offensively? BAD!

  4. Man I just want him to stay for a few more years. The consistency could get us a ring. Not a lot of people want to coach a scheme so simple. He’s done such a good game.

  5. I’m underwhelmed by all these Browns candidates. I think Kitchens absolutely must stay at least as OC but only if Williams is HC. If Williams leaves then make Freddie the HC if he seems ready. From a coaching resume perspective,Kitchens is more qualified than any non HC they’ve interviewed up till now.

    Kitchens has already shown it is important for an OC to have been a QB,as he was at Alabama, and Pedersen and now Reich have shown it helps at HC too especially for leadership.

  6. Browns need to them a good offensive minded head coach to help mold this really young offensive unit. Theres a lot of talent there, it won’t take much to get them there. I’d stay away from McDaniels, but more like a guy like Gase or Arians. Those would seem like good fits

  7. Really good coach who if given the proper amount of
    time to build a team will be a keeper. I hope he doesn’t
    take, if the Browns organization continues to think in short term
    way. There have been some signs that they are getting it together
    but of I were Flus I might wait. He would be a good fit in
    Green Bay.

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