Colts find it easy to “rally around” Frank Reich

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Eight NFL teams are looking for head coaches right now and they’ll all profess great excitement about how their choices are everything they ever wanted at press conferences, but it’s worth remembering that a backup option wound up being one of the best hires off of last year’s coaching carousel.

Frank Reich was the Colts’ plan B after Josh McDaniels decided to return to the Patriots at the 11th hour and he’ll be coaching the team in Kansas City next weekend after beating the Texans 21-7 on Saturday afternoon. That win was the Colts’ 10th since starting the year with a 1-5 record and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton explained after the game why the team bought Reich’s message that the year wasn’t over at that point.

“He played the game, and he has a way of communicating with players that lets you know he cares about you,” Hilton said, via “So everything’s about the players, and when he talks about everybody coming together for each other, it’s easy to all rally around that.”

After Reich was hired last February, Colts owner Jim Irsay gave one of those press conference pronouncements about how perfect the fit was with Reich. It sounded like a bit much at the time, but it was much easier to believe Saturday’s pronouncement that Reich “should have been our first choice” all along.

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  1. Frank Reich is the man. He’s level headed, calm, players respect him and play hard for him. If you give a coach like that a talented team, he’ll do well. If the cupboard is bare, any coach is gonna struggle.

  2. Not a Colts fan, but man, they knocked it out of the park with this guy! He never seems to get frazzled, even when staring at a 1-5 start. Plus, there is no getting thrown under the bus with him (i.e. he took full responsibility for that 4th down debacle earlier this year).

    This guy is a winner and the Colts should thank their lucky stars Josh didn’t think they were good enough!

  3. The only decent team the Colts have beat all year is the Cowboys.
    Then they beat a mediocre Texans team, with a one hit wonder QB who cant throw.
    Yea, Im sure KC is feeling real nervous..

  4. and still teams are falling over themselves to try to hire McDaniels again this year, even with his poor prior track record and bailing on the colts after they hired all the assistant coaches he wanted.

    Does anyone think McDaniels would have this team in the playoffs?

    Time and time again Belichek’s assistants seem to leave any competance they have in Foxboro and show zero ability away from Belichek and Brady.

  5. No way McDaniels would be able to equal Reich’s accomplishment… thing that could have happened to the Colts was McDaniels bailing…

  6. Congrats to the Colts. That was a solid win. However, I am still not sure if the Colts are that good or both teams are victims of the easiest schedules in the NFL this past year. Neither of them would get very far anyway, but both teams are built to win going forward. It is amazing what happens when teams build from the Oline and Dline first. Suck for Luck was delayed by injury, but it worked. I hope my Dolphins tank in 2019 for their “in the Sewer for Tua” campaign.

  7. I’m glad for him and the Colts. The Colts fans deserved better than what they had.

    Interesting fact – Frank Reich is what Germans call France. (Frankreich)

  8. I wondered if it made a difference if the head coach played in the league in regards to the respect he gets from his players…..I believe it does.

  9. Frank Reich knows from personal experience that you are never out of it. As a QB he led his college team to a comeback from 31 points down and as a pro from 32 down. At 1-5 he probably felt right at home and ready to thrive. I think the Eagles miss him this year but the Colts are in a really good place with him right now.

  10. The Colts found a diamond in the rough with Reich. Who knew the guy would be this good as a coach. The players seem to really like him. Credit needs to go to Chris Ballard too. Not only did he make a gutsy move in hiring Reich but he has put together an incredible offensive line, even with Andrew Luck’s salary (that was a dig to Ryan Grigson who used that as an excuse for his utter failure). Give that Colts team a few years and they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

  11. I like Reich. He has walked the walk. He is a legit coach who obviously has talent.

    I want this team in the Snoopy Bowl if Kansas City doesn’t go.

    This team is so well prepared.

  12. As a Texans fan I was P.O’d when McDaniels pulled his punk move and they went with Reich. I HATE Reich(grew up an Oilers fan so figure it out). But I knew he’d be better Josh McD. Good find by the Colts.

  13. Weren’t the Colts shut out the entire second half? The Texan’s offense didn’t show up, that is all.

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