Doug Baldwin has a message for the rest of the league: “Look out”


The abrupt end to a season that results from a playoff loss can trigger a wide range of emotions, mostly negative. And while Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin opened his press availability after Saturday night’s 24-22 loss to the Cowboys by admitting that he’s “sad, confused, frustrated,” the things he eventually said were far more positive, clear, aspirational.

“Look out,” Baldwin said regarding the future for the Seahawks. “This team, we have everything we need. You have all the pieces. You have all the right mindsets, personalities, everything. It’s just we’re a young team. With the time comes progression, comes growth, comes learning. This team will be better.”

When he says the team will be better, he doesn’t simply mean on the field.

“I think the best thing we will do from this point on moving forward is that we will take these lessons and learn from them and grow and be better, not only as football players, but as men,” Baldwin said. “That is vastly more important. Yes, it’s sad the way it ended, but this is not the end of the world. There are some phenomenal individuals in this locker room; phenomenal football players. . . . The future is bright.”

The present won’t feel that way, and Baldwin tried to help his younger teammates process that feeling.

“I said a lot of things,” Baldwin said regarding his message in the locker room. “The sentiment of the message was cherish these moments. Learn from it. Don’t let the loss be in vain. If you do the honest reflection in the mirror and you ask yourself the tough questions and seek the right answers, no loss is ever a loss. You still win if you learn. You may not be victorious, but you still win. That message was not just for football, it was for human beings, for the life they live off the field as well. We’re called to be great football players, but more importantly, we’re called to be great men.”

It’s a great message from a team that far exceeded what most thought they could do. And Baldwin is right. If they continue to progress, the best advice for the rest of the league will be to look out.

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  1. Window has closed Douggy
    Andy Reid gave you a gift entry into the playoffs, by starting 4 defensive rookies, and toying with schemes in order to prepare for their super Bowl run, and the Hawks thought they accomplished something by squeeking by the Chiefs

  2. He’s not lying. Nobody really expected them to be so good so soon, especially with the drama like the Earl Thomas injury. Instead of rebuilding they essentially just re-loaded. Got rid of the older guys on bigger contracts, for younger on their rookie and/or cheaper contracts – and they’re already back. Heck they could of won the game if didn’t attempt to force the RB dives, or kill themselves on the third down penalties (they should of let the second one go in my opinion, it was soft PI and its the playoff).

    That of course brings the sad reality of how players are expendable in the NFL, and that if you have a child you put them into basketball, baseball, or soccer, if they want to play a sport, but that’s a discussion for another day.

  3. Next year they’ll merely play like garbage, instead of HOT garbage like they did last night. Man that was a poor performance.

  4. That’s big talk from a 30 year WR , He’ll be 31 next season
    and on the downhill side of his career.

  5. Russell Wilson has never won a playoff game on the road without luck. He lucked out when RGIII injured his knee and Seattle came from behind to win. He lucked out when Blair Walsh missed that chip shot field goal in Minnesota. To advance in the playoffs, Seattle needs home field advantage throughout the playoffs (that was how Seattle went to 2 Super Bowls in a row). After going to the last one, Seattle has been losing talent faster than Trump lost cabinet members. Seattle needs to rebuild to have any chance of having the best record in the NFC (what they need to reach the SB with Russell Wilson).

    They are far from having all the pieces, as Baldwin is bragging. They have a bad defense, perhaps not as bad as what Kansas City has, but it is so bad that they need a massive infusion of talent. They couldn’t stop Ezekiel Elliot and they could stop Amari Cooper.

    Without home field advantage and crowd noise from the Howler Monkeys, they will be done as soon as they hit the road in the playoffs.

  6. Last night’s game was winnable but Shottenheimer refused to turn to page 2 of the playbook until desperation time with no timeouts left and 2 minutes on the clock.

    How you keep handing off to a pedestrian RB like Chris Carson and take the game out of the hands of one of the most inventive, on-the-fly QBs in the game is beyond me.

    But Baldwin’s basically right; this is a team that should continue to make noise going forward.

  7. Reaching the playoff and exiting it quickly is not going to help Penny-pinching Mode rebuild the team. They will now draft way down in the order and good luck getting good players from that spot. Instead of Saquon Barkley, they are getting Rashad Penny. Their O line is still subpar. When Dallas stopped the run, they teed off on Wilson. Wilson couldn’t do much until it is too little too late, when the Dallas D played prevent defense. The future is not bright for Seattle. Some of their best players are turning 30 and they are now more injury prone. KJ Wright and Doug Baldwin missed games this season, and they are not going to be healthier in the future.

    They will lose some of their cap space when they re-sign or franchise tag Frank Clark.

  8. laxcoach37 says:
    Doug is just like his fanbase… Loud mouthed and chest pounding. You and the Eagles are One Hit Wonders. Buh-Bye!
    The Seahawks are the 2nd winningest team in the NFL over the last 7 years, and they’re getting better. Where are they going?

  9. Seattle is a running team that ran for 73 yards yesterday. Not gonna win doing that. Without the crazy home field noise advantage they get, they are just another team.

  10. Some of you don’t get it. Trash talking is all good, but this man was trying to encourage younger players, & send a positive message to EVERYONE. I’m not even a Doug Baldwin fan, but his message was a great and heartfelt one. It’s not always about the game. Life is far more important.

  11. Ah, the “team that nobody wants to face in the playoffs” turned out to be a team that executed a playbook out of the Neanderthal era. Sure, Doug. See ya next year if you’re even healthy enough to play eight games.

  12. Unless they get an offensive coordinator who doesn’t routinely run the ball in 1st and 2nd down to setup 3rd and long they are going nowhere

  13. I’ve got to hand it to the Cowboys. They beat us at our own game, run the ball and great defense.

  14. With Marty’s kid taking a page out of dad’s conservative playbook I doubt they will go far being conservative like they were yesterday. Why even I knew they were going to run they ball on first and second down and I’m sitting at home.

  15. Baldwin is a sensational player and a thoughtful interview. He is also delusional. This team will decline, not improve:

    -Their OL remains a huge problem (except for Brown who is a star)
    -They are near the top of the charts in penalties every year
    -Their division will get tougher, not easier

    Ultimately, I think their biggest issue is their draft arrogance. They truly believe they are smarter than everyone else in the league and trade away good draft capital for bodies. When you don’t hit home runs with those picks, you really suffer.

    Oh, and good grief get a place kicker. You had a guy (Myers) who is in the pro bowl for the Jets, but you went with an out of shape 40 year old coming off a one year absence due to injury. That’s a self-inflicted blow, like so many.

  16. “Look out” is what the Seattle OL say to Russell Wilson all season long. They will be saying it to Wilson next season. Either that or start grabbing the pass rushers or pull them to the ground.

  17. The Seahawks are the 2nd winningest team in the NFL over the last 7 years, and they’re getting better. Where are they going?>>>

    To the couch for the rest of the playoffs yet again. Don’t forget to pick up your participation trophies on the way out, the real teams will be playing now.

  18. Thought it would be tough sledding for my Hawks and Dalls front 7 sure made it that way. Schottenheimer and Pete too stubborn to get away from run game and it just wasn’t there.Dallas game plan was solid. Dallas fan base has been patient for a good playoff win and got it and more importantly imo is that Dak Prescott will grow a lot from this win down the road. He played great .
    If I was in Vegas I’d take the boys and the points (6-7?) next week against either NO or LA. That defense and run game shined.

  19. It’s unfortunate that Seattle didn’t figure out that Dallas wasn’t taking guys out of the box to stuff the run as much as possible. They were significantly more effective passing the ball and even when the windows were tight players were making great catches and stepping up to the pressure to come through. I agree with Baldwin’s statement that the league needs to look out. Seattle went 10-6 this year with mostly no-name players at most positions and they’re going to be looking to improve at a couple spots going in to next season. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny are good backs but they need better blocking against teams that are going to try and plug up the gaps. Seattle will likely look to add anoyher DT or DE that can rush the passer pretty well and play well vs. the run. Zeke and Dak shouldn’t have gotten the runs they both had late in the 4th Q but because Seattle softened up and lost discipline in containment it allowed big plays to happen when Seattle needed to step up the most. For shame.

    10-6 with a lot of young guys who were learning on the fly. Pete Carroll is a great coach and one more good draft and the right FA signing or two will put this team on top of the NFC. They played with the best all year and we’re very competitive. I’d be surprised if this team doesn’t have a better record and seed position next season.

  20. I guess I’m in the minority but something has always been missing with Russell Wison. The Seahawks never seem to march down the field with a scripted passing attack. His play is a lot of handing off to running backs and sand lot passes on broken plays. If he weren’t probably the best scrambler ever, where would they be? I don’t see the Seahawks getting far in the playoffs again unless they truly have a championship defense.

  21. Nice game plan Pete. Take no chances, punt anytime a penalty pushes you outside 10 yards to go, throw in zero wrinkles, and keep a hobbled 40 year old kicker on the playoff roster. Next year will be the same garbage.

  22. HOPEFULLY Brian Schottenheimer isn’t calling “the definition of insanity” plays next season. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Trying too many running plays when it OBVIOUSLY was not working.

  23. Fire Schottenheimer! Last night he was Darrell Bevell 2.0. Dallas could stop the run game because BS was run on first and second down EVERY series. No ingenuity in his play calling or play design. I’ve seen better offensive play calling from high school coaches. Finally get the first decent OL in 6 season and Pete Carroll brings in a Bozo play caller.

    And you haters need to get a life, for all of you predicted Seattle would be 4-12. Stop embarrassing yourself with your predictions!

  24. There are people who always make bad evaluations for Wilson when the season ends.
    That’s wrong.
    Seattle has a stable record since he joined.
    This is a fact.
    I want you to think
    There will be many teams that did not change the starting QB in the last seven years since he entered.
    He is one of the QBs who show the most stable performance in the league.
    This is very important to the game and this year’s results are much better than the pre-season evaluation.
    This is from Japanese NFL fans

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