Eagles get first TD of game, take 10-6 lead in third

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The wait for the first touchdown of Sunday’s game in Chicago took nearly 40 minutes and the home crowd wasn’t happy to see the drought come to an end.

Nick Foles found tight end Dallas Goedert for a 10-yard touchdown with just over five minutes to play in the third quarter and the Eagles are now in front of the Bears 10-6.

The Bears handed the Eagles 53 of the yards they picked up on their way down the field on penalties. There was no arguing with a flag on safety Adrian Amos for a hit to the head of a defenseless receiver and the Bears couldn’t argue when they were caught with 12 men on the field, but a 33-yard pass interference call on cornerback Prince Amukamara was the subject of grumbling.

Chicago had to punt at the end of their first possession of the second half and will probably need to find their own way into the end zone if they’re going to move on to next weekend.

8 responses to “Eagles get first TD of game, take 10-6 lead in third

  1. NFCBEAST! No one wants any! Cowboys facing Rams Bwaaaaahaaaahaaa. Rams lost to the Eagles whom we Swept and Rams lost to the Saints Whom we Beat. .. .. Rams been playing weak teams Most of the year……..

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The Bears are this years Jags. Win or lose.

    Trubisky is not a very good QB. So far I’ve seen him look off his primary receiver exactly twice. He cannot succeed beyond his primary read and needs this coached out of him. Curious what those stats look like.

    Foles will be either sending in signals from the sidelines in some toxic dumping ground next season (Washington?- NY Jets?) or out of the game entirely. He’s reverted to that all too familiar “normallacy” we witnessed early this season. Nice little run though.
    Win or lose.

  3. Never post more than once but just simply can’t resist.

    Trubisky CANNOT execute read progression. Primary receiver gets the ball every..single..time. Completion, incompletion or int. Doesn’t matter. If they’re covered he’ll cut and run. And he will always be dinged up because of it. Zero pocket presence.
    I don’t know if that can be coached out of him?

  4. Trubisky looks like another Bortles or Tannehill – can’t read a Defense & will NOT
    check down, if it’s not there immediately he refuses to let something develope & he’s
    off running for his life !

  5. Upcoming 1st place schedule, Trubisky’s primary read hypnosis, Nagy needing to remind himself who and what he is with some soapy 80’s style affirmation flash card, Mack’s propensity to play like LT one week and disappear the next (Gruden is right) aaand Parky.
    Yuck. Nice little run.
    On the bright side – Hicks is a full on grown man.

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