Eagles win nets Nick Foles $1 million bonus

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Cody Parkey‘s miss was Nick Foles‘ gain

The reworked contract that the Eagles and the quarterback hammered out this offseason came with a lot of incentives to up his pay in the event he wound up as the team’s starter again this season and he cashed in on a couple of them on Sunday.

Foles’ contract calls for him to earn $500,000 for playing 33 percent of the team’s snaps in a playoff game and another $500,000 if the Eagles win. Assuming he stays healthy over the next week, Foles should be taking home at least $500,000 more after the Eagles face the Saints.

Foles fell just short of another $1 million bonus in the regular season. His contract called for him to get that bonus for playing 33 percent of the team’s offensive snaps for the year while making the playoffs, but the rib injury that knocked him out against Washington left him four snaps shy of the required playing time.

As you noticed when Parkey’s game-winning field goal try hit the upright and crossbar before bouncing out, things have a way of working out for Foles these days. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Eagles intend to pay out the bonus to the man who has led them to four playoff wins in four tries over the last two years.

40 responses to “Eagles win nets Nick Foles $1 million bonus

  1. Hope he gives it to Parkey. Foles had a 77.7 rating, 2 TD & 2 INT. That sort of play won’t beat the Saints – unless the refs gift Eagles 21 points like they did in the last SB.

  2. The Eagles might seriously consider giving Foles the Bonus missed by 4 snaps. He came back to give them another playoff win. It might also help them in dealing with him in the off season.

    It might also help when it comes to negotiating with other players as well.

  3. Foles has EARNED the starting job. His teammates know it, the fans know it, opponents know it.

  4. Give it a rest Streety about the “gift” TD’s in the SB. All legit catches. Like the refs missed the PT on Jeffrey’s for a TD and two PI’s on 2 conversions. Grow up.

  5. Nice that Parkey and Trey Burton could both help out their former teammates by not showing up today.

  6. *Stomps Feet*

    But we don’t want Nick Foles to be the Starter…!!!
    – Philly Fans

  7. Do Not EVER apologize for a win! ….. but the kicker missed…. yep its football.. on another note, THE BEAST WILL FEAST!

    did ya see it?

    NFCBEAST! No one wants any! Cowboys facing Rams Bwaaaaahaaaahaaa. Rams lost to the Eagles whom we Swept and Rams lost to the Saints Whom we Beat. .. .. Rams been playing weak teams Most of the year……..

  8. This guy is so easy to root for.
    For those of you crying about illegitimate TD’S in the Super Bowl. Please stop.
    For those of you saying that Foles outplayed Brady please stop
    Eagles beat my Pats—sad but true.

  9. Think about this stretch for Foles. He’s beaten the 13-3 Rams in L.A.; he’s beaten the 11-5 Texans at home, and now he’s beaten the 12-4 Bears in Chicago. This is incredible stuff, and any question whether last year was some sort of fluke needs to understand that Foles is magical.

  10. streetyson says:
    January 6, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Hope he gives it to Parkey. Foles had a 77.7 rating, 2 TD & 2 INT. That sort of play won’t beat the Saints – unless the refs gift Eagles 21 points like they did in the last SB.
    Is that all you got ?….Lay down .

  11. He made $1MM and when asked post-game on the field he said the Bears are a great team with a great future and both teams played hard. He’s an easy guy to admire.

  12. Forget about his passer rating, look at the eye test. He marched them down the field to score a TD in the last minute, when they needed it most. He’s a winner. And Wentz is a great QB when healthy too. He’s decent when injured, even. It’s a good problem to have.

  13. Eagles fans are enjoying being superbowl champs and on the verge of being back to back champs thanks to foles not wentz. If Eagles keep wentz and let foles walk, Eagles will never have success in the playoffs with went like theyre enjoying with foles. All we’ll hear are excuses for missing the playoffs or being one and done in the playoffs. They’ll regret keeping Wentz and the fanboys will make every excuse in the book. No oline, the oc is no good, the defense is no good, anything but wentz. Lol. Delusional fanboys. I can’t wait for next year when foles is gone and wentz chokes or gets injured again and done for the year again. Lol. Be careful what you wish for. Great qbs with great playoff success don’t grow on trees. Eagles will be mediocre with no superbowls for the next 10 years when foles is no longer there to save them. Eagles fans are clueless and delusional. They care more about wentz than they do about their team. They’d rather lose with wentz than win with foles. Dumbest fanbase in the nfl.

  14. It amazes me the general consensus in the media is that Wentz is the future, not Foles. Well, hopefully tonight showed that Foles is the future of that franchise, and that Wentz will be traded.

  15. I think Wentz is a very good quarterback. I think Foles is a very good quarterback . I think they’re both expensive. I think the Eagles play more inspired with Foles. Why not keep Foles?

  16. Glad the Eagles are doing the right thing and paying Foles the $1 million regular season bonus as well. 4 plays shouldn’t cost the man who revived the Eagles season a million dollars!

  17. If the eagles don’t keep him they deserve to loose. They will be cursed. The curse of Saint Nick.

  18. Still don’t know if The Real Foles is playing now or the ’07-’17 version. Yet does it really matter bc this version is a SB MVP. As a Skins Fan I’m starting to wish they did give Kelly/Eagles the 2nd Rndr asked for,since Foles is better than any QB we’ve had since Foles came into the NFL.

  19. No Eagles fan I know prefers Foles over Wentz or vice versa. They’re just happy to be winning. As for the decision to let Foles walk, it’ll be the same decision that let Montana, Favre, Bledsoe walk. Wentz is a generational talent. It’s his team.

  20. I wonder if Carson Wentz, not Nick Foles, is the Eagles’ equivalent of Drew Bledsoe. Tom Brady got the chance when Bledsoe got hurt, and Foles is getting 2 chances after Carson Wentz got hurt twice. He took advantage of one of those chances, and if he wins another SB, then it would be tough to let him go and rely on Wentz.

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