Jerry Jones: Narrative on Jason Garrett should change after playoff win

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Jason Garrett entered the season with everyone believing he needed a playoff win to keep his job. Jerry Jones never sounded as if he needed to see his coach win a playoff game this season.

No matter, the heat is off Garrett.

He got his second career playoff victory since becoming the full-time coach in 2011.

“I think that this win against a very credible Seattle team will make people think more highly of Jason,” Jones said. “And you look around at all the teams that are on the search for Red October, trying to find them a head coach right now, and we’ve got one that has a lot of experience on our dime over the last several years. And I’d like to use it.”

Garrett’s contract expires after the 2019 season. He went into the 2014 season with one year remaining on his deal and won the division title and a wild-card playoff game, the last time the Cowboys won in the postseason.

Jones signed Garrett to a five-year extension that offseason.

After the Cowboys’ 24-22 victory over the Seahawks on Saturday night, Jones wouldn’t talk about Garrett’s contract situation. But he repeatedly praised the job Garrett has done.

“It is a feeling that I’m proud for him,” Jones said. “I know how hard he works. He’s right there with the hardest working coach that we’ve had, and that’s supposed to pay off. But he certainly has some things that he’s worked on, like all of us do, and he’s gotten much better at it. But I know that he’s worked real hard to put a team like this, young team on the field, a lot of his fingerprints are on this team, and so I’m proud that he’s having this success as a head coach.”

Garrett won coach of the year honors after the 2016 season, but the Cowboys lost to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at home in the divisional round. Garrett now is 2-2 in the postseason.

The Cowboys have not played in an NFC Championship Game since 1995, which was the last time they won a Super Bowl title.

13 responses to “Jerry Jones: Narrative on Jason Garrett should change after playoff win

  1. No offense, because my son is a Hawks fan, but the Hawks were predicted to go 4-12 in a rebuilding year, and the Cowboys beat them by 2. Pressure might be off Garrett (still don’t think he is a very good coach, and I like the guy) but some outlets are anointing the trio of Dak (who sucked), Elliot (who had a good game) and Cooper as the “future of the NFL.” Let’s wait a minute and see how they do against their next opponent. No one gets crowned in the wildcard round.

  2. That win was the best thing that could happen to the other NFC East teams. That’ll mean at least 3 more years of Garrett doping it up on the Dallas sidelines!

  3. Wow. Garrett finally wins a playoff game against a rebuilding Seahawks team that wasn’t even expected to make the playoffs.
    One imagines that probably gets Garrett another 20 years at the helm…

  4. It’s worth keeping him around if he keeps his hands out of the defense, they fire Linehan, and keep Garrett out of interfering with the newly hired OCs offense.

  5. No my narrative on Garrett is the same, he should still be fired
    along with the Linehan for the terrible job they do.
    They have to be called out in the media before they will
    even try on some 4th downs, they probably didn’t even
    know it was in the rule book. But Jerry don’t feed us this BS
    He is a great coach for winning his 2nd playoff game in 8 years.

  6. While Garrett was proving the type of person he is in comforting Allen Hurns, Garrett’s critics were proving the type of filthy human beings they are. As Allen lay on the field, Garrett’s critics were posting tweets and message board comments that Garrett should be on the sideline preparing for the next play. The most vile critics were making fun of Garrett holding another man’s hand. These people are totally lacking in compassion.

  7. The narrative that the Cowboys MIGHT make the Super Bowl for the first time since 1996 – NINETEEN HUNDRED NINETY-SIX … let that sink in, that’s been a long time!! He’s not a bad HC, but he’d be better if you let him Coach.

  8. You know, as time goes on, I’m not so sure Garrett deserves all the blame he takes. Sure, he’s a puppet. And maybe (hopefully, for sake of this argument) his hands are tied on personnel moves. It’s becoming more and more blatantly obvious that the majority of issues stem with the OC, not necessarily the HC.

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