Report: Vikings aren’t expected to hire Hue Jackson

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Vikings fans, rejoice.

Amid multiple reports suggesting that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer could hire former Raiders and Bengals coach Hue Jackson to run the offense in Minnesota, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that it’s not expected to happen.

Zimmer and Jackson worked together in Cincinnati. Jackson is under consideration to become the next coach of the Bengals, and Zimmer is looking for someone to run an offense that grossly underachieved in 2018.

As noted on Saturday, the fact that Zimmer has only one year left on his contract could make it harder for him to find an offensive coordinator.

50 responses to “Report: Vikings aren’t expected to hire Hue Jackson

  1. Can’t imagine why. Look what happened after they fired him in Cleveland. The Browns went straight into the tan….oh wait a minute. Never mind.

  2. Hmmm. And here I thought they deserved each other. Zimmer is gone soon and what a better way to facilitate his exit than by signing Hue to ru(i)n the offense.

  3. You mean candidates aren’t jumping at the chance to work with elite QB Kirk Cousins regardless of the contract term? Pfft

  4. Well that took some stress out of my Sunday…now I can watch the Bears and Eagles game relaxing knowing that disaster is eliminated….

  5. He’d be a fine offensive coordinator.. just not a head coach.. anybody who says otherwise is just a hater who hasn’t followed football long enough

  6. Hue Jackson is an awful GM, why did he trade for tyrod taylor who made 16 million this year, and why did he give Carlos Hyde that ridiculous contract. It’s like he forced the hand of head coach John Dorsey to start the season out starting them guys.

  7. What’s sad is if they would have fired him at the BEGINNING of the season, the Browns could have conceivably won the AFC North this season. Not a Browns fan, but rooting for their success in 2019….I’m ok with Hue having a job, just not as an HC.

  8. Zimmer has done a great job. The only teams doing better are teams with elite QB’s. The Vikings went out and broke the bank for a backup type QB. Whoever made that decision should be on the hot seat, not Zimmer.

  9. Hue Jackson is incompetent. He does a great job getting coaches fired.
    Maybe when Kingsbury wakes up and bolts from USC, the Trojans can hire him.

  10. Zim will get an extension within the next week or so. And Stephanski will be the OC. They are just giving him the chance to be interviewed for head coaching jobs that no one is going to hire him for. Someday Stephanski will be a head coach, but he’s not ready yet. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him remain the OC until Zim retires and then he will take over the Vikings. And I for one would be very happy with all of this if it happens.

  11. Yeah – easy to pile on Hue, but the guy can run an offense. Not HC material but the man will have a lot to prove since he’s become the butt of all NFL jokes.

  12. Zimmer told a reporter who hinted at a Jackson hiring that he was fishing in the wrong pond. Seemed like a dead issue at that point.

  13. Lets see, I am a competent OC, do I want to move my family on a 1 year contract, do I want to coach Cousins, do I want to work for Zimmer who might fire me at any time and ruin my career, do I want to work for Zimmer who is focused on defense. AH….NO!!!!

  14. This man shouldn’t even be coaching in the NFL. He is horrible!!! Go to a high school or Div II college!! Chip Kelly laughs at this worthless coach!! Rich Kotite was a better Head Coach in the NFL than he is!!

  15. Cleveland here… Jackson was the king of excuses. He would talk about the need to prepare better and have better in game play calling… STUFF THAT WAS HIS JOB TO DO ! He’s a real piece of work.

  16. Hue Jackson was a VERY good OC when he was not juggling HC duties along with it. Hell Andy Dalton might have been an MVP and the bengals might have had a 1st round bye if not for Andy’s broken thumb. That was Hue that helped Andy play like someone that was actually valuable. The bengals haven’t had a winning season since he stopped calling plays.

  17. “Zimmer has done a great job. The only teams doing better are teams with elite QB’s. The Vikings went out and broke the bank for a backup type QB. Whoever made that decision should be on the hot seat, not Zimmer.”

    How do you explain the defense not showing up in big games (i.e. 38-7) ?

  18. manderson4150 says:
    January 6, 2019 at 1:01 pm
    How does Hue Jackson stay employable… please tell us how?….


    He’s a good coordinator and position coach? Look it up. Dude had Andy Dalton in the MVP discussion in 2015.

  19. Adam Gase would be a good fit. As an OC he’s solid with a good QB. He did well in Denver when he had Manning (not that Cousins is anywhere near Manning’s level).

  20. A better question might be if Hue Jackson would even consider the OC job for the Vikings. Say what you want about his tenure in Cleveland, he had success at the OC in the past and he might think that Cousins is like a weight around his neck. Plus Zimmer’s history of blaming the OC and firing in-season. I don’t know what the NFL record is but the Viking might have it already for most OC’s fired in-season in a 5 year period.

    And yet to hear the fans talk, Zimmer is a great coach.

  21. Hue Jackson doesn’t put the best players on the field. He needs to catch a cab it’s over!

  22. hue overplayed his hand with Haley and exposed himself as a disrupting influence. I think he is a position coach. At best

  23. The dude is a good OC did well in 2014 amd 2015. You fans dont know crap except what you have seen with him as a HC. Now dude isnt good at all???? You all need to sit down. Lol

  24. I enjoy the comments about Hue Jackson. Jackson was a decent coordinator in Cincinnati. He had to coach in some pretty dysfunctional environments in Oakland and Cleveland. In fact, after he left Cincinnati, the team dropped in points scored from 7th to 24th with pretty much the same personnel. Of course, there could be other reasons for that. But it may be that he’s a decent coordinator. No one here could know that. Most commenters on PFT are pretty much clueless anyway.

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