T.Y. Hilton celebrates Colts’ victory with a clown mask

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After Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph said T.Y. Hilton‘s trash talk was for “clowns,” the Colts receiver showed up to Sunday’s game wearing a clown mask.

“I looked back and said, ‘Oh, s—!” quarterback Andrew Luck said upon seeing the mask. “T.Y. is awesome. T.Y. knows how to have fun and still prepare like a pro.”

Hilton referred to NRG Stadium as his “second home” after a Dec. 9 game before adding last week that his injured ankle was feeling better because he was heading to Houston to play the Texans. That didn’t sit well with Joseph, who responded “that’s for clowns; that’s for TV.”

Hilton sent a trainer to Party City in Houston on Saturday morning to buy a clown mask. He said he got the last one in the store, calling it a “lucky charm.”

Hilton wore it into the stadium and displayed it again after the game.

“The mask is about to be retired, gotta love Party City,” Hilton said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I got a lot of messages about what he said. It was something that I wanted to have fun with. It’s over; I always do my talking on the field.

“I’m not a big talker. I don’t jaw off. I just go out there and do my job and do what my teammates need me to do, and we got a win.”

The mask didn’t sit well with the Texans.

“It’s disrespectful,” Texans cornerback Shareece Wright said. “It definitely pissed us off, but we didn’t make him pay for it. We should have. I thought that guy was crazy for him to do that.

“It’s disrespectful, but we can’t allow a guy to come in here and do that and then win. It’s not even about that. You kind of forget about that stuff during the game. You’re trying to get a win, and that’s what we didn’t do.”

Hilton made five catches for 85 yards, giving him 18 receptions for 399 yards in three games this season. In 15 career games against them, Hilton has 80 catches for 1,505 yards and nine touchdowns.

Julio Jones is the only active receiver with bigger numbers against a single team, with 102 catches for 1,695 yards and 11 touchdowns in 14 games against the Buccaneers.

22 responses to “T.Y. Hilton celebrates Colts’ victory with a clown mask

  1. The texans are clowns. Can we ban them from the playofs in favor of real teams? Is anyone actually a fan of this team? If so, why?

  2. I do think masks and such are silly, but how is it disrespectful? Your own teammate literally called him a clown, how can you complain when he embraces that statement and has some fun with it.

  3. The Texans act like they didn’t start that clown stuff. Well they did … and it came back to bite them. You know what they say about karma.

  4. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreke Hill, and Travis Kelce are gonna clown the Colts, be sure of that.

  5. TY Hilton just said that he likes to play in NRG Stadium, and then he was called a clown. How is that disrespectful then Wright?

  6. Clown mask was for their “great” defensive end Clowney who was mostly buried throughout the game. OBrien is establishing a Andy Reid reputation of failing in the big games.

  7. The NFL is turning into the WWE with all the sideshows. That being said, I thought it was great. I laughed.

  8. Absolutely classless but the Texans folded like a pansy in the wind. Usually, that’s reserved for the pretty Coltsies.

    Indy’s road ends next week.

  9. T.Y. all damn day. Dude had like 65 yards on 3 catches on the opening drive AND the defense was so worried about him that it left Ebron open on the TD. It was all over from there BUT he still added that 3rd down dagger on that sideline catch pictured above with a great throw from Luck even with tight coverage. A throw that Deshaun Watson could never make. Watson is pretty decent and he has lots of guts, but yesterday showed the difference between a true franchise QB like Luck and him, Watson was inaccurate on several drive killing throws. And yes, they were THROWS, not passes.

  10. Texans fan here and Wright should feel disrespected. Luck and that OLine came in to NRG and punked us. Maybe Wright should worry about covering people since he got burned CONSTANTLY throughout the season. Hilton is soft (throws himself to the ground when someone gets close even if he can gain some more yards), but they came in and whipped us so he and the Colts can say/do what they want. If Joseph, Wright, and the rest of the D thought it was disrespectful then they should’ve came out and knocked some people in the mouth instead of folding up. I still believe in this team. The offense should be better next season if Fuller and Coutee can stay healthy and they can find 4 new OLineman. The special teams were good this year. Clowney totally disappeared yesterday, but then again so did the rest of the team. Resign Mathieu to pair with Reid. Cut bait with JJo and Kareem and Johnson, and Wright and find some new blood at the CB position. This team has 6 holes it needs to fill immediately after the season. They should have around 40 million in cap space(they have around 60 but have to sign the draft class). O’Brien is where I’m REALLY starting to lose all faith. He calls the game way to conservative. Look at what Watson did last season and look at what he did this season when he turned Deshaun loose(like the Eagles game once we got down by 14). Go in, kick some tails, and stomp on the other teams throat. He has no killer instinct. I wish Hilton didn’t play for the Colts, it would make it easier to cheer for them next week, but either way I hope the Colts beat the Chiefs.

  11. Wright says…
    “IIt’s disrespectful, but we can’t allow a guy to come in here and do that and then win. It’s not even about that. You kind of forget about that stuff during the game. You’re trying to get a win, and that’s what we didn’t do.”

    Then, you forgot about the, “You’re trying to get a win, and that’s what we didn’t do.” part of your statement/demeanor.

    He/they got in your head(s).

  12. Let your play do the talking and let that be all you need to say and you that’s how you earn respect. Talking trash or acting like a clown doesn’t get you anywhere in life, people just laugh at you or what you are doing. Remember, as an NFL player you are a role model for children and teenagers all across the country. Some of these guys can’t seem to take the ” clown ” out of themselves and still act like children on the NFL platform. Same can be said for these organized photo shoots at the end of touchdown plays. Yes, Hilton has great stats against the Texans ( for now ) but that doesn’t mean act like a clown in the process. The NFL is turning into a circus and yes…Hilton has proved he’s one of the clowns.

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