Tyrann Mathieu hopes to re-sign with Texans

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The Texans’ season came to an end against the Colts on Saturday and that means thoughts are shifting from on-field matters to offseason ones.

For safety Tyrann Mathieu, the biggest offseason issue is settling where he’ll play in 2019. Mathieu signed a one-year deal with the Texans after being released by the Cardinals and said on Sunday that his first choice would be to stay in Houston.

“I really want to be here,” Mathieu said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I love this team, love the locker room, love the coaching staff. Hopefully, the business side will take care of itself. I definitely want to be here.”

Mathieu started all 17 games for the Texans and finished the regular season with 89 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions.

The Texans have several other potential free agents on defense, including linebacker Jadeveon Clowney, defensive back Kareem Jackson and defensive end Angelo Blackson.

18 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu hopes to re-sign with Texans

  1. Don’t buy it.

    He said all the same things here in Arizona when his first contract was running out. Then Cards paid him a boatload of money, despite just coming off 2nd major knee surgery. A couple of years later, having clearly lost a step, they ask him to take a pay cut to stay. He’s hurt and mad. Winds up signing for less with Houston than he would have gotten to stay. And it was the Cardinals who gave him his first shot after his horrendous track record in college.

    Decent player, but not the same guy he was before he tore up his knees. Will be looking for more money than he’s worth. Will wind up with a 1-year deal at a reasonable price someplace again – probably not Houston.

  2. Clowney is going to command a LOT of money. However, his play has not lived up to expectations for being the #1 pick. I’m sure they would like to keep him but if I were a GM, I wouldn’t be interested in him, especially at the salary he’s going to want.

  3. This is the Badg being the Badg. He wanted to be in Arizona, he loved it there as long as he got paid. Now he loves Houston – let me guess, he’ll love the next city that pays him too.

  4. In fairness to Mathieu, Houston is a lot closer to home than Arizona. I don’t think what he did in Arizona is that big of a deal. He was due to make $10.7M this year ($5.7M salary and $5M roster bonus). Arizona wanted him to take a big paycut and he declined because he thought he’d be better off on the open market. He ended up getting a one-year $7M contract with the Texans, which is probably more than Arizona was offering him. Let’s be honest…if we were in his shoes and Arizona asked us to take a paycut to $5M or less (a nice problem to have indeed) but we thought we could make more somewhere else, wouldn’t you do the same thing? We don’t know how big of a cut they were asking him to take but my guess is his salary would have been less than the $7M Houston gave him.

    Whether or not he really wants to stay there will likely come down to money though. If someone offers him a lot more he’ll probably go. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to stay in Houston. It’s a business decision though. I think sometimes we criticize players for doing what they think is best for themselves and I don’t think that’s fair to the player when we would probably do the same thing.

  5. Wouldn’t be a bad signing for the right money. I’m on the fence with Clowney. I’ve seen him do unreal things in a game and then repeatedly get offsides penalties. And not just jumping offside but lining up in the neutral zone…a lot..

  6. The Cardinals wanted Honey Badger to take a pay cut so they could have $20 million to offer Sam Bradford. GENIUS!

  7. One year deals for this guy no way am I investing anything more. And Clowney is take him on jets any day

  8. If the Bucs do end up hiring Bruce Arians I would hope that Tyrann might be enticed to come down to Tampa since they’re very close, Lord know we need a playmaking safety in the worst way.

  9. The Fraudinals tried to lowball him with the pay cut. We can all see how well run that organization is. Wouldn’t mind him taking Earl Thomas’ single high safety spot in Seattle.

  10. Badger hasn’t done enough on the field in Houston to warrant a big signing. He’s locker room motivation and a name at the safety position, that’s about all he has proved to be during his 1 year deal.

  11. he quit as soon as he got the money. turned into a diva. wasn’t worth the money he wanted. sub par play for almost the last 2 years (when he was on the field).

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