Doug Pederson on keeping Carson Wentz on roster: You never know

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson opened Monday’s press conference by saying that quarterback Nick Foles‘ ribs are fine after Sunday’s win in Chicago and that he will be starting in New Orleans against the Saints.

As long as Foles remains healthy, it’s hard to fathom anyone else playing quarterback for the Eagles this year and Nate Sudfeld is the No. 2 with Carson Wentz out due to a back injury. The Eagles have kept Wentz on the active roster despite his inability to play and Pederson explained why they haven’t made a roster move to bring in a healthier player.

“Well, listen, I mean, we keep winning,” Pederson said. “We keep putting ourselves in a position to be successful. You never know. You never know what next week might hold. So we just keep that — we’ve done it a lot this year. We kept Darren [Sproles] up all season. We’ve done it with other players this year. Sidney Jones is another one that we keep alive. We keep these guys coming and we’ll see where they are at in another week.”

It would take a strange turn of events for Wentz to wind up back on the field before the Eagles are done playing this season, but the team is staying prepared for such a development.

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  1. Even though I’m not a Philadelphia fan, I keep hoping that Nick Foles wins a second ring this season. I admire Tom Brady and the Patriots a lot, but, darn it, if the Eagles and Pats meet up again in the SuperBowl, I fear I’m going to be pulling for Cinderella Foles to win the big one. I’m not at all religious, but watching Foles play in the post-season really is a bit of a miracle… and a heck of a lot of fun.

  2. Even if Wentz gets healthy he has to stay on the bench. Imagine the hatred in Philly if Wentz starts and then loses a game.

  3. If there’s any reasonable expectation he’d be healthy enough to play it’d be incredibly risky NOT to keep him active. Foles goes down hurt and who would you have the most confidence in: Wentz or Nate Sudfeld?

  4. I think they keep him off IR for a worse case scenario situation.

    For example, let’s imagine a scenario where Foles was injured in the NFC Chamionship, Sudfeld looked terrible in relief but the Eagles won. That way if Foles couldn’t go for the Super Bowl, you’d have Carson Wentz starting instead of Nate Sudfeld.

  5. Wentz is shot. Playing scared. Eagles were smart they would fleece some team…like the Raiders. Get three 1s, re-up Foles. Good to go.

  6. I would say if a 2nd sb was won it would be a great position to be in having 2 starting caliber qbs, each deserve to start but if you trade 1 of them Howie better get all he can and 3 1st rd sounds good to me, but ya gotta win the next ring 1st

  7. The thinking is though, sentence costs next to nothing the next three seasons and they can be aggressive in Free Agency. Files wins another SB he is looking to get paid. I doubt he is looking to break the record but mid 20’s for a two time SB champion, or Wentz at like what 3-4 million a season for 2 more years and the 5 th option for Ike 10-30 or whatever it comes to on the 5th year.

    Carson looks to be able to reach a consistently nice floor and Foles can pull a Ryan Fitzpatrick on them. Bit get pretty decent return in draft picks. Went s would get even more because of the next 3 years of cheap cap hit. I could see 2-1s and a 2 or something. Foles you’re looking at 2-2s and a 3.he comes with a hefty price tag and at least a couple examples of regressing for chunks of a season.

  8. I think Doug should save Carson for the Super Bowl. And then pull out some mind-blowing trickery on Belichick. Rotate between Carson and Foles on downs. The ultimate team game. That would be crazy, and if they were on a roll, the funnest thing to watch in the world.

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