Down judge Sarah Thomas earns playoff assignment

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Sarah Thomas is set to make more NFL history this weekend: She will become the first woman to officiate a postseason game, Cameron Filipe of Football Zebras reports.

Thomas, in her fourth season as an NFL official, will work the Chargers-Patriots game on an all-star crew headed by Ron Torbert.

Thomas, who has spent the past two seasons as a down judge, was one of three alternates for the 2017 wild-card game between the Falcons and Rams.

Replay official Terri Valenti will work the Colts-Chiefs game in her first playoff assignment, also making history.

John Hussey is the referee for the Colts-Chiefs; John Parry will head up the crew for the Cowboys-Rams; and Carl Cheffers is the referee for the Eagles-Saints, according to Football Zebras.

19 responses to “Down judge Sarah Thomas earns playoff assignment

  1. I’m not aware of any reason why a woman can’t do a good job being a ref. If she earned it, more power to her.

  2. My ideas for next season

    1. The referee teams or with the most penalties overturned or the most incorrect calls every week gets to miss next weeks games so they can receive extra training, etc

    2. Turnovers or scoring plays are not the only plays that should be automatically reviewed . Example: Qb throws football 60 yards and receiver is
    tackled on 2 yard line . No review. Qb walks in for td next play and it’s automatically reviewed

    3. Any play or penalty can be challenged. If challenge is lost that team is out of challenges for that half. If coach wins challenge he gets another. Point is to keep the game flowing.

    And good luck to Sarah Thomas

  3. Glad to see her get recognition for her work. But the NFL needs to work on its training of officiating crews. Too many ugly calls this season.

    Btw – if a QB walks into the end zone for a TD, scoring plays are automatically reviewed.

  4. Well, at least when she gets excited she won’t make anything prematurely. Hopefully she’ll delay whistles to allow a completed and fumbled pass to be recovered.

  5. Pretty sure she ruled a fumble recovery at the bottom of a pile againat the browns, meanwhile a browns pkayer was literally holding the ball in the air 5 feet away. No thanks.

  6. If I were the Chargers staff I would check the air in the Patriot balls

    As a fan of a cheating organization, I’m not surprised to here you suggest the Chargers do something illegal.

    Here’s the thing – temps are going to be fridgid on Sunday in Foxboro. The PSI in the footballs will absolutely be below their original starting levels because that is how science works, despite what the NFL and jealous trolls would have you believe.

  7. You know what was nice about her work is that just treated her like every other ref. They didn’t point out when she made good or bad calls. They just let her do her job. I hope they keep doing the same thing as she progressed, but my fear will be at one point someone will figure that they need to make her into a symbol for some cause. Again , just let her do her job.

  8. berniesmullet says:
    January 7, 2019 at 6:24 pm
    Just as long as there isn’t any phantom fumbles


    yep, know what you’re referring to… she cost Cleveland a game four years back….

  9. …and with their first pick, the Chargers take a kicker. says:
    January 7, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    My ideas for next season

    I like your first effort of holding refs more accountable. I would add no more 5 yard penalties that have a automatic first down.No more of the automatic first downs. Make the offense earn the first downs. Stop giving them out to the offenses. Those bail out calls hurt the game.

  10. Hold on a second. Women are allowed to drive cars? Allowed to Vote? Gasp! Allowed on the NFL gridiron? What’s next? A woman president of the United States? A female in charge of the NFL? Next thing you know there will be female astronauts! Hahahahaha like that’ll ever happen.

  11. I believe her 1st call in her career was a screw up that cost NE and the wagons were immediately circled. It was like someone called the red phone in the broadcast booth telling them to drop any dissent regarding this ref. I have no issues with female refs as long as they are treated the same as the male refs.

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