It sounds as if Seahawks already have moved on from Earl Thomas

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Whatever slim chance Earl Thomas and the Seahawks had of continuing their relationship seemingly ended when the safety flipped off the team’s sideline while leaving on a cart after breaking his leg in a September game at Arizona.

Pete Carroll spoke Monday about wanting to re-sign K.J. Wright, Frank Clark, D.J. Fluker and J.R. Sweezy. He even said extending quarterback Russell Wilson is “very much in our plans.”

The Seahawks, though, have no interest in bringing back Thomas. Just read between the lines of Carroll’s comments about Thomas, who has remained away from the team since his injury.

“Uh, we will see what happens,” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune. “I don’t know. Yeah, I’d love. . . .Earl’s a great player. I don’t know what that means for contact and all that stuff, but it’s one of the issues. We’ve got a bunch of them.”

Thomas asked for either a trade — preferably to Dallas — or a contract extension in the offseason. When he got neither, Thomas held out until the week of the season opener.

The three-time All-Pro played four games and made three interceptions and five pass breakups.

Dallas, San Francisco and Kansas City are among the teams that could have interest in Thomas in free agency.

32 responses to “It sounds as if Seahawks already have moved on from Earl Thomas

  1. If they weren’t going to extend him or franchise him. Definitely should have traded him and got something. Now he walks and they get nothing except maybe a fourth round compensatory pick

  2. “ketch20too says:
    Now he walks and they get nothing except maybe a fourth round compensatory pick.”
    That’s probably what he is worth now..

  3. As a 49er fan, this guy has absolutely punished my team for years. While I’m glad we won’t face him (hopefully) 2x a year, I think it’s a shame when a guy like this is tossed aside. He’s a great, great player. I know he acted like a jerk, but he also saw the money thrown at Eric Berry and had to wonder wth?

    Sad sad sad.

  4. Eh, he’s worth more than a 4th. They definitely could have gotten more via trade, but who knows how much more. It’s all conjecture at this point though. If not for the injury, who knows? They might have offered an extension or indicated intent to franchise. Lose/Lose during the 2018 season, hopefully both sides win when they move on in 2019. ET’s a baller no doubt and my favorite Hawk. Had hoped he would have been a lifer. Oh well.

  5. No way I see to keep him on roster next season.

    Thanks ET, for all you did for the Seahawks. Here’s to hoping you can “make peace” with how you felt you were treated by the front office.

  6. Wish Seattle and KC could’ve agreed to the compensation a week earlier. Of course Earl could’ve just as easily been hurt in KC, or he could’ve brought some life into that defense.

    We’ll never know.

  7. He has maybe 1 or 2 good years left and even those are likely to be injury riddled. I can’t see how his value will match his contract demands.

  8. He’s got a lot of football left. Dallas is the obvious frontrunner but maybe they aren’t prepared to match his salary expectations either. KC is interesting, as a team that needs help on defense yet is in position to contend for the next several years. I could see him spending a year in a Rams uni too, just to stick it to the Seahawks, who had the audacity to expect him to play out the lucrative contract they signed him to 4 years ago, those monsters

  9. “Jormas A Goodwin says:
    January 7, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    “ketch20too says:
    Now he walks and they get nothing except maybe a fourth round compensatory pick.”
    That’s probably what he is worth now..”

    Which is why you trade him… wait for it… when he had value.

  10. There will be a lot of teams after him if all they have to give is a 4th round pick. Not many 4th round picks can be an instant starter for the next 3 years

  11. That makes me sick. I expected the Seahawks organization to do right by Earl, as he has given his all, at the highest level, every time he stepped on the field. They should be ashamed. As a business decision, it didn’t work out either. How do you expect to attract high level people if you treat All Pros (of the non-cancer variety) like this?

  12. Actions speak louder than words… nobody had to tell me this, writing was on the wall… or finger in the air…

  13. I first thought that might be the case when he flipped off the fans on his way out of the stadium.

  14. It would be a smart move for him to rejoin Gus Bradley with the Chargers. They have an extreme need for a single high free safety. He knows the defense & he would get to play with Derwin James, a better version of Kam Chancellor. Oh and the Bolts are way better team than SF or Dallas & the defense is way better than KC’s.

  15. Earl is old and coming of a broken leg. Like Bennett and Sherman he’s not worth the contract he will get. It’s not like Seattle missed him that much after he went down and embarrassed himself as a professional with the one finger salute.

  16. SF please stay away from this clown. I’m sure Dick Sherman will be lobbying the front office to take a chance on him but he’s not worth the drama. He’ll be on the wrong side of 30 this year and his best football is in his rear view mirror. Grab a safety in the 3rd round with pick #66, much better idea

  17. it’s a real drag that it had to end this way – and I hate to say it, but earl hasn’t done his legacy any favors with the way he’s handled things.

    And that’s a shame, because he’s an all-time great Seahawk – one of the very best to suit up for this team, and a player who played w incredible intensity and disregard for his body. Like someone said above, hope he comes around eventually, and when he makes the HOF, comes back to see his jersey up in the rafters in Seattle.

  18. Pete Carroll can’t handle veterans very well. His model is based upon 4 year college player turnover, before his message gets stale, and before his “always compete” dogma injures all the vets.

  19. I agree, Pete and John blew this one by not trading ET when they could have gotten a draft pick, which they have very few. Pete’s coaching is questionable. The SB giveaway at the 1 yard line, which created an understandable backlash from many members from the team on the defensive side. Pete’s failure to not have a plan B when Dallas stopped their running game, which anyone with a brain knew going in that Dallas would choose as a strategy to stop the run. Headscratching, frustrating, coaching. No leadership, and the same old tired answers and BS has gotten old. Common sense coaching is what Seattle is short of. Who goes into a playoff game without a plan B?

  20. ET helped Seattle win the regular season game against Dallas, giving them a 10-6 record and a wild card berth. When he is absent from the playoff game vs. Dallas, the Cowpies won. With Russell Wilson entering the final year of his contract, and Frank Clark likely to get a megabucks contract, Penny-pinching Mode will have little appetite to pay ET market value.

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