Pete Carroll: Brian Schottenheimer criticism is “garbage”

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The Seahawks lost to the Cowboys 24-22 on Saturday night and their offensive approach in that game has been the subject of much discussion over the last couple of days.

A central talking point has been the team’s reliance on the run game despite the fact that they weren’t having much success moving the ball on the ground. During an appearance on 710 ESPN on Monday, head coach Pete Carroll said he didn’t disagree with the notion that they have “to adjust a little bit quicker” when things aren’t working as planned.

He did take issue with people who have heaped criticism on offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer after the loss, however.

“That’s a bunch of garbage,” Carroll said. “What a terrific football season we had. This was the second-highest scoring team in the history of the franchise I think — c’mon, and we outran everybody and we did not turn the ball over. We almost set an all-time NFL record for fewest turnovers in a season. That’s discipline and tactics and approach and all that. I get it, everybody feels bad about it. Brian’s a helluva coach and he does a great job and he did a great job with our guys throughout the season and will continue to.”

It will be a while before the Seahawks offense gets a chance to show they can adapt to adverse circumstances, but it certainly sounds like Schottenheimer will be the guy calling the plays when it happens.

18 responses to “Pete Carroll: Brian Schottenheimer criticism is “garbage”

  1. People are correct to heap criticism on Shotty for that game plan. Carroll is right to defend him, as that’s his job. Shotty definitely does not deserve to be fired over this, unless he demonstrates an inability or unwillingness to adjust to the realities of the game quicker in the future.

  2. “Michael Edits says:
    January 7, 2019 at 4:19 pm
    I guess the only way to convince the Seahawks to throw more is to put Marshawn Lynch in the backfield.”


  3. I agree with coach. I bet in hindsight he would like to have done some things differently in that game. But, that’s always the case with a loss. Still, I’m happy with Shotty and the entire Seahawk’s organization. Exceeding next seasons expectations will be the goal as no doubt most “experts “ will have them coming in 3rd in NFC West. Go Hawks.

  4. Agreed. Maybe those critics don’t want to give the Cowboys credit for playing a great game defensively. Fyi…that Dallas defense is legit. Rams are in trouble.

  5. The play-calling early on was a little vanilla for my liking, to be sure.

    However, It’s hard to win a close game in the NFL playoffs with no kicker. I don’t know how different the outcome would have been, but it’s hard to blame it on the play-calling when you have to account for no kicker for an entire half.

  6. Carroll is spot on here. I’m sure Carroll remembers that it wasn’t long ago that a Super Bowl team had an elite short yardage running back with a first a goal at the 1 yard line with the game on the line and that coach opted for a pass play…along with all the criticism that came with that call.
    ‘And now you know… The rest of the story’ – PaulHarvey

  7. Everybody wants to be the Chiefs but don’t realize that you need those players to do what they do, not just anyone. Seattle had a better than expected this year.

  8. On the Cowboy’s last drive with the score 17-14 Dallas:
    3-8-DAL 39 (6:39) pass incomplete, defensive pass interference for a Dallas first down.
    3-4-SEA 49 (5:14) pass incomplete, defensive pass interference for a Dallas first down.
    3-14-SEA 17 (2:33) D.Prescott up the middle to SEA 1 for 16 yards.

    If the defense does it’s job on any of these plays then Seattle’s last touchdown could have won it. If the Seahawk’s want to fire a coordinator in the off season it should be on defense.

  9. Russell Wilson is an amazing player, proof of that fact is what he did late in the game. It looked to me that the coaching staff’s ego was so determined to establish a running game that it actually cost them the victory.

  10. Shotty is just running the offense Pete wants to run, which is about as original as a ham sandwich…but make no mistake this is on Pete.

  11. The Hawks OL is terrible at pass-blocking. They had to run to set up the pass. When Dallas shut down the run it made it tough and predictable, but the Hawks were in the game the whole way. Sadly, though, if the D wasn’t so taxed by all the offense’s 3-and-Outs they might’ve stopped the most important Dalls drive.

  12. I agree Shotty is a helluva coach. having said that, when something ISN’T working you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out.

  13. I don’t care whose “fault” it was. But that was some crappy, uninspired play calling. As a long (but not no mo!) suffering Browns fan, I know all too well the run-run-pass-punt offense and do not like it one bit Predictable and easy to defend. Of course I also think Brian Schottenheimer is overvalued and overhyped. Showed it to me this weekend.

  14. If you enjoyed watching college football offenses back in the 1970’s, you loved what the Seahawks offense was doing. Pretty much 3 run plays followed by a pass, if needed for a 1st down. Until they were hopelessly behind of course.

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