Report: Jets interview Kliff Kingsbury

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Monday afternoon brought a report that Kliff Kingsbury would be interviewing for NFL teams after initially being blocked from such meetings by USC and it wasn’t long before we had word of his first interview.

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic reports that Kingsbury is meeting with the Jets on Monday about their head coaching vacancy. Kingsbury played quarterback for the Jets in one game in 2005.

The Jets are one of two teams with openings at head coach that have been linked to Kingsbury in reports. The Cardinals are the other one and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports there’s “strong mutual interest” between them.

Kingsbury developed a reputation as a creative offensive coach during his year as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator and six years as the head coach of Texas Tech. He worked with future NFL quarterbacks Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield, Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes at various points in his coaching career, but that offensive success didn’t result in a winning record.

Kingsbury went 35-40 before being fired at the end of the 2018 season, but he quickly landed a job at USC and it’s clear NFL teams are interested despite that record.

20 responses to “Report: Jets interview Kliff Kingsbury

  1. Under .500 at Tech, but he is going to beat Bill Belichick. The Jets are just a clueless organization.

  2. yaz67 says:
    January 7, 2019 at 5:14 pm
    Under .500 at Tech, but he is going to beat Bill Belichick. The Jets are just a clueless organization.

    Dude you obviously dont follow TT or know much about what you’re talking about. Kingsbury’s offenses are legit, he is one of the best offensive minds in College football. Kingsburys offense competed with teams & staying in games they had no business being in. Texas Tech’s problem was their defense, his offense are amazing. Kingsbury developed QB’s such as Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, Case Keenum, Davis Webb & led Johnny Football to a Heisman trophy. You pair Kingsbury w/ a good OC and he will have a ton of success. Kingsbury knows how to design and offense around his teams strengths & what his QB’s do best.

  3. Arizona needs to go out and do what they need to land Kliff Kingsbury as their next HC. Kingsbury would get the most out of QB Josh Rosen and get him playing him up to his potential building the offense around his strengths & what he does best. David Johnson would go off in a offense designed by Kingsbury. Hire Kingsbury & pair him w/ Todd Bowles as DC and call it a day.

  4. He had a 46.67% winning percentage at TT. I’m sure the Jets are looking at it like if he can just do the same for them that will be an upgrade over what they’re accustomed to.

  5. good grief. anything other than mccarthy would be a huge misstep. if mccarthy stinks, so be it but it’s at least a logical move. this move reeks of mcvay envy.

  6. Good hire if he can bring in someone to run the defense well. I know people give him a hard time for his record but historically, his teams defenses have been ranked some of the worst in the country. I like him Darnold’s development, and Davis Webb’s for that matter, considering he already coached him.

  7. Cuz they interviewed him doesn’t mean he is getting the job get a clue. This is the 8th guy they have talked too. People are clueless it’s crazy form an opinion once they make a decision

  8. He better get hired by a professional team. The relationship is now terminal at USC. Possibly in the majority of NCAA openings. Recruiting has become pivotal. Transfers being allowed for any reason. No one forces anyone to sign any contract. I think I would have a better offer on the real estate I sold 3-4 years ago. Think I would like to change my mind. The property is yet to be developed. Why is that contract enforced and sports contracts are meaningless. It does matter. When someone signs a contract it means one of the parties in the agreement stops looking for another suitor. Could have had something else at that time that I’d no longer available.

  9. Kingsbury went 35-40 before being fired at the end of the 2018 season

    Jesus if he went .500 he could have replaced Belichick

  10. The McCarthy HC move is almost too obvious that I fear the Jets will overthink it.
    Hire him. It won’t end up in regret.

    McCarthy is a professional, dignified, sound offensive mind.
    His biggest fault, which would be an incredible attribute in most social situations, is his fierce loyalty, both to his players and some of his professional relationships/friendships.

    Pair him with a top notch DC that can do an adequate job on that side of the football.
    You won’t be sorry.

    I honestly believe that the new digs and another young QB to mold will be an incredible boost to his coaching mindset.
    It’s the right move, don’t blow this golden opportunity.

  11. NFL teams must see something in college coaches that barely win that most people don’t see. Greg Schiano went to Tampa Bay with a 68-67 record at Rutgers, Doug Marrone went to Buffalo with a 25-25 record at Syracuse and now Kingsbury. If they can’t get to a major college program and win most of their games, why would anyone think they can win in the NFL?

  12. He’s going to follow that long line of college head coaches that came into the NFL and had tons of success. And his 35-40 record is a great indicator of that.

  13. The record at Texas Tech in misleading. He was competing for recruits with Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma. Those schools have tons of money, alumni everywhere in the region, and they aren’t in Lubbock, Texas. He was up against top recruiting schools, they got the best, he got the rest.

    If he’s hired as an NFL head coach, he needs to get a solid NFL defensive coordinator and let him run that side. Kingsbury will do great on the offensive side.

  14. Any NFL team would be very lucky to land Kliff Kingsbury. Amazing coach that took leftover recruits and made them great. It’ll be different in the NFL when he can get great players to coach and make them legends.

  15. Sean McVay has done a great job in LA, but a huge part of his success was simply handing over the defense completely to an experienced coordinator in Wade Phillips…Kingsbury would need the same to have a chance.

  16. jasons81 says:
    January 7, 2019 at 5:23 pm
    He had a 46.67% winning percentage at TT. I’m sure the Jets are looking at it like if he can just do the same for them that will be an upgrade over what they’re accustomed to.


    LMAO! I’m a Jets fan and I had to laugh at this.. man do they make some terrible decisions and moves…. Curse you father for bestowing this horrible fandom on me.

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