Robert Griffin III: I’d love to be back as Lamar Jackson’s backup

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Lamar Jackson will be the Ravens’ starting quarterback in 2019. Joe Flacco will be elsewhere. But what about the third quarterback on Baltimore’s 2018 roster?

That quarterback, Robert Griffin III, said this morning that he hopes he’s back in Baltimore as Jackson’s backup for the 2019 season.

“I’d love to be back. I feel like I have a good grasp of what this team is trying to do,” Griffin said. “I’d love to help Lamar continue to develop and also be available and ready to play. The question is, Is that going to happen? I don’t know. Are there going to be other opportunities for me around the league? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens but I’d love to be back.”

From all indications, Griffin was a good teammate and mentor to Jackson during the 2018 season, and he may be a better fit than Flacco for the kind of offense the Ravens want to build going forward. Griffin’s contract is up and he’ll be a free agent in March, but re-signing him would make sense for both sides.

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  1. RG3 actually played lights out in the preseason this year. He would be one of the best backups and hes even better then some starting QBs like Jacksonville and Denver. I think Baltimore would be crazy not to keep him.

  2. if we are moving forward with Lamar Jackson as qb we will need to sign a qb with the same skillset, or draft one. given the needs this team currently has (O-line, WR, safety, RB), bringing back RG3 is a no-brainer.

  3. Lamar’s Backup will probably be the 1st starting backup in 2019. All backups with starting aspirations would each love to be in that position.

    Jackson was 2/10 at one point with an interception. And the incompletions we’re horrible. The Colts playing bend don’t break for the 4th quarter doesn’t really indicate how bad Jackson played.

  4. Ravens would be FOOLS to not re-sign RG3. Because RG3 could START on at least 10 teams next season. His day is gonna come and again. And people will see. This kid can still play. He’s an elite talent. Just needs the opportunity again.

  5. Sounds reasonable. Running all the time, it is only a matter of time before Jackson gets hurt and RG3 seems suited to plug in.

  6. There are eerie similarities between Jackson and RG3’s 1st seasons, style of play, hype, and looming questions about viability as “franchise QBs”. He peaked in Year 1, then the wheels absolutely fell off from there (granted it was with the dumpster fire known as the Redskins so how much of it falls on that team).

    If you go back and look at the praise, hype, and belief that somehow RG3 was going to break the mold for that type of QB in the modern game VS where RG3’s career went, it’s not difficult to see how Jackson’s career could mirror RG3s. The skeptics of RG3 were eventually proven correct, many of those same skeptics see the same saga unfolding in Baltimore. Ironic that it’s almost “down the street” from where RG3s career came unglued and now he backs up the very player many people compare to him.

    The Ravens front office and fans need to make sure they don’t fall into the same potential traps that RG3/Redskins fell into. Keeping several reliable QBs would be wise in case Jackson’s future takes any turns before he gets established (Flacco possibly playing the Cousins role).

    If Harbaugh sees lingering issues yet to be resolved with Baltimore at a crossroads, there are options for him elsewhere that are attractive (Packers notably, maybe Miami). Jackson and Flacco’s near futures are not guaranteed and we already know the story of RG3.

  7. arclight1972 says:
    January 7, 2019 at 11:22 am
    I’d love to be paid a million to hold a clip board too, with no risk of injury
    If that’s what you want to do, backing up Lamar Jackson may not be the best idea. History tells us that there’s Absolutely no chance he doesn’t get hurt playing the way he plays

  8. RGIII is an elite what ??? He /Jackson/Winston/Watson – all are college QB’s end of story- a few games they get away with things : until the film has been viewed …their talent level is high but the style doesn’t work long term in the NFL – not in the 70’s/80’s/90’s/2000’s nor now or ever

  9. You know what was nice about the Balt/Charger game was the announcers didn’t cram Jackson down the viewers throat like the Houston / Indy game did with Watson. Hey both of these guys are young and need to develop but if you heard the guys on the other game you wouldn’t have thought that Watson was already the next coming of Joe Montana. I will admit I am getting sick of hearing how great running QB’s are when they get out of stuff but then watch them bounce 3 balls into the ground when it comes to making a pass. Goes back to when RG3 and Luck came into the league . One of them was going to revolutionize the way the position was played the other just went on to have a very good career at the position so far.

  10. @xli2006 The Lamar Jackson and RG3 situations aren’t same. RG3 was a true duel threat. He was a highly accurate passer. He actually led the league in completion percentage most of the year until his receivers got a case of the dropsies in Pittsburgh. He had the best deep ball accuracy in league. He had his team up 14-0 in the playoffs when Shanahan left him in the game when he was obviously hurt.

    Injury is what did RG3 in. Jackson is healthy but his pass accuracy needs a lot of work. Unlike RG3 he seems to be able to slide and avoid big hits. He’ll endup a flash in the pan if he doesn’t improve his passing accuracy in the off season.

  11. All this criticism of 21-year-old Lamar, who came into start after the bye week, who will get better after a full NFL off season.

    ^^^^^ Because most fans are fools. This kid played a major role in getting them to the playoffs. He will develop. Is he going to be the next Manning/Brady. No. But a better version of Vick (the 2nd go around for Vick) its very possible. He doesn’t need to throw for 300 yds and 3 TDs a game like Mahommes does. He just needs to protect the ball, call out accurate protections, go through his progressions and throw an accurate ball. And protect himself when he decides to run. That running game and defense is bruising. They need to add the threat of him passing. And then the league is in some serious doo doo…

  12. RGIII isn’t even half the quarterback he was…
    … and… he still can compete… (against Lamar Jackson).

  13. jbaxt, you got your quarterbacks mixed up. Lamar Jackson played against the Chargers and not the Texans.

  14. lamar Jackson is not the answer, rg3 was never the answer, john harbaugh is confused, so lets give him a contract extension!

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