Treyvon Hester tipped Cody Parkey’s kick on its way to upright


Sunday’s game between the Bears and Eagles was settled when Bears kicker Cody Parkey‘s field goal attempt with five seconds left on the clock hit the upright and crossbar before falling to the turf in what felt like a fitting final chapter to a rough season for the kicker.

Parkey’s kick didn’t go offline entirely on its own, however. Breaking down the video of the play shows that Eagles defensive lineman Treyvon Hester got his hand on the ball as it was going up.

“Me and Haloti [Ngata] … we got penetration, got the hand up like coach always says,” Hester said, via “Tipped off my fingertips. Felt good … [but] actually, I thought I didn’t get enough of it, I thought it was going to go in. When I saw it going in, I turned back around [away from the goal posts]. Then I heard everybody screaming, I was like, oh, [bleep] … he missed it.”

Hester played 94 special teams snaps for the Eagles during the regular season, but none of them was nearly as memorable as the one he played late in Sunday’s win.

16 responses to “Treyvon Hester tipped Cody Parkey’s kick on its way to upright

  1. So hopefully the Bears fans can’t stop the death threats and realize the truth. They got beat by a more Playoff ready team and the bright side is they have a team that should contend for years. Nice season Bears.

  2. A special teams player named Hester ends their season. The irony never stops with the Bears, does it?

  3. OK, can we stop crucifying the kicker now? It was tipped (and yes, it was) and it still almost went in. The guy did his job, but his line didn’t.

  4. What makes people think the Bears would’ve beat the Vikings? Even though it probably would’ve been 56-0. Seen so many Vikings games end in disaster from the kicker blowing it. I feel your pain. Next year the Bears will stink.

  5. Re: “And the Saints breathe a sigh of relief”

    They wouldn’t have faced the Bears anyway, the Bears would have lost in L.A. next week. And for the remaining teams to play the Saints in the dome, they better bring their A game…

  6. the Bears have been exposed;

    after three years, it is clear as Denver Trubisky is little more than a caretaker quarterback;

    the Eagles dropped several picks that would’ve turned the game insurmountably in their favour…that is not likely to happen again against a good defence anytime soon;

    what is worse, they traded away two chances to draft his replacement for a fantastic LB now the only Bear still playing in postseason;

    Gruden is on his back laughing while the Bears at best will back into the playoffs with 9-7/10-6 records, probably as a one-and-done wild card rotating with an equally pathetically quarterbacked Vikings team for at least the next three seasons til they get another high first round choice;

  7. Maybe if it wasn’t tipped the ball might have gone even further left? It sure looks like the kicker pulled the ball, Just saying.

  8. Heartbreaking, sure… Bears represented the North well.

    Last year’s North entry might have used up the North’s allotment of good fortune for a few decades. Next week, Bears fans,vyou get to watch the Iggles pay for their good fortune this week.

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