Vic Fangio is not interviewing with Dolphins Monday


Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said last week that he had done “zero” work to prepare for an expected head coaching interview with the Dolphins and it turns out that his time was better spent on other pursuits.

It was widely reported that Fangio would be interviewing with both the Broncos and Dolphins on Monday, but it turns out that Denver was the only team to actually set up a meeting. Per multiple reports, the Dolphins requested an interview with Fangio and did research on him before stopping short of scheduling a sitdown.

Fangio is set to meet with the Broncos a day after the Bears’ season came to an end with a 16-15 home loss to the Eagles.

The Dolphins have interviewed Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen and Cowboys defensive backs coach/passing game coordinator Kris Richard. They are expected to interview their special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi this week.

13 responses to “Vic Fangio is not interviewing with Dolphins Monday

  1. As a fan of an NFC North competitor, I hope Fangio gets the Broncos job. He’s a great defensive coordinator and would be very hard to replace. The biggest difference between last year’s good Vikings offense and this year’s bad Vikings offense was not the quarterback, it was losing Pat Shurmur to the Giants.

  2. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    January 7, 2019 at 11:20 am
    Thank Goodness!

    Great schemes yesterday especially in the 4th quarter Vicky!
    You show how little you know about football with each post you make. Bears were FIRST in points allowed. Yesterday they held the Eagles to 42 yards rushing on 23 carries and Foles was held to 266 yards on 50 attempts with two picks. Their defense played well. If They make that two point conversion they wouldn’t have needed Parkey’s kick.

    Guess you would rather stick with Gase and his 26th ranked offense and 28th ranked defense? LMAO… Fangio would be an upgrade over what we had the last few years.

  3. C’mon, be realistic. The only qualified Coach is Ariens and he is headed to Tampa. Fangio would be a mistake like Philbin. You get youth with some of the OC/DC Coaches, but they lack experience at the Head. McVey is no genius nor is Pederson; they just inherited good teams with a solid roster. The Dolphins job has it’s share of issues for the first few years. Great place to live and Owner is a moron with money, so why not? It has a lot of holes, but a good core of young guys with Cap stability once they get rid of Tannehill and the other Veteran overpriced Contracts. Heck, they will be better already without Burke’s Defense and Gase’s absurd playcalling with no Head Coach at all.

  4. I like the idea of Fangio being hired by the Broncos with Kubiak as Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator. Perhaps the reason he’s never been a Head Coach is because he doesn’t want all the responsibilities. Some help from an experienced coach like Kubiak could lure him to take the job.

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