Buccaneers announce Bruce Arians hire

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That Kangol hat will now be supplemented with an eye patch.

The Buccaneers have announced that Bruce Arians has become the 12th coach in franchise history. Arians, a two-time coach of the year, returns to coaching after a one-year retirement.

“Bruce Arians is one of the NFL’s most well-respected coaches over the past two decades and we are excited to have him leading our team,” Buccaneers owner/co-chairman Bryan Glazer said in a press release. “Throughout this process, we focused on finding the right coach with a proven ability to elevate our players and lead our team forward. Bruce has played a large role in the development and career success of some of our league’s best players and we look forward to seeing him continue that work here with our franchise.”

Arians, who has worked with the likes of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and Carson Palmer, will now be expected to get the most out of Jameis Winston — who like Manning, Luck, and Palmer entered the NFL via the first overall pick in the draft. And the success of Arians’ tenure surely will be determined by whether he successfully transforms Winston into the player that others have failed to make him.

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  1. …begin…slow…clap

    Bruce is a solid hire. Should be able to give this team an identity.

  2. Great hire! If I’m a Bucs fan I’d be ecstatic for the following year. Jameis needed a coach like Arians for the longest time. Next year will be his rebirth.

  3. Best hire Bucs have made since Gruden. Hopefully his health is good and stable. That’ll be the biggest key to his longevity in Tampa. Bowles coming with him is huge.

  4. Browns will get a good coach, but this is the 3rd time they missed on Bruce Arians. Bruce would’ve kept Kitchens, probably G. Williams and brought proven credibility to the coaching staff for the first time since Butch Davis.

  5. I don’t think his legacy will be defined by whether he can get Winston to a different level. I think it will be defined by whether he assesses Winston *can* get to another level and then makes the right decision. For every Manning there are 10 mediocre 1st round picks that just weren’t worth it. Personally I think Winston is one of them, but they don’t pay me to make that call. (Wish they would)

  6. Bucs fan listen: As a Cardinals season ticket holder listen well the good news is Bruce is a very good coach…very good. The bad news is hes 100% loyal to all the coaches he hires. He’s admitted once he hires someone they are family and they will never be fired. Problem for the cars with that was we had the worst special teams in the league (yes 32nd in every category) and BA wouldn’t fire anyone. So it’s feast or famine with his guys. Cool thing is BA fills his trun for every home game and all the players and coaches drink up after every home game win or lose. Enjoy the hire you got a good one, but always remember no one and I mean no one will be fired under BA (that’s why they’ll all return to him).

  7. Well at the very least the Bucs will get an answer whether or not Winston is the future because if Arians can’t get him playing to his potential not many others will be able to.

  8. Can Arians teach Winston how to hit his receivers in stride so they can run after catching the ball?

  9. Look, anybody who says Arians isnt a good coach, should automatically have their posting rights revoked, and go back to armchair quarterbacking like the 99% of America who really dont have a clue about football…

    The only real problem with Arians, is that he was too Old when the Cardinals hired him..

    Obviously… that hasnt changed.

    You hope to get a head coach to stabalize the team for a decade or more and then move on…

    With Arians… even if he succeeds…

    Hes gone matter what in under 5 years.

  10. 19dead2 says:

    January 9, 2019 at 12:09 am

    Joke hire. What has he done to make any team think he is the answer?

    So who would YOU hire smart guy??

    Coach Arians has a proven track record of WINNING and that sir is the name of the game. Too many dumpster fires as coaches out there. At least with Bruce he knows what he’s doing

  11. “Joke hire. What has he done to make any team think he is the answer?”

    Well he coached Ben Roethlisberger. That gets thrown around alot on his resume. Never mind the Bruce Arians years were some of the worst of Ben’s career. The Oline was terrible and Ben was getting murdered.
    But Bruce coached him.

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