Buccaneers finalizing deal with Bruce Arians

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It didn’t take long for the Buccaneers to go from opening negotiations with Bruce Arians about their head coaching job to wrapping them up.

According to multiple reports on Tuesday evening, the team is finalizing a deal with Arians a little more than a week after they fired Dirk Koetter.

Arians spent the 2018 season working as a broadcaster for CBS after leaving the Cardinals at the end of the 2017 season. He made his first move toward getting back into coaching when he said he’d consider taking the Browns job and then expanded his horizons to include Tampa.

There have already been reports that Arians is interested in having Todd Bowles run the defense. The former Jets head coach was the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator in 2013 and 2014.

Bowles would likely have some company from other former Cardinals assistants in Tampa. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Arians hopes to hire Harold Goodwin as run game coordinator/offensive line coach and Byron Leftwich as pass game coordinator after working with both in Arizona. Arians is also reportedly interested in hiring Clyde Christensen as the quarterbacks coach.

24 responses to “Buccaneers finalizing deal with Bruce Arians

  1. It’s a good look for both parties. Wish my team would’ve hired him but we’re stuck with Matty P The Loser.

  2. Great hire and really the best way to see if JW can actually be a franchise QB. Funny, Clyde was the QB coach and OC in Tampa many moons ago.

    We need a new leader on D, but we dont have the personnel for a 3-4 attacking style, going to take quite a bit of moves this off-season to make that work

    Yet, the offense is loaded, a couple O Line pieces and a compliment running back to Barber is all that is missing

    At least we took a retread that actually was a long term winner and had success at multiple stops in his career

    Well done Bucs!

  3. “I will only come out of retirement to coach the Browns. And by the Browns I mean anyone willing to pay me.”
    – BA

  4. This has been very frustrating to watch.
    So many teams seem to be fixing their coaching situations, meanwhile it’s business as usual in Minnesota.
    Five long seasons of Mike Zimmer and literally nothing to show for it, yet management seems content to the same old, same old.
    Looks like we’ll be interviewing candidates to run our offense again.
    Well, whatever candidates we can attract.
    Most wont even bother coming knowing full well they’ll be used as another Zimmer scapegoat come November.
    This franchise is getting sad and pathetic. No hope. No hope.
    And no amount of “Beat Green Bay” t-shirts or stuffed animal sacrifices will change anything. 😔

  5. I’m so damn happy as a Bucs fan right now! I really don’t want to get ahead of myself but this is legit the most excited I’ve been about this team’s immediate future for as long as I can remember. Here’s hoping he can bring about the kind of positive culture change that Tony Dungy did so long ago.

  6. They basically have 1 year to fix Jameis or blow it up and start all over again Arians is 66. They’re going to need a DC and they don’t have the personnel to convert to 3-4 quickly (so Bowles is probably not happening). I’d imagine a veteran coach like Arians probably wants a veteran DC, too.

    It looks like Gregg Williams isn’t going to be the HC in CLeveland and it’s hard to imagine him going back to DC after getting shafted for HC. Jack Del Rio is still out there, too.

  7. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:
    January 8, 2019 at 6:18 pm
    …(so Bowles is probably not happening)…

    He ran a 4-3 when he was the DC in Philly so he has experience with it, he’s flexible. I would be stunned if he doesn’t become the next Bucs DC.

  8. After Arians is through with Winston he’ll be buying the whole team crablegs with a new day contract.

  9. Great news. Bruce Arians is a guy who can steer the ship.

    Glad to have him back in the NFL!

  10. Bucs players should get ready to be thrown under bus any time they lose, that Arians’s style. But he was actually OK in the broadcast booth, the few times I heard him – certainly much better than Witten.

  11. An old average coach, with a knucklehead qb, in a town that doesn’t give a jack about their team. Yeah, I smell about three 5-11 seasons for the Yuccaneers on the horizon.

  12. Best of Luck, Arians! I expect the Buccaneers to play more physical and a lot of “Tough love….Coach em’ hard, hug em’ Later” to get this team’s spine sortened-out! Can the Quarterback Whisperer deliver with Jameis Winston? Don’t turn it over and Tampa has a chance. As BA tells Jameis, “SLING IT……NO RISK IT, NO BISCUIT!”, BOMB’S AWAY!!! AIR CORYELL!

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