Cardinals dump “friend of McVay” reference from article announcing Kingsbury hire

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The Arizona Cardinals, who decided a year ago that Steve Wilks would be the ideal coach moving forward and after one season thought better of it, have now decided that Kliff Kingsbury will be the ideal coach moving forward. Yes, Kliff Kingsbury. The same coach who went 35-40 at Texas Tech, a mid-level team in one of the least powerful of the Power 5 conferences. The same coach who was fired by the Red Raiders. The same coach who couldn’t put a competent team around Patrick Mahomes, who already looks to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

While the Cardinals may not have made a great hire (time will tell), they’ve done a great job of trying to dress it up. Apparently, too great of a job.

The Cardinals have revised the article announcing the hire on their official website to remove reference to the fact that Kingsbury possesses a largely-irrelevant resume point.

“Kingsbury is friends with Rams coach Sean McVay,” the article on originally stated. It has since been revised to say this: “Rams coach Sean McVay — the 32-year-old offensive genius who has become the blueprint of many of the new coaching hires around the NFL — reached out to Kingsbury after Texas Tech let him go to see if Kingsbury wanted to join the Rams’ staff for the stretch run and postseason as an offensive consultant. Kingsbury considered it but ultimately joined USC.”

The revision surely wasn’t stylistic or artistic or an attempt at correcting an error. The Cardinals were widely lampooned for touting Kingsbury based on a tenuous connection to McVay. And they’re still catching flak for referring to McVay as a “genius” in the article.

But McVay is a genius. And whether it’s the Packers or the Cardinals or surely someone else in this and future hiring cycles, there’s benefit in selling any and all connections to the coach whose reputation already exceeds his years, whether he likes it or not.

16 responses to “Cardinals dump “friend of McVay” reference from article announcing Kingsbury hire

  1. All these young “genius” coaching hires are more than “blueprint”s of McVay, they’re freaking 3D printouts of McVay. They look the same, dress the same, and talk the same. It’s unnerving, and not at all attractive.

  2. “The same coach who couldn’t put a competent team around Patrick Mahomes, who already looks to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.”


    Geezus .. The guy has 1 career season under his belt. Granted it was a great season but pump the breaks on the greatest quarterbacks of all time crap. He hasn’t even won a single playoff game yet.

  3. I’m sorry, but saying Mahomes looks like “one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time” is a bit hyperbolic, no? I understand writers are supposed to posit edgy opinions, but can we at least say he had an incredible year as a starter and leave it at that? Let’s not forget how many “incredible” QBs have fantastic years but ultimately get figured out by defences with more game tape

  4. Kingsbury has proven he can develop QBs and score points. The cards were outcoached in every game last year. No one cares of his record in college football becuase it has more to do with the money then school had and recruiting. But you cant deny his ability to develop QBs. Good hire az. Now need to find a dc.

  5. We will see how much of a genius McVay is after Goff cashes in and the team is dealing with the cap problems that come with it. Sometimes, genius is only defined within the context of where one is within the pristine perception of the present before all of the complexities emerge. That my friends is where geniuses become bums.

  6. Poor hire….but you cannot blame him for accepting the position….Cardinals Management is responsible.

  7. I’m just happy the Chiefs have Paddycakes and Andy for hopefully a long time. It’s amusing to hear people call the Chiefs and Rams offense “new wave”. Andy is hardly a new wave in the NFL, just a creative offensive mind, who has honed his craft for many years.

  8. Lol at the Fraudinals trying to pretend this guy is McVay and con their fanbase into believing it. Pure Bidwells. Hilarious. This is what hapless dumpsterfire franchises do.

  9. Can we see whether McVay can win a single playoff game before enshrining him as a genius?

  10. TheDPR says:
    January 9, 2019 at 9:37 am
    Can we see whether McVay can win a single playoff game before enshrining him as a genius?

    Like the great Marty Schottenheimer. 200-126 in regular season. 5-13 come playoff time

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