Cardinals get a little compensation for Bruce Arians, after all

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The Buccaneers aren’t getting Bruce Arians for nothing. Just close to nothing.

The league has reversed course on its nonsensical argument supporting the notion that the Cardinals are entitled to no compensation for Arians landing in Tampa as the head coach, and a deal has been brokered in order to avoid a fight.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bucs will send a sixth-round pick in 2019 to the Cardinals, and that the Cardinals will give a seventh-round pick to the Buccaneers.

The Cardinals should have gotten more. Arians retired after the 2017 season with one year left on his contract, along with a team-held option for 2019. The league had concluded that Arizona was entitled to no compensation, because it hadn’t exercised its option for 2019. But unless the deadline for exercising the 2019 option came before Arians retired at the end of the 2017 season (it surely didn’t), it made no sense to strip Arizona of all rights under the goofy notion that it should have formally exercised an option to keep someone who had retired.

Arizona has every right to be dissatisfied by the outcome, and any other teams in this situation should apparently exercise any options applicable to coaches who have resigned or retired.

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  1. There is a precedent for the NFL to add a compensatory pick for screwing this up and they should.

    That said, I don’t expect them to and something is better than nothing.

  2. If that’s all Arians is worth, how did he get the job? I’m sure he didn’t go in there and tell them he could win with Jameis, and offer to work for free if they don’t make the playoffs.

  3. Let’s be honest, the Cardinals definitely ‘forced’ Ariana out and made him ‘retire’ – due to his health issues and poor final season.

    He stayed away for a year and now Arizona is wanting compensation?!?!

    Gimme a break!

  4. Wasn’t petty he’s under contract and “retired” cause he didn’t like his situation if anything they did they enough

  5. Huh. I remember when the Bucs signed Bill Parcells to a secret contract, he backed out, then Tampa traded for Gruden. When Dallas hired Parcells a year later, the Bucs started waving that contract around saying the Cowboys owed them compensation.

    The NFL said “YOU GET NOTHING” .

    The Bucs never win these things.

  6. Want to know why Arians left the Cards?
    Arians was bewitched by Mahomes, and beseeched Keim to grab him in the draft.
    Keim got greedy and did not want to give up any picks to trade up, and stood pat at #13.
    Arians watched while KC traded up to #10 to snatch Mahomes, and Houston traded up to #12 and snatched Watkins.
    Arians tried to sound jubilant that Reddick had fallen to them at #13, but you could see he was crushed.
    He could not resign then and there, with OTAs upon them; so he put in a half-hearted effort and got through a mediocre 8-8 season, then “retired” (read: quit).
    A season later, Mahomes is league MVP and KC is the #1 seed in the AFC; AZ is drafting #1.
    Arians is going to another team, and Keim will be presiding over the draft once again.
    Don´t know anything about Kingsbury, but it is possible that he will be stuck in an impossible situation until Bidwell gets serious about building a winner in the desert.

  7. The Bucs, the only team in NFL history to pay another team for a HC…twice.
    It worked out the 1st time, so why not?

  8. The cardinals are lucky to get that much, they should not have gotten more.
    Its not like a 50 year old Belichick leaving a team, Arians is questionable as a HC, he’s old, and not in the best of health.
    Do you really expect him to be HC for years to come?
    Its not like he was a great HC with many years of success.
    The cards had a couple of years before injuries and age did them in.

    They should be thrilled to get this much.

  9. tonyeason11 says:
    January 8, 2019 at 8:50 pm
    Let’s be honest, the Cardinals definitely ‘forced’ Ariana out and made him ‘retire’ – due to his health issues and poor final season.

    He stayed away for a year and now Arizona is wanting compensation?!?!

    Gimme a break!

    I’m with you. Every time I watched someone get fired (and know they got fired because I was in the room) the memo always came out “decided to pursue other interests.) If he wanted to actually retire the odds of him coming out of, especially with health issues, to coach the Buccaneers is a stretch. So the compensation issue is moot to me.

  10. It doesn’t matter how many draft picks are given to the Cardinals so long as Steve Keim is GM.

  11. Im a Cardinal fan, and i like Arians.

    Hes a great coach…

    However, he was too old when the Cardinals hired him, in my opinion.

    That obviously hasnt changed.

    Im willing to bet my house that he wont be there for the full contract in Tampa.

  12. Are the Cards still paying Arians the balance of his contract? If so, then they have a rights to him. If not, then there’s no claim.

    False. Arians did choose to retire. There may have been friction with the organization contributing to the decision, but he made it himself. The Cardinals were under no obligation to pay the last year of his contract or pick up the subsequent year’s option, because they assumed he was done. Under your logic, any coach could “Retire” for a year to get away from an organization and then pursue a different team and the original team should have no recourse unless they chose to pay him into retirement simply to keep his rights. That’s not how these things work.

  13. The best part of the Arians signing for Tampa Bay is Todd Bowles as DC. That defense was a mess and Bowles is a solid DC. A decent defense would do a lot for that team. I don’t think Watson gets much better at QB; he is who he is, but a coach can work around his flaws if the rest of the team doesn’t stink. This has a shot at being relatively successful.

  14. Get the lawyers involved and be clear about non compete clauses. If you retire you cannot return to the NFL in any capacity for 10 years. Problem solved. If you resign and look to work while still under contract, put a punitive clause of paying back every penny that the coach had received to that date to the team. Owners need to write better iron-clad contracts. Period.

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