Patrick Mahomes says Kliff Kingsbury could be “great” NFL head coach

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Patrick Mahomes got Kliff Kingsbury his job with the Cardinals, even though Kingsbury went only 16-21 with Mahomes in three seasons as his quarterback at Texas Tech.

(Baker Mayfield started eight games at Texas Tech as a freshman in 2013 when the Red Raiders went 8-5.)

In November, after Gil Brandt first predicted Kingsbury could end up as a head coach in the NFL this season, Mahomes predicted success for Kingsbury in the NFL.

Now that Kingsbury is close officially to becoming an NFL head coach, Mahomes again endorsed his former head coach.

“I think he could be a great NFL head coach,” Mahomes said, via James Palmer of NFL Media. “He has the work ethic. He has the passion for the game. I know he loves the sport, and I know he’s going to be able to relate to quarterbacks. He would put in the work, and now it’s about him finding out where he needs to be.”

Mahomes led the nation with 421 passing yards per game in his final season with the Red Raiders, throwing 41 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Texas Tech, though, was only 5-7, including 3-6 in the Big 12.

The Cardinals, though, apparently were enamored enough with Mahomes’ NFL success to roll the dice on Kingsbury, who inherits Josh Rosen after working with Case Keenum, Johnny Manziel, Mayfield and Mahomes in the college ranks.

6 responses to “Patrick Mahomes says Kliff Kingsbury could be “great” NFL head coach

  1. The Reason Kingsbury had a .500 record at Tech is because good defensive players did not want to go there. If you are a good defensive player with a future you went to a program known for their defense, Kingsbury got the left overs who didnt go to a good defensive college program. Kingsbury was known for offensive prowess and his offenses were always among the best in the Country finishing ranked His offenses in college finished 12th, 16th, 1st, 2nd, 10th and 8th in terms of yards per game & putting up 34.7 PPG last year ranking 24th , 32.5 in 2017 30th ranked, 41.4 PGG ranked 5th, 43.9 3rd ranked of 128 schools ranked. Dude know’s how to build up a legit high flying offense. Pair him up with a legit defensive coordinator and that’s a recipe for success in todays NFL which is built to favor the offense.

  2. Unfortunately, he’s going to be strapped with Josh Rosen … who is a work in progress. The team had best be ready to be patient.

  3. From losing record at Texas Tech to NFL head coach in less than a month & a half. Talk about falling uphill.

  4. Unfortunately, he’s strapped with an extremely talented quarterback who will be in his second season? Sounds like a great thing to me. Gets a chance to groom him. Why do people expect instant success? There’s a learning curve in the NFL.

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