Phillip Lindsay is going to the Pro Bowl, after all

Getty Images

At a time when we’ve heard plenty about buying things that others will pay for (unless they don’t), the first undrafted offensive rookie to make it to the Pro Bowl will get there. And the NFL will indeed pay for it.

Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay, who has a wrist injury that will keep him from playing in the game, will nevertheless be attending the game. In an appearance on the #PFTPM podcast, the latest episode of which debuts later today, Lindsay explained that he will be serving as a social-media correspondent at the Pro Bowl. He emphasized that the NFL will be picking up the tab for his trip to Orlando.

Absent that assignment, Lindsay would have had to pay his own way.

It’s a great gesture by the league, and it will be a great experience for Lindsay and the fans who have been inspired and intrigued by the story of a Denver-area kid who stayed in the area for college — and who now plays for the local NFL team.

Lindsay also made it clear that any funds raised by fans to pay his way to Orlando will be given to charity. So far, more than $4,800 has been donated.

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