Report: “Good chance” Freddie Kitchens will be Browns head coach

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Freddie Kitchens got a promotion from Browns running backs coach to offensive coordinator in the middle of the regular season and he may be closing in on another step up the ladder.

Kitchens interviewed for the head coaching job on Monday and Mary Kay Cabot of reports that there’s a “good chance” that he winds up getting the position. Per the report, the team has already asked several members of the coaching staff to stay on board.

That’s a sign that the Browns are going to stay inside the organization with the hire. Interim head coach Gregg Williams also interviewed for the job on a permanent basis.

In the eight games with Kitchens running the offense, quarterback Baker Mayfield threw for 2,254 yards, 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions while being sacked five times. The Browns would obviously like to see more of the same in the future and that desire could lead to Kitchens being in charge of the whole show in 2019.

33 responses to “Report: “Good chance” Freddie Kitchens will be Browns head coach

  1. On one hand, if this is the best way to make sure Freddie stays around, then do it. On the other hand, Ben McAdoo and Dirk Koetter.

  2. They dont want him to get poached as a HC candidate this year or next. Bucs did the same thing with Koetter after they booted Lovie Smith. Personally I would keep Williams 5-3 last season. Defense improving and Kitchens has done well with Baker and the offense. Less than 1 season as coordinator and he gets bumped to HC? May be moving quickly.

  3. Look, Freddie Kitchens is a good guy and he works well with Baker. But this kinda thing has some bad recent precedents: Tomsula, McAdoo and Koetter.

    Maybe they were not ready to blow things up and would rather roll the dice on a guy who already understands their team. If they get a strong DC? Who knows? It could work like the Rams. But, this is a guy who has gone from no where to the top really quickly and is pretty untested.

    Feels like Baker has some considerable sway there, unless Kitchens just wowed them with his plans for the team.

  4. Per the report, the team has already asked several members of the coaching staff to stay on board.

    Smart! Cleveland could use the continuity. Go Browns!

  5. I’m fine with this move if they make it. They wanted someone younger – check. They wanted someone who was innovative/competitive on offense – check. They wanted someone who could develop Baker – check. I think that the people who mention the failures of previous teams who just elevated their internal candidate make a good point, but who’s to say that that’ll happen here? The biggest reason for this is to try to keep the momentum that we established the last eight games of the season, and what Browns fan isn’t on board with that? In the absence of one or two SUREFIRE candidates, I think this would be a smart move on several fronts.

  6. I think this is (another) mistake. You have a VP who is showing he’s good at calling plays, now you want to make him the CEO.

    But, it’s Cleveland so who’s surprised.

  7. I would’ve went with Gregg Williams as HC and Kitchens as OC but this is the next best option.

  8. Hmmm.. to keep Kitchens with the way Mayfield and that offense looked with him as OC was a no brainer. That said, I would have kept Williams as HC on a short extension. Maybe 2 yrs.

  9. Seems like a Risky Move to hire Kitchens. Dorsey could keep Williams or hire McCarthy. I think either of those would be the better move. Dorsey has the Browns going in the right direction. This hire is critical to keep it going.

  10. I think this is nuts. Kitchens has shown he can run an offense, and has chemistry with Baker. But there is so much more to running the entire team. So, keep him, and groom him for the job of head coach. Go find an older, experienced, defensive specialist to run the team for a few years with the understanding that a transition is planned. Wade Phillips? John Fox?

  11. Gregg Williams wasn’t that good, Hue Jackson was that bad. Don’t worry about Gregg, he doesn’t even have to interview for his next HC job – literally will just show up and sign the contract.

  12. So you have an interim HC who’s demonstrated he works well with this team as HC and also does well with defense. And you have an OC who, in a small sample size, does well as an OC.

    So you take the OC out of his role to perform a role someone else on the team has already shown they can perform well, in one step turning your entire coaching leadership into a hypothetical-benefit situation.

    Strange to head off someone else breaking up your band by doing it yourself.

  13. Yeah, I don’t know. Being a decent (though if we’re honest and analytical, far from perfect) coordinator in relief of utter incompetence is one thing. Being a permanent organizational chief in charge of all phases of the game is another. I don’t pretend to know Kitchens but the interviews I’ve seen left me less than blown away. The best heads are cool ones who have a grasp on the big picture, personalities, the politics of a team and of course have some expertise in all phases of an NFL football game and have a vision and philosophy that drives and defines the team. Not just the rookie QB’s preference of play calls. This is the most important move the Browns make in the last 20 years aside from the Mayfield pick. May they choose carefully and wisely.

  14. Look, Williams has taken over 10 years to find out what it takes to be a quality HC. He’s taken his lumps but I think he has finally fiqured it out. I would keep him and if Kitchens goes, so be it. Williams can find another young OC.

  15. Just when Cleveland crawled out of the basement, if they hire Kitchens over Williams, they would make yet another mistake setting them back years.

    Keep Williams at HC, keep Kitchens at OC and move it forward.

  16. Kitchens is 44,so he’s not really “young”. He’s been coaching since 1999, starting in college and in the NFL since 2006 with Dallas and Arizona; running backs, qb’s and tight ends mostly. He was running back and asst. head coach here, according to Wikipedia. (But they already have him listed as the Brown’s head coach, so take it all with a grain of salt.)
    Point being, he’s been around, knows the offense. Head Coaching is as much about organization and coordination as it is knowing how to run an offense/defense; that’s why so many guys are good coordinators but not HC’s; they aren’t good at looking at the big picture.
    I’d like to see them keep Williams as HC and Kitch as OC, but as of now it doesn’t look like that. I just hope the new DC keeps the 4-3 so we don’t have to rebuild the defense.

  17. Did Williams do well in his sample size as HC this season? Yes. But people saying his defense was improved or even good are grossly misinformed. The defense was not very good at all. Yes were 2nd in the league in takeaways.

    But they also ranked….

    30th in total defense.
    25th pass defense
    28th rush defense

    Williams defense underperformed this year. An upgrade at DC is absolutely needed IMO.

  18. Williams should be the head coach and you can begin the grooming for Kitchens to take over as HC should the wheels come off. If Hue can get almost 3 years with 3 Wins why can’t Williams get one with 5.

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