Report: Mike McCarthy only pursuing Jets coaching vacancy

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Even though five NFL teams are still seeking replacements for their head coaching positions, former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is only interested in one opening.

The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

According to Adam Schefter of, McCarthy doesn’t want to be considered for any head coaching opening outside of the New York Jets.

McCarthy was fired by the Packers in early December prior to the conclusion of his 13th season as head coach in Green Bay. The Cleveland Browns reportedly had interest in McCarthy but have instead appeared to narrow their focus down to Freddie Kitchens and Kevin Stefanski for their opening. The Browns, Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins remain without head coaches for the time being.

The reality is McCarthy may have not been considered by any of the teams that still have vacancies outside of the Jets once the Browns focused in on Kitchens and Stefanski. Nevertheless, the chance to work with a second-year quarterback in Sam Darnold would prove to be an enticing aspect of working for the Jets over the next few seasons.

The Jets have interviewed McCarthy, Kliff Kingsbury (hired by Arizona), Jim Caldwell, Todd Monken, Eric Bieniemy and Adam Gase for the job.

30 responses to “Report: Mike McCarthy only pursuing Jets coaching vacancy

  1. I hope McCarthy gets the Jets job. If he joined the broadcast booth as an analyst, I would start following Curling instead.

  2. Jim Caldwell would my choice for the Jets. McCarthy is to predictable on his play calling. Not a good fit for there QB.

  3. Come on Jets let’s finish this deal!!
    Just think the Jets will have a great coach and great quarterback for the next 10 years I dont think we have ever said before!! Excellent news

  4. If they want to play it safe they’ll go Caldwell, he’s a proven HC and has had a winning record in 5 out of 7 years as the head man. If they want to go bold they’ll take a chance on either Monken or Bieniemy, see if either of them can bring some component from their previous teams that made them so explosive. Would highly suggest that they don’t go after either McCarthey or Gase, one is too predictable and the other burned bridges with a lot of players.

  5. I believe the Jets are already hiring him and he let them wrap up their interviews as a formality to the other candidates. I think McCarthy and Sam would connect as they have very similar personalities and if he can bring Tom Clements in for Darnold that makes MM’s job much easier.

  6. McCarthy couldn’t stand talking to the media in little Green Bay. Wonder how he’ll like the spotlight in New York.

  7. Stay away.
    MM won a super bowl with a HOF QB and a good team.
    If he doesn’t have good players he’s not going to do anything for you.
    He’s like John Fox. talks the talk, but his teams don’t come through.

    How is he a QB whisperer? He personally turned Aaron Rodgers into a great QB?
    Not a chance, he was lucky.

  8. In New York, he won’t have the luxury of playing ‘’not to lose.” He’s a good, solid guy and coach, but he’ll need to adapt quickly. He knows the business side of things, knows it well, and worked within a well-run organization. That alone is very beneficial. He simply has to grow a pair at game time. A premier quarterback doesn’t hurt either.

  9. McCarthy’s offense would be perfect for a younger quarterback. His offense isnt complex, but focuses on being perfect on every play. McCarthy uses evaluation and grading to improve execution. It wore out in green bay, but would do well with a new team. It wasn’t McCarthy’s play calling that got stale. It was the players getting bored with the same old, same old.

  10. McCarthy will turn that team around given 5 years – and I will become a closet Jets fan…somewhere way after the Pack…but still.

    Bart Starr is 85 years old today. Such a fantastic Packer.

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