Sean McVay: I’m too young to have a coaching tree

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The move toward young, offensive-minded assistants as head coaching candidates around the league has often been described as teams searching for the next Sean McVay.

That comment came up frequently when word broke that the Packers are hiring Matt LaFleur as their new head coach. LaFleur was the Rams’ offensive coordinator in 2017 and worked with McVay in Washington before making the move to Los Angeles, which led to McVay calling it “awesome” that his former assistant got a top job.

It also gave the 32-year-old a chance to quip that he’s “too young to have a coaching tree,” but one is still taking root. Rams assistants Zac Taylor and Shane Waldron interviewed with teams this month and McVay credited the entire organization for boosting their profiles.

“It’s really the Rams’ success that we’ve had,” McVay said, via Joe Curley of the Ventura County Star. “This is a reflection of the culture that’s created by the people that are here … It’s flattering for the organization.”

Continued winning will lead to continued opportunities for Rams assistants and the team will look for the first playoff win of the McVay era on Saturday night.

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  1. Coaches have to strike while the iron is hot because these opportunities go away once the players you coach get old and don’t perform as well. How many coordinators of P. Manning, Brady and Rodgers become coaches? How many succeeded anywhere? McVay is the media’s darling because his team is playing well but how many top 1st rounders do they have? Take away Gurley, Goff and Donald off the Rams and these coaches don’t get their opportunity. Sure you have to make the talent perform but you need the talent first.

  2. Should be interesting. Clearly my brethren are terrified and with good reason. Rodgers, despite his understandable frustration with McCarthy (or maybe because of it), will be motivated to make LaFleur successful. And if there’s one thing that Vikings fans know, other than the fact that we never won a super bowl, its that nobody beats the Vikings as consistently as a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

  3. This is the same organization that was a failure 2-3 years ago. It’s mcvay. The fact that he has a good qb helps but it’s Mcvay. He is Sean Peyton 10 years later

  4. Would of liked to see him doing it the right way and Not Try and Buy a Super Bowl. The qb The rb and dt (one of them) are good picks. The rest is bought trying to build a Super Team. Not sure how much “coaching” is being done when your just being the highest bidder in the FA marget or trading for other teams top talent.

    Garrett people Cry has had to long of a time, saying he had his chance and should firing him.

    Garrett took over a Very Very Old team in cap hell, then rebuilt from scratch the right way through the draft. Of Course That Will Take Time! And it is paying off. This team Never quits with Garrett, that alone speaks volumes. He is very much respected. This team is very young a full of ridiculous talent. And our cap space is Outstanding. Have plenty to resign all of em.

    just sayn ….. Garrett > McVay. Dak > Goof. Zeke > Girly COWBOYS > lambs

  5. ariani1985 says:
    January 8, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    And the packers are stuck with “where is waldo”!
    And Ariani1985 is stuck obsessing over the packers still with his multiple screennames.

    Mcvay is going to have a very large coaching tree. Being so young with up and coming assistants already being promoted and a young qb in place teams will continually look there.

  6. Confused as to how he is from mcvay’s tree? He got his start with shanahan’s on the Texans, then followed him to Washington and then to Atlanta . He was on mcvays staff 1 year (last year with the rams). Congrats on the job but history is history and history says he is from shanahan’s tree.

  7. Alot of the stuff these teams are doing in college and pro (especially McVay) Mike Martz was doing with the Greatest Show on Turf. Throwing to windows and not receivers. Back door fades. Using a 3 down RB like Faulk as a legitimate receiver would throw off Defensive personnel because you couldn’t sub anyone. Those routes that Kupp/Cooks run are the exact routes Az Hakim/Holt used to run…what they do with Gurely are the same things Martz did with Faulk. Problem is Goff is no Warner at least not yet…if ever…Martz did not have to scheme Bruce open, his route running was just that pure. He could get separation like Jordan in Hey Day.
    People thought Martz was crazy for going empty sets on any down and distance on any spot on the field and now everyone is doing it. What he was doing with the slot receivers is common place now… back then not so much. He had the personnel to do some very innovative things and he used everyone to their fullest. I am not sure what team before the GSOT would throw the ball before the WR was out of his break. Now everyone does it. Martz took some concepts form Air Coryell, but his offense was space age at the time. And he was ridiculed for it by football purest and the NFL brass. But now “everyone” is using it and calling it something different and are putting up video game like numbers because of it.

  8. Coaching trees are hilarious. Being a head coach has less to do with who you worked for and more to do with your intelligence, drive to succeed and ability to motivate. Having new schemes doesn’t hurt either. Most coaches who quickly fail ended up in a bad spot, on a team with a lack of talent. Players make plays and coaches put them in the best position to make plays. That is all it takes. No players? No plays made.

  9. This team Never quits with Garrett, that alone speaks volumes.

    Jeez, one playoff win and the rats get all chesty! That team constantly quit on Garrett, over and over, before this year. He was constantly on the list of guy who could be fired. He’s had a good year, and he will be back next year. Just don’t start with how great of a coach hes been, because he just hasn’t shown that consistently.

  10. “Sorry, but this is insane. McVay has benefitted from following Jeff Fisher and looking competent in comparison. ”

    Going 11-5 and 13-3 in your first two seasons would look pretty good anywhere.

  11. vikingsvoice says:
    January 8, 2019 at 4:54 pm
    I’m still amazed every time I’m reminded McVay is only 32 years old. Amazing and depressing all in the same moment.

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    it is called nepotism

    mr hotshot will probably never win anything

  12. daveowems8464 says:
    January 8, 2019 at 4:47 pm
    Can this guy win one playoff game before we call him the greatest of all time!

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    the media is so hellbent on praising anything new to have something new to talk about, they put the cart before the horse and then they act
    like they didn’t after the embarrassment comes.

  13. Damn some of you are salty. If you want to talk about nepotism, look at Jerry collangelo in the NBA, McVay maybe got his foot in the door because of his father but to say he got a HC job based on nepotism is lazy & stupid, so it figures it comes out of tyla’s handle. “He’ll PROBABLY never win anything” haha way to take a stand, Nostradamus. Giving yourself an out in case he does win something? Cute. Scared but cute

  14. It’s also amusing to see jackedupbonnie correctly counting (good job, gold star) McVay’s playoff success. Cowboys have won 4 playoff games since 1996-97…4 in 22 years…4. That’s 1 every 5.5 years. No wonder that fan base lives in the past, losers.

  15. Isn’t this guy a branch off McVay, with the tree being Gruden (who is really a branch off of big Bro John, who is a branch off of Holmgren, who is a branch off of Seifert, who is a branch off of Walsh who is planted in Sid Gillman’s forest).

    Everyone comes from somewhere

  16. vikefan4life says:

    And if there’s one thing that Vikings fans know, other than the fact that we never won a super bowl, its that nobody beats the Vikings as consistently as a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

    Rodgers was healthy in January 2016 when the Packers and the Vikings were playing for the NFC North Championship. He was healthy when they played in September 2016.

    I’m sorry that Rodgers has become injury prone since then. But if I recall correctly, Rodgers was fully medically cleared to play this past year and never missed a start.

    That’s part of getting old and slow.

  17. This is some silly stuff.

    You don’t want any part of some of these trees.

    Joe Bugel
    Richie Petitbon
    Dan Henning.. Joe Gibbs

    Steve Mariucci
    Dick Jauron
    Andy Reid
    Marty Mornhinweg
    Jim Zorn.. Mike Holmgren

    … oddly enough, one of the notorious chokers has one of the better trees (Marty Ball)

    Bill Cowher
    Gunther Cunningham
    Herm Edwards
    Mike McCarthy

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