Todd Bowles met with Washington, has options

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Former Jets head coach Todd Bowles will need to reset if he’s ever going to get another chance to be a head coach, but he has options this offseason.

Via Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, Bowles met with Washington earlier this week, though the conversation was apparently short on specifics.

Jay Gruden has been retained despite his 35-44-1 record, and there has been no suggestion that defensive coordinator Greg Manusky is considered to be in trouble, so perhaps they were just seeing what Bowles wanted to do.

A natural fit seems to be emerging in Tampa, if Bruce Arians finalizes his deal to take the Buccaneers job.

Bowles was Arians’ defensive coordinator in Arizona before getting the Jets head coaching job, and would bring some immediate legitimacy to a staff that clearly has a lot of work to do. The Bucs were 27th in total defense and 31st in scoring last year.

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  1. As a Bucs fan, I love the idea of Bowles as our DC. But my concern is how long it would take to flip the defensive roster to a 3-4. Our smallish Tampa 2 LBs couldnt hold up in a 3-4 and it would marginalize our best Defensive player Lavonte David (yes David and not McCoy at this point). Bowles was Arians’ DC in AZ, so I wouldnt be surprised if they reunite. But it would take time to flip that D to a 3-4 and if Arians is only gonna coach a few yrs before retiring again is it worth it?

  2. See it doesn’t matter how badly you performed you don’t need the Rooney Rule you just need to be part of the “old boy network”. We take care of each other.

  3. Hell coordinate the D in Tampa and may get another HC gig in a few years. His teams were lackluster due the GM. He was a good coach that did his best to deal with the immense amount of malcontents he was constantly given. The last year he had talent run they went 10-6 and their team in 2017 was supposed to win 2 games. What did they expect this year with a rookie QB? His cardinals teams were top 10 in D as was the Jets team the lone year (2015) he had talent.

  4. The one constant is ownership. Doesn’t matter if they higher Bill Belichick. Someone has to come in and change the culture.

  5. Too bad, this guy would be a good pick for gb defensive coach, but the new guy promissed to keep the present staff in tact to get the job. I think Mcdanny told the pack he wanted his own crew and they showed him the exit door. Hey new coaches cost money, GB is cheap ball city.
    I got good money that says this new guy will last 1 1/2 seasons. By then the losing will get sickly familiar and the fans will be roaring mad.

  6. Is Todd Bowles really a good DC?
    He had some excellent players when with the Cardinals.
    With the Jets his defenses played sloppy and were not well coached, constantly blowing assignments. Either the players were all bad, or the coaching was, or both.

    I will find it interesting to see how he does as DC of a team that doesn’t have a stacked defense.

  7. Bowles has coached both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses and variations, depending on down and distance. I would not rule out Bowles as DC in Tampa Bay because of their current personnel.

  8. Redskins fans have been howling for Manusky to be fired. My guess is that if Bowles is willing to take over as DC, then Manusky is gone, but they won’t sack him unless they have a strong replacement. With Jay Gruden’s precarious situation, it may be difficult to convince anyone to take over a coordinator’s job unless he sees himself as Jay’s successor.

  9. Honestly, I think Bowles should wait. First, we can say all we want about the Jets but the reality is (a) when you have a franchise that has struggled in keeping coaches (going all the back to Mangini) it is safe to say that maybe the HC is not the problem and (b) Jay Gruden is constantly on the hot seat… there is no stability in Washington. I would rather take my chance that Arizona, Green Bay, Denver etc etc will be interested in me as a DC. It is risky to take a job under a HC that could very well be fired by November.

  10. If Bowles passes on the Redskins job, especially for a lateral move to Tampa, it’s just another confirmation that nobody elite wants to work under Dan Snyder/Bruce Allen. Bowles is a former Redskin who won a Super Bowl XII ring with Doug Williams, the team’s current personnel director. Williams and Bowles are tight. For him to say no is not a good sign. Of course, maybe Bowles doesn’t want to be the one to force out his old teammate Manusky. This should be interesting.

  11. Honestly, if he wants to be a head coach again, the soonest best bet is the Redskins -if he can get past all the Snyder/Allen negativity. He can be defensive coordinator in Washington for a year — and then replace the sure-to-fail Gruden in 2020. He would be coaching in the place he began his playing career for a personnel director (Doug Williams) who knows him well. Seems like a fit.

  12. Hire Greg(g) Williams as DC and next year when Gruden sucks again Promote him. Your welcome Washington Redskins.

  13. As a strong redskin fan, all I can say is the team needs a lot of help. New coaching staff that works well together, and a front office that lets coaches do what needs to be done

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