Trey Burton: My groin “completely locked up” on Saturday

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The Bears made tight end Trey Burton a late addition to their injury report with a groin injury that would keep him from playing in the 16-15 season-ending loss to the Eagles.

Burton said on Monday he became aware of the issue last Friday and thought he would be able to push through it before waking up on Saturday to find things were “completely locked up.” He tried “everything possible” to loosen up, but it didn’t work out for him.

“I let my team down. I hate it,” Burton said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Especially going against one of my former teams. Playoff game. All the implications. It was tough.”

Burton has spoken about past issues with anxiety, including a December episode related to plans to have Burton throw a pass in a reprise of the “Philly Special.” Burton said he “couldn’t sleep that night thinking about it” and the Bears wound up having running back Tarik Cohen run the play instead.

Burton said he considered whether his issue on Wild Card weekend was a mental one, but felt he was in “a really good spot” mentally and that the reason for his absence from the lineup was purely physical.

20 responses to “Trey Burton: My groin “completely locked up” on Saturday

  1. The last sentence says Burton himself questioned whether it was a mental issue. Earlier this year, he asked to not throw the Philly Special pass. “Honestly when they put it up on the board (in practice), I got crazy anxiety.”

  2. I believe Bluto Blutarsky said “When the going gets tough, the tough have their groins lock up”. Don’t worry Trey, you did not let your team down, no one missed the three catches for 19 yards you put up each week.

  3. No worries, bud. You showed up big time at last year’s Super Bowl. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I highly doubt that you chose not to play in a playoff game because of ‘mental issues.’ Injuries stink and there rarely is a good time to be injured. It sounds like you would have hurt your team if you tried to play.

  4. We all know that Parkey won’t be back. It’s about accountability and trust gone by. But this thing with Burton has got to be questioned. WTF? the night before a playoff game. Something like this will be questioned for a long time. I wonder what his team mates think? We know they can never trust Parkey, but Burton, who knows.

  5. Something’s off with this guy. He’s talented, but a head case. Curious to see what the Bears do with him going forward as they have given him a good sized contract and built a lot of their offense around him.

  6. Adam Kachur says:
    January 8, 2019 at 10:29 am
    the bears brains locked up in that embarrasing excuse for a loss to the eagles.
    Embarrassing would be losing 38-7 with a #1 ranked defense!!!

  7. Lets say it was a “mental health” issue related injury, what the guy in today’s world can’t have those? I guarantee that most of you have a family member or you are one of the millions around the country who has to deal with some form of mental health related stress or issues, yet because its not a physical injury we act like he’s weak or made it up. I believe Burton in what he says completely, but if he had to take the game off because he suffered some sort of mental health issue breakdown, I would accept that as an excuse too. That guy is a SB champion who was loved in Philly. He took part in the most famous play in SB history and you are going to tell me he’s “weak” in your eyes? Grow up

  8. The fact that he didn’t even get treatment after it tightened up the day before a huge playoff game speaks volumes.

  9. If Zach Miller had that option, I’m guessing he would’ve still played groin injury or not. Burton handicapped the team by checking out.

  10. “When the going gets tough the tough get going ” Unless your Trey, Trey get his groin locked up

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