Bruce Arians: “Whole thing” will be built around Jameis Winston

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Well before the Buccaneers hired Bruce Arians as their new head coach, the team made it clear that they intended to have quarterback Jameis Winston on the team for the 2019 season.

Given the $20.9 million Winston is set to make, they weren’t going to hire a coach who wasn’t thinking about Winston as the starter and Arians is on board with that program. During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show Wednesday, Arians referred to Winston as the central piece of the team’s offense.

“I’ve known him for a long time,” Arians said, via Greg Auman of The Athletic. “We all make mistakes. He’s made his. I’ve made mine. I feel like I’ve got a great feel for him, his excitement for the game. His willingness to work is unbelievable. He’s in the office at 5 o’clock in the morning. I have no qualms about that. There’s no doubt. The whole thing is going to be built around him. I think he can win it all. I mean, he has the intelligence, the toughness, and obviously the arm, ability to lead a team. We have to put the right pieces around him.”

Arians has had success with a variety of quarterbacks with a variety of teams over the years and getting more out of Winston would be the best way to make his tenure in Tampa a winning one.

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  1. Well, OK, that’s what you had to say to get the job. But you’d better find a young QB to groom, because if there’s one thing we know about Jameis it’s he’ll screw up both on and off the field.

  2. I figured that is why Arians was hired. Doesn’t make sense to hire an older coach for the long term. Only makes sense if you’re relying on him to save your franchise QB from becoming a total bust. Arians is like an ER physician performing emergency surgery.

    But, he won’t be around to be your primary care doctor. Look for Arians to retire again once the Winston reclamation project either succeeds, or (more likely), fails.

  3. he’s basically kirk cousins but with a criminal history. you’re not going to be a consistent winner with winston, just like cousins. you’re bound for 6-9 win seasons every year. winston also gives you the the possibility of suspensions. at least kirk doesn’t get in trouble.

  4. Big, big mistake. Winston is going to implode, and Arians will be scrambling for a QB. I feel sorry for the Buc fans.

  5. Looks to me like TB had weapons around him. Evans, Jackson, Howard, Godwin, Brate, Humphries but JW kept throwing the ball to the other team. And, fumbling like the ball like it was a hot potato.

  6. Say what you like about his personal/legal/playing history and his potential as a QB, but the idea that he “can’t stay out of trouble off the field” is phony.

    It’s been THREE YEARS since his last alleged incident. Absolutely zero issues since then. So he’s already shown, clearly, that he can stay out of trouble, and has.

    Again – think whatever you like about his suitability and prospects. Just get the time frames right.

  7. It’s all coach speak and exactly what he has to say. Jameis is 100% the guy for this season because he’s under contract, and until he signs a much longer and larger one, it’s only for this coming season. It’s a one year experiment to see if Arians can coach the stupid out of him, and if he can’t, they’ll move on.

  8. Arians is saying what he has to say. If Winston isn’t good in Year One, Arians will simply get his own QB next year. It’s actually a pretty good setup. Arians will get his crack with a No. 1 overall QB, and if it doesn’t work he gets to start fresh.

  9. Big plans, but the results will probably be the same as always… The mistakes that Arians is referring to are not your run-of-the-mill mistakes either. He’s already making excuses for Winston’s behavior. Good luck!

  10. This is what my Jags did when they drafted Fournette. Tried to make it work with Bortles. Feel bad for professional football in Florida right now…

  11. Winston is the definition of “sunk cost”. He’s not good, but they’re already paying him so much money they think they have to play him.

  12. No it won’t. It will be built around Bruce’s giant ego. And he will make Winston drop back to such an excessive amount that Winston will spend more time in the tub than he will with the club.

  13. Winston has potential if he can get it together. Its possible that Arians could help bring out the best in him Winston is willing to put in the work. What other options are out there that are better than a one year rental for James? Flacco? Fitz? LOL… Its not a strong QB draft class either. If it works out then great, if not he’s gone after one year and they draft their QB in 2020.


  14. Smart… already setting expectations. Get rid of ambiguity. Evans quietly may be the best WR in the league. They have some great parts if Winston can finally develop.

  15. I remember the days when every expert on here was blasting the Colts for not keeping this clown as a coach. Where are all of those geniuses hiding at nowadays?

  16. How many W’s do you think Winston will be eating next season? I’m going with 4..and yes I still have nightmares about that video…

  17. They have a chance to walk away and pay $0. Find/Draft a new QB. Last year of his contract, does he get a new one this year too?

  18. Not everyone comes out of the womb able to dissect defenses and throw strikes like Patrick Mahomes. Some QB’s need a bit more time to mature and to develop. Winston has shown enough in flashes to suggest the talent is there. Now the key is from him to grow up, clean up his act, and for Arians to mold him into a top tier quarterback. I am not saying that will happen. But if nothing else, the Bucs at least have reasons to hope at the quarterback position — which distinguishes them from 2/3’s of the league.

  19. Jamie’s Winston’s numbers after coming off the bench to end 2018 (6.5 games):

    7.8 YPA
    14 TD
    4 INT

    1 interception being a Hail Mary and another being off a WRs hands

  20. And there it is. The self proclaimed maven of football digs the first major whole in his tenure in Tampa.

  21. B.A. has had QBs that could read coverages, Ben, Luck, Palmer…we’ll see if that enthusiasm carries over after his first four pick game..if they don’t get the running game going to utilize play action and two man routes, the whole thing will implode..

  22. They should have just got it over with and played “I believe I can Fly” as Arians intro music to his press conference.

  23. Arians is a man of vision. A vision to kill off a football team. Are you kidding me? Winston? For real?

  24. And as the losses mount just wait to find out how many players not named Winston Arians will blame.

  25. The Buccaneers have a lot of money invested. Winston has not held up his end this far. I don’t know if Winston will ever be the leader of the team as would be expected. He seems prone to immaturity, inconsistency and a general attitude problem. All of those things need to be addressed or the Buccaneers will remain average at best. The goal should have been to build a defense that makes quarterbacks look good. The Ravens did it with Dilfer. The Bears did it will Cutler and the other 20 quarterbacks who started there over the past 30 years. The 49ers did it with Kaepernick. Trying to build a team around Winston seems a bit of a reach.

  26. My first thought is that Bruce Arians’ ego is out of control…because Winston – aside from being an idiot…is really NOT THAT GOOD.

    Arians thinks he can “coach ’em up”.

    Yeah ok – don’t think so.

  27. Winston is a decent QB. Football is all about the system if you dont have Brady, Brees, Rodgers, P Manning, Ben. I would bet the farm on Winston and Russ Wilson being very similar in numbers and wins/losses had they switched teams before ever starting a game for their current teams. However, I would give Winston credit for not throwing a pick in teh endzone during the last offensive play of a superbowl. He prob sees the coverage and storms in himself. Wilson…too dumb.

  28. Well that’s an odd statement from Coach Arians. Talk about putting all his eggs in one basket.
    When will the first call come to Fitzpatrick to bale them out?
    Hope Jameis is on board with this new Coach.

  29. happilymidwestern says:
    January 9, 2019 at 2:58 pm
    Just keep Winston away from Darby and you might have a shot…

    Post of the Day!!!

  30. Jameis does knucklehead things off the field but I don’t think he’s the reason they’re unsuccessful. I’d imagine it’s hard to play QB when when your defense is a turnstile and opposing defenses can stop your run game with pass coverage sets.

    I dont see Jameis as elite by any stretch but I don’t think he’s as bad has he’s made out to be.

  31. Why would Arians pick this particular QB to work with? Must be a lot of money in his contract or he sees something in Winston.

  32. It would be much more sincere if the coach said he would work for free if they didn’t go to the playoffs. Otherwise, it just sounds like he was handed a script.

  33. jhoneyabhomesorg says:
    January 9, 2019 at 4:52 pm
    , I would give Winston credit for not throwing a pick in teh endzone during the last offensive play of a superbowl. He prob sees the coverage and storms in himself. Wilson…too dumb.


    That will not be and issue….Winston will never sniff a SB unless it’s as a backup

  34. Is Tampa still running their franchise out of mobile homes in a Winn-Dixie parking lot?

  35. If there is anyone who can help Jameis which his ceiling (which is high whether you want to admit it or not) it’s Bruce Arians. Here’s hoping it works out.

  36. I dont think was a good hire for the Bucs. For starters NFL DC’s have caught onto Bruce Arians game. Arians had a lot of success in Arizona over the first 3 seasons but once DC’s adjusted of which Bill Belichick was the first to do opening day 2016, taking away the long ball & forcing the QB to go underneath, Arians had no answers. For 2 straight years the guy never adjusted, he tried doing the samething over and over again w/ the same results. #2 Bruce Arians is going to get Winston BEAT UP and beaten badly. Arians uses a ton of deep 5-7 step drops while at the same time NEVER & I REPEAT NEVER protects the edges. His QB’s take A TON of hits and are pressured a ton, which is when Jameis turns the ball over. Palmer was the only QB consistently hurt, Big Ben was always hurt, he got Luck beat up, Stanton was injured multiple times when called upon heck his QB’s going all the way back to CLV in the early 00’s were also often injured. Arians system has a tendency to get his QB’s killed.

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