Chris Herndon pleads guilty to settle DUI case

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Jets tight end Chris Herndon was arrested for driving under the influence last June and he settled the case in a New Jersey court on Wednesday.

TMZ reports that Herndon pleaded guilty to an undisclosed charge. Herndon’s driver’s license has been revoked for 90 days, he was fined and he has been sentenced to a 12-hour driver education program.

It seems like a safe bet that Herndon will be suspended by the NFL as a result of the guilty plea.

If so, it will delay Herndon’s attempt to build on a promising rookie year. The fourth-round pick caught 39 passes for 502 yards and four touchdowns while showing a good rapport with fellow rookie Sam Darnold as the season unfolded.

4 responses to “Chris Herndon pleads guilty to settle DUI case

  1. What some fans might not realize is that all NFL teams offer a ride service to their players to use in their off hours. So while you or I might be tempted to tempt fate after a few barley pops, an NFL player is certifiably stupid to do so when they have the option of just picking up their phone. That makes this transgression really, really dumb.

  2. Call Uber man. But as far as the DUI’s with the players, these NFL guys have a lot of money and probably end up getting in their sweet ride, just to go out on the town, not necessarily get plastered and drive. But they end up at a bar, still with a lot of money, buying drinks without financial restrictions, having a good ole time, they figure they aren’t that liquored up and that they will just simply drive home in their sweet ride, then they get popped. But they’re human at the end of the day, and they make mistakes just like everyone else, just hope he learns from this.

  3. I always crack up at comments about drunk people making bad choices…of course they did, they were DRUNK!!! Now, not planning your ride home while you were sober, that is stupid for sure.

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