Drew Brees and Nick Foles will have a high school reunion on Sunday, sort of

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The round of eight concludes with a showdown between a pair of quarterbacks whose backgrounds trace to the same high school.

A decade apart, Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles played at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. On Sunday, one former Westlake quarterback will advance, and one won’t.

“I remember seeing him play in high school,” Brees told reporters on Wednesday, regarding Foles. “The 10-year anniversary for my high school football team state championship was 2006. It was actually during the season. It was a Friday night. I remember flying back and kind of being part of that homecoming experience and the starting quarterback for my high school at the time was Nick Foles. Funny how things play out, but he’s done a phenomenal job.”

Twelve years later, they each have a Super Bowl championship and a Super Bowl MVP award. By Sunday night, one will still have a chance to have a second.

And it’s the second time they’ll square off in the postseason. Five years ago, Brees and the Saints beat Foles and the Eagles in the wild-card round, marking New Orleans’ first (and only) road playoff win.

“I stay in touch with him a little bit and have been happy for his success,” Brees said. “He’s, obviously, worked very hard for it.”

How does Brees explain the success of the quarterbacks at Westlake High?

“It’s something in that Colorado River water I guess,” Brees said.

Both Foles and Brees have been playing with a lot of that something this year, but something will have to give on Sunday at the Superdome.