Dwayne Haskins keeps dropping hints about the Giants

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There was a passing comment from Dwayne Haskins in December, alluding to the possibility of the Giants drafting him.

Now, it’s become a full-fledged campaign.

The former Ohio State quarterback, who declared for the 2019 NFL Draft this week, is openly musing about joining his boyhood favorite team, with a social media post of him Photoshopped into a Giants uniform, along with the message “Don’t let me go back to the crib.” He grew up in New Jersey.

For some reason the tweet has since been deleted. He also posted some images of himself in other uniforms, including the Bengals, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Jaguars and Redskins.

But two things seem clear: He wouldn’t mind staying close to home, and the Giants could certainly use him. They pick sixth overall, and have a clear need for a successor at the position.

Big Giants fan,” Haskins said at the Heisman Trophy ceremony, via Matt Lombardo of NJ.com. “I went to all the Amani Toomer camps growing up. Tiki Barber, Eli Manning, Jeremy Shockey, Antonio Pierce, Osi Umenyiora, Michael Strahan, I can go on and on.

“I definitely was a big Giants fan growing up. Loved watching them. Seeing Saquon [Barkley], how well he’s playing, I’m close friends with him, known him since I was a sophomore in high school, and it’s been really cool watching him playing.”

The Giants pick sixth, and it’s unclear if the five teams in front of them need/can justify another high pick at the position.

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  1. The five is Az, SF, NYJ, Oakland, TB. Who needs a QB?
    Az does not need a QB. SF has Garoppolo, Jets have Darnold, Oakland has Carr unless Gruden trades him, TB has Winston. Just signed Ariens to HC.
    So I only see a possibility of Oakland. Never know what Gruden is going to do.

  2. More likely that someone like Jacksonville trades with one of the teams above the Giants if they want Haskins so if Giants want him, they would probably have to trade up.

  3. If I were Haskins I think the possibility of going to the Giants would be enough to get me to go back to school. It’s not the Giants. It’s that offensive line. It’s pathetic and whoever plays behind that line will be running for his life on every play. They couldn’t block Betty White.

  4. That’s textbook throwing form he’s showing in the still from the above video. :/

  5. If Haskins looks as good as many seem to think he will come the combine and other pre-draft items, then the Giants can’t hope to just have him “fall into their lap”. Someone in the top 5 will be happy to trade down for extra picks, and so someone needing a QB would need to be ready to trade up. Jacksonville picks right after NY and so could easily leap the Giants, the Broncos pick 10th and could afford to leap up to 4 or 5 if nobody trades up higher than that, the Bengals are right after them at 11, and Miami is lurking at 13 as well. The price would be cheapest for the Giants to move up, but this could easily end up being a game of chicken, as teams look to avoid paying the massive price of a leap to #1 overall while still getting their man. Good luck, teams!

  6. Too bad they took Barkley last year instead of the QB they needed from a good class. Now you’re left with a really sub-standard QB class this year. Thanks Gettleman! Sincerely, Eagles Fans

  7. Too bad they took Barkley last year instead of the QB they needed from a good class. Now you’re left with a really sub-standard QB class this year. Thanks Gettleman! Sincerely, Eagles Fans

    You worry about your own qb dilemma! The only qb who was near good was Baker and the browns picked him first, sb was the right pick there. Would you really want a rookie qb going behind our oline that only kinda got it together at the end of the regular season. It would’ve almost have been as bad as d.carr first season.

  8. Giants might trade down to get more pics which is a great idea to build both lines up but if a gem falls in their lap they will take it . If trhey trade down m I draft Wilkins and beef up the o line in second round .

  9. I have a hunch they may trade back into the middle of round 1 and grab Daniel Jones from DUKE.

    Just call it a hunch, but that may end up being what happens.

    A lot of uncertainty here at the QB Spot. If Kyler Murray comes out, and some are saying he will, he may be the guy that Teams trade up for.

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