Frank Reich: Our goal isn’t to just “hold the ball and keep it from” the Chiefs

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The Colts defense has been a strength over the second half of the season, although some have noted that their success has come against teams with less offensive firepower than the Chiefs will bring to the table on Saturday.

Most teams fall into that category, so it’s hard to ding the Colts for doing everything that’s asked of them. That doesn’t make the task ahead of them this weekend any easier and head coach Frank Reich was asked about his offense’s role in limiting opportunities for the Chiefs.

Reich isn’t tipping his cap about the team’s game plan, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going into the game with the idea of enacting a ball-control approach that would call to mind the offensive plan the Giants used against the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

“If it’s running it for 200 or throwing it for 400, I’m always going to say the same thing: We’re trying to score every time we touch the ball,” Reich said, via The Athletic. “… We’re not trying to think so much about ‘Well, let’s hold the ball and keep it from them.’ We want to run it. There’s no secret about that. That does keep them off the field [and] that would be great. But the primary goal is to score points.”

Given the strength of their offensive line, the recent play of Marlon Mack and the Chiefs’ season-long issues stopping the run, there would seem to be a way for the Colts to both control possession and put points on the board in Kansas City.