Jets land Adam Gase

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The cross-pollination of the AFC East continues.

The same division that saw Bill Belichick jump from the Jets to the Patriots and Rex Ryan bounce from the Jets to the Bills now has another head coach staying in the quartet of rivals.

ESPN reports that the Jets will hire Adam Gase as the franchise’s next head coach.

Gase, who spent three years with the Dolphins, became the clear choice after Matt Rhule decided to stay put at Baylor. And Gase, who also was considered by the Cardinals and Packers, will inherit the franchise quarterback he never had in Miami, giving him the opportunity to develop Sam Darnold, who has shown that he can indeed become one of the better young quarterbacks in the game.

Gase led the Dolphins to the playoffs in 2016; the next two seasons were dragged down by a torrent of adversities.

And so Gase, who was fired by Stephen Ross, will now coach the team Ross once tried to buy. Gase also will get a chance to stick it to the Dolphins twice per year. Regardless of who emerges victorious in those games, we all win.

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  1. This organization is so frustrating. Trying to reserve judgement but I’m not a fan of this hire.

  2. Good hire by the Jets. I wonder how bad Gase will stick it to the Dolphins twice a year.

  3. This man got Jay Cutler to his beat Bears season then with the ‘phins he got Jay Cutler to beat Tom Brady . This guy is legit

  4. I’m happy I wanted either McCarthy or him glad they landed one of them. Only time will tell but we’ll see let’s go jets

  5. People talk about Kingsbury, but I think the Gase hire worse. He literally rode the coattails of Peyton Manning into OC and HC gigs. He was exposed in Miami. Unbelievable.

  6. So wonder if McCarthy is damaged goods that has to sit out more than one year. Thought for sure the Jets would hire him.

    Jets fan-base deserves a winner, hope this works out for them long-term and Patriots dynasty is finally broken.

  7. Gase never had a franchise qb in Miami? That was his choice. His ego said he could make Tannehill the guy.

    Good luck, Jets. This guy needed a few years back at OC to learn from his mistakes. Enjoy no offensive identity, enjoy him passing on 3rd and 1, and enjoy him outsmarting himself to prove he truly is a genius.

  8. Torichie747: Joe Benigno from WFAN NY is going to rip into this tomorrow on his show. He wanted Mike Mcarthy badly and wanted no part of Adam Gase.

  9. Firing him was a great move by the Dolphins. Gase is not a head coach.

    Predictably though, Miami will hire someone equally as worthless…..

  10. So, Coach McCarthy is the odd man out. Would have never thought. Packers fans have been saying for a while that his play-calling has gotten stale and the game has passed him by, but it’s almost as if the rest of the NFL thinks that too.

    I honestly thought that he just needed a change of scenery to revitalize himself, and that still may be true, but I guess he won’t get a chance to show that this year. Good luck to the Jets, and Coach Mike.

  11. Good luck to Jets fans, hope you get what Coach Gase says he is an Offensive guru.
    Wait and see how long it is, before he starts getting rid of players, who he doesn’t like in the locker room.
    The Dolphins went through the ringer with this coach. Hope he doesn’t do the play calling, if he does good luck.
    Unless this man changes his attitude, and it will be interesting in New York, he may be out sooner rather than later.

  12. “Regardless of who emerges victorious in those games, we all win.”

    How does this make any sense? How do we all ‘win’ because the Jets hired Gase? I mean, really.

  13. Let’s hope he has final say of the roster and brings matt burke as his DC. Gase is predictable, always out thinks himself? Doesnt stick with what’s working, never looks the you in the eye during press conferences and always throws his players under the bus. He may want to stick it to miami, but miami players will definitely want to destroy and embarrass him.

  14. I actually think this is a good hire. Hell, he got the fins to play .500 ball with journeyman Ryan Tannehill. He has a real QB now. It could be worse Jets fans…..

  15. I’m done with this joke of a team. They have a high draft pick, a ton of cap space, promising young QB, a stud safety…. and they hire the one freaking guy who can disrupt all of that.

    Congrats Pats fans Brady will still be winning the AFC East at the age of 60

  16. Ryan Tannehill showed more in his first year in the League than Sam Darnold did….so how has Sam Darnold shown he is one of the better QBs in the League? You also forget to mention that in Gase’s press conference after getting the Dolphins gig a few years ago he said he did it because of Ryan Tannehill.

    Darnold sucks…he’s the Jets version of Ryan Tannehill.

  17. People talk about Kingsbury, but I think the Gase hire worse. He literally rode the coattails of Peyton Manning into OC and HC gigs. He was exposed in Miami. Unbelievable.

    Was he exposed? What if it was him not being able to have a QB the with a skillset to run HIS offense the way it needs to be. I also feel he wasn’t given the best talent, Landry was traded, Gore is almost done, Amendola is aging an injured.

  18. Have fun with those screen passes Jets. You may get Rizzi if he doesn’t get the HC gig in Miami. That would be the best part of this hire.

  19. He’ll drive the Jets fans crazy with his 3rd and 12 screen passes. He won’t know the Dolphins with a new coaching staff. The Phins know how he coaches. Game on!

  20. It’s obvious there’s too many teams that need head coaches so they have to take whatever they can get. Adam Gase is a DISASTER for the Jets.

  21. For the first time in my 68 years of my Jets fan hood I cried over a stupid move they made. Drafting Jamal Adams and Darnold gave me optimism for the future of this team, a team I could be proud to talk about to my grandkids for many years. Unfortunately our owners constantly lie to us fans and propagandize the NYDN just to let us all down. We all deserve better than this, all of us Jets fans really do deserve a winner but I am afraid I won’t be around to tell the tale.

  22. If he brings Vance Joseph as DC and keeps matt burke as linebackers coach, your defense will run the wide 9. Youll be of the the worst defenses in football. Wont be able to stop the run or cover TEs. Please gase, bring your trash with you.

  23. promickey says:
    January 5, 2019 at 2:48 am

    Just know this if Bieniemy is chosen as the Dolphins next Head Coach. He could be facing Adam Gase who will most likely become the Head Coach of the New York Jets. Good luck with that Eric! The Dolphins take two steps back thinking their moving forward!
    My prediction was that Adam Gase would be hired as Head Coach of the NY Jets and so it goes. Gase inherited a second string quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. Gase had a decent record considering bad Personnel moves in Miami and not really having a good Defensive Coordinator. This makes a lot of sense for Adam to develop Sam Darnold. This is not good news for Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins.

  24. This was by far the best job. Darnold is an elite blue chip QB with no weaknesses. They have a couple young studs on defense, and will be adding another soon. This team is set up to win big. Gase was stuck in a no-win situation in Miami without a QB.

  25. i wanted an offensive minded head coach with experience. (mccarthy, caldwell, or gase) so ill take it..better than some unknown college coach.

  26. Not a bad hire imo. Like most coaches, he looks good when he has a good QB. But at least he knows what being a head coach in the NFL requires. Some of the new Boy Wonders will have a lot of learning to do on the job.

  27. Norv Turner the Sequel. Good offensive coach with the right pieces around him, but he is not a leader of men. Expect 6-10 seasons as the continued normal for the Jets.

  28. I dont have high hopes. Especially if they dont bring in an excellent Defensive Coordinator. Gates isn’t a defensive guy and focuses a lot on offense. If the Jets dont bring in a DC that really knows what he’s doing, this isn’t going to turn out well.

  29. The Gase loyalists in Miami got their NYJ hats on tonight. Same fair weather fans hanging on to Tannehill to keep their world order in line.

  30. Same old Jets. Not a good choice as Mike McCarthy would have been better. We shall see what we shall see but Super Bowl III was a long time ago and still counting and I do not see Gase taking the NY Jets to any Super Bowl as long as McCagnan does the player drafting.

  31. yaz67 says:
    January 9, 2019 at 8:25 pm
    As a Jets fan, I am sick to my stomach. This organization is an absolute disgrace.


    Cheer up Jets fans, at least your not stuck with Hue Jackson or Coach “Giggles” (Marvin Lewis).

  32. When Gase had Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant healthy, the Dolphins were pretty potent on offense. That was one, good aspect of his offense. The bad, is that it felt like he ritually abused Kenyan Drake and Devante Parker. I think Parker will blossom elsewhere and could be a steal if he stays healthy.

  33. The Gase loyalists in Miami got their NYJ hats on tonight. Same fair weather fans hanging on to Tannehill to keep their world order in line.

    There are no gase loyalists. Few and far between. He made enemies out of the fan base.

  34. The real assessment will be who he hires as his assistants and how they all mesh together.

  35. You Guys are acting like McCarthy was Vince Lombardi , in all reality he’s no better than mike Sherman , gase might not be that great but he’s a better offensive mind then McCarthy at this time , also hard to evaluate him when he didn’t have a franchise qb , his mistake is how he handled the media and in Ny he better have learned real fast

  36. As a Bills fan, this makes me happy. He couldn’t make anything out of Tannehill, and I don’t think that he’ll make anything out of Darnold. If anything, he’ll probably hold Darnold back.

  37. He couldn’t make anything out of tannehill cause tannehill isn’t any good and he still took that dumpster fire franchise to the playoffs and probably would’ve this year if tannehill didn’t keep getting hurt his record with gase as coach isn’t all that bad either

  38. Wow is what comes to mind I can’t believe it Gase in gang green. I Afc east have went after and signed our players cast-off I think this is the 1st in my generation they got our coach castoff

    -Dolphins fan

  39. As a Dolphins fan, this makes me smile! He will sit on the bench while the defense is on the field. Maybe he can coach the Bills in 3 years…

  40. Funniest news I’ve read all week Jets fans.
    WOW, I mean just WOW.
    I can hear it now G-A-S-E Gase-Gase-Gase.
    If he deliveries more than an 8-8 record it the next 3 years it will be amazing.
    My Phins have a lot of warts they need to remove before they climb back to respectability.
    Hopefully after realizing they need a full on rebuild we’ll be moving in the right direction.
    Comical that our recently fired, trade all of your good players, arrogant, smarter than thou HC and his band of mis-fit assistants is now set to conquer the AFC East, again.
    rots of ruck gang green

  41. Lets face it. None of us know anything about coaching. I would have liked McCarthy and Jets brass is going to get annihilated for doing this. For once, they are doing something that is not popular or placating to the fans. THis is our guy, you don’t like it, sell your season tickets. Bout time somebody took a risk and didn’t play the safe card. Roll the Dice Gang Green, let the good times roll!!!

  42. Terrible play calling coach and highly over rated qb. Sounds like a great match for the rest of the AFC east.

  43. Gase got his “rep” when he had Peyton in Denver. The reality of that was, Peyton was in effect coaching Gase. Gase was sub .500 in Miami as HC. It’s hard to get excited about this hire. Good luck.

  44. snccoach says:
    January 9, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    People talk about Kingsbury, but I think the Gase hire worse. He literally rode the coattails of Peyton Manning into OC and HC gigs. He was exposed in Miami. Unbelievable.

    The Jets wanted Kliff Kingsbury but Kingsbury ended up going to Arizona instead. Adam Gase feels like a consolation prize. As bad as Adam Gase has been down in Miami it’s hard to believe he got another HC’n job so quickly.

  45. Great. New York football team hires sourpuss who will hold a presser touting hard work and potential of the team and how he knows he can win with this group of guys. I await the Giants to fire Shurmur and hire Jay Gruden after next season.

  46. People making excuses for Gase about the “bad roster moves” seem to forget that the moves all belonged to Gase. He had full roster control. Good luck with that!

  47. I don’t get all the hate for Gase he really is a Quarterback whisper he got Jay Cutler the man with all the talent in the world but didn’t really care, To actually have a good season to almost pretend he cared. Then he got that selfish guy to give up a T.V. job, come out of retirement to come play for him. That’s a O.C. with charisma as no Coach outside of M. Shanahan got Cutlers respect and attention (He once told Mike Martz to Fword himself when his play came in and Then called his own play. It didn’t work with Tannehill as he wasn’t available enough to develop. A new talented QB (but this time with a normal attitude) is just what Gase needs

  48. A wise man once said (many times)…
    The Jets are gonna Jet and the Mets are gonna Met
    As a Pats fan that lives in NJ I am chuckling a little but I feel horrible for every Jet fan that called into a station today pining for McCarthy but knowing the Jets were gonna Jet and pull something stoopid like this.
    Ira in Staten Island….. u have my sympathies

  49. Find it funny how armchair GMs know what’s best for teams. Some things are indeed obvious (don’t hire Hue Jackson, anywhere, for example). But Gase has been a relative success everywhere he has gone – except the Dolphins. Please tell me, on any phase of the game, what he had to work with? Doesn’t mean he is bad, the GM? Maybe. I say give the guy a chance. He has literally been a success everywhere else.

    Miami? not sure who is going to succeed there with Tannehill and the rest of that dismal crew. Remember…Bill Belichick wasn’t all that successful with a Browns roster that actually used to go to the AFCCG. 3x.

  50. As a coaching prospect, you want to see Coach Gase succeed, and he did have success his first year with Miami Dolphins.
    But that’s where the problem starts.
    He relies too much on former players, and former coaches to help him out, like Jay Cutler, or unproven OC Dowell Loggains.
    I think his time in Miami was marred by injuries to key players, but a sign of a good coach would rally the remaining players to play hard, to take charge, to be leaders. Gase has a problem with that. There can be no alpha male, no alpha player that looms larger than Gase within his locker room.

    He lost the favor of his players, bemeaning them to a point where they did not want to fight on the field for him, or even fight for him to keep his job. This includes veterans like Cameron Wake to players like Kenyan Drake. When you lose the locker room within just three years, that’s a telling sign. just three years, that’s a telling sign.

    I liked him and I thought he had potential, but Ultimately he succumbed to the pressure of the job, making bad decisions regarding personnel and also on the field

  51. I have no idea if this is a good hire or not. He is an experienced head coach and OC. So is Mike McCarthy. The same Mike McCarthy that would call a panicked timeout and then on 4th and 1 would send an RB up the middle when Aaron Rodgers was his QB. That was his best play call, on 4th down, after a timeout. I know McCarthy is the more accomplished coach by the numbers, but, I don’t know what he would do without Aaron Rogers as his QB.

    Same coach that settled for field goals on the road vs the Seahawks a few years ago in the NFC Championship game. The game that the Seahawks had a massive 4th quarter rally to win the game, only to blow it vs the Patriots in the super bowl.

    If McCarthy had not settled for early field goals in that game, that probably would have put it out of reach of the comeback. Against a good defense on the road in the playoffs with Aaron Rogers as QB, he settled for 2 short field goals rather than make one 4th and goal attempt. And lost the game.

    Hence why I don’t know if Gase is the answer, but McCarthy having Aaron Rogers on his resume is ironic since isn’t Rogers the one that wanted him canned?

    The bar for offense is what Jeremy Bates did last year. That isn’t very high since his favorite play call was for Darnold to throw back across the middle into traffic.

  52. ESPN reported on this that Gase dominated the Jets while in Miami. I must have missed some things, who DIDN’T dominate the Jets while Gase was in MiamI?!? And what about the the half decade before that?

  53. Broncos fan here, bad hire by the Jets. Gase needs more time to develop as an offensive coordinator. His only success was with Manning. Broncos won Super Bowl 50 without Gase, he was in Chicago.

  54. I wasn’t thrilled when the Patriots hired that Belichick guy, but that sort of worked out. Gase managed to beat the Pats a couple of times, and look at the quarterback comparison. None of you know how this will work out. Have some patience.

  55. As a Bills fan I would like to say WHEW!! I really thought they were going to hire Mike McCarthy…you know…the guy who had the Packers in the playoffs pretty much every year…you know…the guy who WON a Super Bowl with Green Bay.


  56. My only regret with the Jets getting Gase is you’ll beat the Dolphins out of the #1 draft pick in the NFL next year

  57. Noooo let’s not get the Super Bowl winning coach who has worked with two of the best QBs to ever play this game. No let’s get the guy who jus got FIRED by the fish. And pissed everyone off in the building in Miami. That’s the guy we want. Great job guys.

  58. If they hired him because he beats the Patriots once a year, the Dolphins did that before he got there too. And it’s more Tannehill than Gase, honestly.

  59. @jackedupboonie

    The afc east isn’t the joke, 8 trips to the SB tells us the conference, nay the league is a joke. Brady has been in the Super Bowl basically every other year on average. If the nfc was better Brady wouldn’t have 5rings.

  60. I am not sure this is the right coach for the NYJ. But sometimes when U have a second chance at the same job U do it better learning from your mistakes.
    I wonder why the Jets passed on McCarthy? Not saying he is better, but much more experience than Gase.

  61. As a Jet fan I will say I am disappointed but we should give this some time before we kill them. Look at the options that were available yes I wanted McCarthy but Gase was right their with him. Hopefully Gase can get the most of darnold and win games it’s all about darnold if he plays well it won’t matter who that coach is everyone will look good. So let’s cheer up jets fans they haven’t lost a game yet. We still have a lot of money and high draft pick this team will get better or I will die

  62. You can’t say that a guy who had an OK rookie year is any more of a “franchise QB” than the 1st rounder he just coached, who couldn’t stay on the field but showed more promise for a couple years than Darnold has managed just yet. We will see.

  63. I’m still smarting over that Dolphins stunning 69 yard, double lateral to beat the Patriots in December. So I’m reserving comment. We are on to San Diego…err…Los Angeles! Go Patriots!

  64. Good luck Jets fans, can’t wait to see how this turns out. Maybe he has learnt a lesson with his horrible failure in Miami.
    Got rid of all the decent players, because he couldn’t get on with them. When does that start in New York? Was a horrible playcaller.
    Be careful you may be getting Tannerhill too.
    Hope he gets on better with the NY press, that will be interesting.

  65. You have to wonder about Gase. He seems to have a low grade in that he doesn’t play well with others. I remember the Bills game with Jordan pretty much giving him the finger from mid field. That whole Jay Ajayi trade was a bit distasteful. Lets not forget Jarvis Landry who went right to twitter not 15 minutes after Gase was fired. What other beloved coach got that treatment? Did I mention Rashad Jones or even Kenyan Drake? Did any player like this guy? Even threw his friend Vance Joseph under the bus in that Denver game. Fins up by like 25 with minutes to go and Gase goes for an on side kick. Truthful said something that stuck in that the N.Y. media will be watching him closely… you can bet on that.

  66. If the Jets players are professionals then it is a good hire. If they are me-first whiny slackers then you will get something similar to what Miami had. Gase wants to run things like Belichick but he does NOT have the juice to get players to comply. Either way, the media interaction is going to be comical. His personality does not seem too compatible with personal criticism and accountability. Fins got rid of him a year too early. I don’t see any prospective coaches that would be any better than him.

  67. As a Miami Dolphins fan I can say we were ecstatic when he was hired 3 years ago and we all felt like he had total command of the team. Then the weird Ajayi thing occurred and we started to see a chink in the armour….but he earned a playoff spot and all was forgotten.
    Until the QB goes down and Cutler gets pulled off the couch to be the starter.
    The team had a chance to lock down Landry long term, but Gase stopped it?
    After this, he started to lose the locker room…then the Pouncy, Suh, Landry trades/cuts happened and all hell broke loose. The locker room was split…you were either a Gase disciple, or you were on your way out.
    Look, we all understand the need to lead with respect, but Gase ‘demanded’ it vs. ‘earning’ it…which does not go well with a room full of alpha males.

    Good luck Jets fans…it will be entertaining and yes, you will win some games…but likely loose key talent off your roster cuz they’re not kissing Gase’s ring.

  68. Its the play calling mostly. While Gase was the whisper guy his play calling had me being the screaming my head off from the couch guy. One or two players were whiney me 1st guys but you when you string 5-6 guys publicly speaking out there’s usually more that aren’t speaking out that feel the same way. Too many to be a coincidence. Throw in that stupid post game podium interviews and time was just up. Fins have to come up with a coach that can produce better than .500 ball.

  69. Not a wonder why the AFC East never changes. The Dolphins, Jets and Bills seem to always exchange fired coached amongst themselves.

  70. BlackhawksBob says:
    January 9, 2019 at 8:02 pm
    This man got Jay Cutler to his beat Bears season then with the ‘phins he got Jay Cutler to beat Tom Brady . This guy is legit
    Ok but it’s all the inbetween stuf that him fired.

  71. Is it too early to ask the question…

    Who will the Jets, Browns*, and Cardinals hire when these newly hired Head Coaches get fired in a couple years?

    *In the Browns defense it’s hard to get much worse than the Hue Jackson era so anything would seem like an improvement after that.

    The Jets and Cards seemed to settle on extremely underwhelming hires. The Browns did what the Browns do so it’s hard to be surprised by anything they do anymore.

  72. January 9, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    This man got Jay Cutler to his beat Bears season then with the ‘phins he got Jay Cutler to beat Tom Brady . This guy is legit.

    Yeah, and if they didn’t win the close game it was always a blowout, couldn’t beat other marginal teams, couldn’t win on the road, couldn’t adjust, made tons of excuses without taking blame. The entire picture is not pretty in his time in Miami.

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