Music stops for Mike McCarthy

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With former Packers coach Mike McCarthy going all in for the Jets job and with the Jets going all in for Adam Gase, McCarthy is officially SOL for 2019.

The good news is that the Packers will pay him to not work, until his contract expires. It’s expected that he’ll land a gig in broadcasting, taking his Pittsburgh dialect most likely to Bristol, joining an ever-growing army of on-air analysts.

So what happens next for McCarthy the football coach? He could end up being in play in 2020, or maybe not. The fact that there was no land rush for his services in the current hiring cycle underscores the widespread concerns regarding perceived (or actual) inflexibility and simplicity of his approach to offense. It’s widely regarded as an all-too-easily defended attack, lacking in creativity and innovation.

Apparently, the various teams currently looking for head coaches agreed.

The one place he could end up eventually being in play is Seattle. McCarthy and G.M. John Schneider are believed to be close friends, and Pete Carroll is likely moving toward the end of his run with the Seahawks. If Schneider stays post-Pete, McCarthy could be the successor to Carroll.

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  1. I think the job that has been overlooked with McCarthy is Pittsburgh. The one thing that was talked about early on is that he wants a year off. Tomlin didn’t exactly do wonders this year and I think much like McCarthy – Tomlin is probably wearing his welcome out in Pittsburgh.

  2. Carroll just signed an extension til 2021. He isn’t going anywhere. By the time that job becomes available both Carroll and Schneider will be gone. I think he sits out a year and come next season he’ll either be in PITT (it’s obvious Tomlin is on thin ice) or MINN.

  3. OC for the Lions would be a good gig for him for a year or two. Stafford can use some help, the Lions have a ton of cap room, and there is a fair amount of talentat the skill positions. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt Patricia to have someone with a lot of experience in the division on the staff. If McCarthy does well, he can write his ticket.

  4. McCarthy won’t be taking an OC job. He doesn’t need to “do well” – he has one of the highest winning % in the NFL, a Superbowl win.

    He has enough to get another HC gig if guys with less on their resume go from HC to HC. Gase, Reid, Arians, etc.

  5. The Jets… THE JETS!!! tell a Super Bowl-winning HC who actually wanted to work there “thanks, but no thanks.”

    That’s fairly shocking.

  6. He’ll coach again. I think the Minnesota and Pittsburgh guesses are good ones. One or both could have new coaches next year.

  7. I am truly happy about this.
    Mike McCarthy is a quality coach and I’m sure it took a lot of guts for him to tell the Browns to shove it.
    Now he can sit out the year, collect his paychecks from the Packets.
    Granted, Pittsburgh’s become such a train wreck, it sounds like a logical landing spot for him, but hopefully, if the Wilfs could extract their collective heads out of each other’s azzes, maybe they could hire him to take over the Vikes.
    It would be a real treat for the fans, you know, to finally get a qualified leader in that locker room.
    We are all sick and tired of the stale mediocrity that has enveloped this franchise for years and years.
    We deserve more!!!
    Can’t wait for the future.

  8. He’ll need work to be a “very successful broadcaster.” His comments on his TV show were always bland, and they got rid of the audience because he didn’t like taking tough questions.

  9. I’m surprised that NY signed Gase instead of McCarthy – taking a young but seriously ineffective & overwhelmed WITH a losing record in Gase over a seasoned SB winning HC that took his team to the playoffs 9 out of the 13 years he coached?
    I’m not sure Gase is the answer to the Jets needs but apparently NY didn’t feel
    McCarthy was up to the task!

  10. Maybe he will take a year off to freshen up some offensive ideas. I do think he really wants to coach Pitt… I think Tomlin after seemingly losing the team, and Brown and Bell…. Big Ben soon to be out, I think he will slide in there next year as Tomlin has been there for a while and its about time for a fresh face in Pitt.

  11. He’s better off taking a year to retool. He should take a broadcasting job and study what these young guys are doing that they claim he is not doing. In his younger years he was a very aggressive play caller with Favre and Rodgers. He’s very thorough and works really hard in the offseason. Remember – he knows a lot about managing a whole team that these young guys will have to learn on the fly.

  12. Seahawks??? Pete just signed on for 3 more years and we don’t need that ‘loser’ on our young, upcoming, dynamic team. Maybe he’d be better at the college level. He looks like a college coach. The Pac12 is pathetic right now and he could probably do good like Herm Edwards is at AZ State.

  13. Rich guy problems. I have nothing against the guy, but I never liked his easily identifiable “playing not to lose” mentality. I won’t miss it or him.

  14. McCartrhy is better poff not coaching than taking some these crap jobs. Yes, the Jets or Browns may have been decent. But the Cardinals? Hell, McCarthy is sitting pretty for 2020 when the Vikes, Pitt or Houston open up.

  15. McCarthy probably has some irons in the fire for future employment somewhere else. No one is going to say what is really going on. I bet he ends up in Pittsburgh.

  16. I think that this is best for his family and for his mind. I believe that perhaps he needs to both reinvent himself football wise and perhaps his interviewing skills. One month or so didnt give him much of a chance to highlite anything other than old history and here I am. Good luck in the future and hope to see you back. It is a tough business and especially so with a young family. I thought that the downhill slide was a result of stagnation both in not changing staff ie replacing the DC sooner and not upgrading the Offensive style ( aka only relying on AR’s skills ) . Unlike some supposed fans I am not going to dump on him but simply wish him well, thank him for his Packer’s service and hope he wins a lot of games ( except when he plays the Pack).

  17. This is why you leave before you get pushed. Had he resigned say three years ago when I first mentioned this, he probably has his pick of theams over the last two hiring cycles. These last three years and his relationship with Rodgers fracturing instead has him being seen as a guy that the game has passed by and who might not get another quality shot at this because owners have no idea who to hire. Cliff Kingsbury and Freddie Kitchens for Christ sakes are HCs this morning. Nothing against those guys, but just considering where they both were 6 months ago, realize how ridiculous that is.

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