Nick Foles: Saints thrashing helped focus the Eagles

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Here’s how positive Nick Foles is — he can make a 41-point loss into a good thing.

The Eagles quarterback said the Week 11 loss to the Saints (which he didn’t play in) was a springboard for the team, and helped harden them for what would become another impressive playoff push.

That game has helped us become the team we are today,” Foles said, via Tim McManus of “Going through that, that’s not easy as a team to lose like that. But there was never a pointing of the finger. It actually brought us closer. It can separate a team or it can bring us closer, and it brought us closer.”

After that 48-7 beating, the Eagles were 4-6 and didn’t appear to be heading anywhere. When Carson Wentz‘s back became an issue, it didn’t look much better.

The Eagles also have to answer questions about whether the Saints were running up the score on them, after safety Malcolm Jenkins flipped the bird at Saints coach Sean Payton after a late touchdown. All that will be filed away in advance of this week’s divisional round game.

“At that point in time, obviously, that’s the low point of our season. But at no point did we doubt that we have the locker room,” Jenkins said. “We just knew that we had to put it together. Since then, I think we responded and earned our opportunity to go back down there.”

Winning five of six after that game suggests the Eagles responded correctly, and last week’s miraculous win over the Bears might be a sign that this result could be quite different.

19 responses to “Nick Foles: Saints thrashing helped focus the Eagles

  1. Eagles have been a different team since that game. Let’s see how the D does…. I don’t think anyone questions the offense is capable of >7 points.

  2. I admire Nick Foles so much! As an Eagles fan my entire life I can never recall a time that I’ve been so torn on who I want to lead the Eagles on the field!

    Wentz or Foles….Foles or Wentz… is quite the conundrum!

  3. LVMF says:
    January 9, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    The Eagles got lucky the first game, it won’t happen again. Happy Hunting Saints!!


    Getting beat 48-7 is lucky at your house??

  4. Do the Eagles realize that talking about that utter beatdown repeatedly and saying things like “we comin” is a version of trash talk?
    Newsflash: The Saints are the better team.
    That doesn’t mean that they’ll definitely win, but it does mean they aren’t the Bears, who were one timeout away from sending the Eagles home to watch the playoffs.

  5. This team went into the home of the best defense in the league and won a football game NOBODY (sound familiar) gave them a shot to win. But they got it done now they go back to the scene of the butt whooping a few weeks ago. And like last time NOBODY is giving them a shot…….Kind of like those odds.

  6. Stranger things have happened. 1994 Niners…absolutely crushed in week 5 by Eagles 40-8 – at home! Young was benched after throwing two picks. It was as ugly a loss as possible.

    Lopsided losses can galvanize and inspire.

  7. Haha knees knocking. You allowed Trubisky to throw for over 300 yards in the cold. What do you think Brees will do to you in the SuperDome?? They’re about to murder the Eagles.

  8. I see that Saints fans are just as mouthy as Bears fans. We’ll see very soon if they survive post season Nick Foles and the Eagles revamped secondary.

  9. greenwhodat26 says:

    January 9, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Haha knees knocking. You allowed Trubisky to throw for over 300 yards in the cold. What do you think Brees will do to you in the SuperDome?? They’re about to murder the Eagles.



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    So what??? in the end it was a win……period

  10. Mr. Wright 212 says:

    No, playing the dregs of the league helped the Eagles.

    Good Lord both their players AND fans are delusional.
    The Eagles beat the Bears (12-4) Rams (13-3) & Texans (11-5) over the past month.
    Do you even watch football ?

    Fun fact: Nick Foles has the same amount of super bowl rings as the immortal Drew Brees

  11. famundacheese says:
    January 9, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Nick just went to Soldier Field and beat the # 1 defense in the cold. Imagine what he’ll do to a much lesser defense in a dome.


    Too bad Nick doesn’t play defense…

  12. Big mouths never learn to be humble. Hey Saints fans, you’re allowed to love your team but only losers feel the need to go to another teams story and talk trash like your the ones out there laying it all on the line. That goes for all fans of all teams. The humility doesn’t come until after they lose and even then it’s usually excuses instead humbleness.

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