Report: Bengals could be nearing decision

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With three jobs filled and five to go, it appears others are close to decisions.

According to Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals could be close to a decision, as he notes “it appears the interviewing portion of the search is over.”

There was a report from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network over the weekend they still wanted to talk to some coaches involved in the playoffs, but it’s unclear if they’ll wait.

So far, the Bengals have interviewed former Broncos head coach Vance Joseph, internal candidates Darrin Simmons, Bill Lazor, and Hue Jackson, along with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor and passing game coordinator Shane Waldron, and Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels turned down a chance to interview for the job.

28 responses to “Report: Bengals could be nearing decision

  1. I bet Bengals owner mike brown and family’s head coaching choice
    is a flavorless, unimaginative choice that saves money through
    hiring a powerless, vanilla sheep with no opinion.

  2. What a mostly depressing list from which to choose. I predict it’ll be Joseph or Jackson so Mike Brown can keep his comfort factor. And the Bengals tradition of being the laughing stock of the NFL can remain intact.

  3. Whoever they hire will be there for 15 years no matter what their record is

  4. I check NFL updates cautiously and with a sinking feeling in my gut, that Mike Brown will announce Jackson, Joseph, Lazor, or Simmons as the team’s next HC.

  5. Taylor, Monken and Bieniemy are the only decent options on that list. Bengals fans want nothing to do with any internal candidates…this includes Vance Joseph, who used to coach our secondary and was terrible in Denver.

  6. As a Bengals fan since ’68, I’m almost 100% sure that they will make the wrong decision.
    If they hire Jackson, I am done…


  7. It will be whoever doesn’t push for an indoor practice facility.

    137 days of rain in Cincinnati and violent shifts in weather… but… no indoor facility.

    It would cost the brown family money.

  8. Hue Jackson being hired would be hilarious.

    Hue Jackson winning a playoff game or a superbowl would be the weirdest thing in the NFL surpassing the time Tebow was the biggest star in the nfl for 9 weeks.

  9. If they hire Hue Jackson, which they probably will, I will immediately begin looking for a new team. I’m leaning Colts right now.

  10. Look for it to be the cheapest option. I’m surprised he didn’t interview the janitor too. He would do it for minimum wage probably. That would definitely tilt the field in his favor.

  11. Only the Bengals would hire a coach with 0.205% win pct.
    Bengals Motto = ‘Only the Worst would do!
    Things are looking up! Hue Jackson would move from the worst NFL coach of the SB era to the Worst ever NFL coach if the Bengals went 1-15 in 2019 !

  12. “Bengals fans want nothing to do with any internal candidates”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Eric Bieniemy played four seasons for the terrible 1990’s Cincinnati Bengals.

    Bieniemy should have been cut after his second season in Cincinnati.

    So… The brown family will hire him knowing that Bieniemy
    knows he owes the brown family a “thank you” for keeping him on the roster.

    EASILY CONTROLLABLE = NO practice field and low employee salaries

  13. It would be absolutely dumbfounding if HJ was made a HC so soon after his time at the Browns. He could be one again. But I have to feel that the players and fan base would revolt!

  14. I read the comments about the lack of an indoor practice facility, but you aren’t thinking about it like Mike Brown. From his perspective, if they hire Hue Jackson, they won’t make the playoffs, and therefore wont need to be practicing in January when it is coldest. It’s a brilliant cost saving move.

  15. Males me sick thinking about it. You just know what’s going to happen and that Brown will hire the candidate he’s comfortable with and not the best guy for the job. The outside candidates have 0 percent chance of getting it and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they were asked about having interest in the offensive coordinators job as a consolation of being passed over for HC. if and when a brown makes his yes man hire, I really hope this clears out the other 20-25000 season ticket holders as a form of protest. You will never get rid of the 10-15000 morons who are just there to drink and say oh well…

  16. First of all, not ready to compare to the Browns. The bengals had 20 on IR this year including QB, WR1, WR2, TE..

    Mike Brown is ludicrous. And, I don’t pretend that he doesn’t make asinine decisions. But, I like to think that this announcement is delayed because their candidate is in the playoffs right now. I think the delay is a good sign possibly pointing away from Joseph or Hue.

  17. NOBODY knows what’s happening with the Bengals’ hiring process except the people in the interview room. They may want to interview somebody from the Colts or Cowboys but they’ll have to wait until they lose, the extra week before the Super Bowl or get special permission. The fact they haven’t named anyone indicates they will hire somebody still in the playoffs or they’re not done with the interviews.

  18. I think the question is, when Hue Jackson becomes coach, will he hire Marvin Lewis as a special assistant? That would be perfect….

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