Source: Eric Reid overstated the number of times he was tested

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The report generated by the NFL-NFLPA joint administrator for the PED testing program concludes that Eric Reid wasn’t targeted for random testing. It also concludes he wasn’t tested as often as he has suggested.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports, and PFT has confirmed, that the investigation commissioned by the NFL and the NFLPA reveals that Reid was not tested as many times as he claimed to be tested.

That’s one of the possible explanations we identified several weeks back, as Reid’s repeated complaints about retaliation for his collusion grievance gathered steam. Many assumed Reid was providing accurate information about the raw number of tests when, according to the report generated by the independent company that has administered the PED testing program for at least 25 years, Reid wasn’t.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Reid was tested on a number of occasions that would fall within the characterization of “normal” — no more, and no less.

Reid has yet to react to the NFL-NFLPA statement or to the news that he wasn’t tested as often as he claimed to have been tested. If he disputes the findings of the report, he can always file a grievance or pursue other legal action.

97 responses to “Source: Eric Reid overstated the number of times he was tested

  1. And he’s a lier that can’t be trusted on top of being a selfish whiny diva. I’m not surprised.

  2. Apparently this sorry chump just has a need to feel victimized. Well, he’s at the tail end of his career. Hopefully we won’t be seeing or hearing him for much longer.

  3. If he wasnt tested that many times, it is a flat out lie and that will be a setback to any cause he is driving and is a disservice to those pushing for social justice changes. He has made it an attention grabbing look at me moment.

  4. “… according to the report generated by the independent company
    that has administered the PED testing program for at least 25 years”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    THAT… =is the reason not to trust the nfl.

    Sure… eric reid exaggerated/lied… but… having the same ped testing company
    from during the anabolic steroid era and hgh era is a giant red flag.

  5. Jeez a S.J.W. political “activist” who isn’t accurate with the truth or facts, who could have guessed? Wait isn’t most a certain movement that this player believes in is also based on lies and made up facts as well. Go figure.

  6. I’m shocked that he lied. Truly shocked.

    On a side note his career is now officially over. No decent team will want anymore of the drama he will bring with him. Just like Kap.

  7. Something tells me this isn’t going to help his collusion lawsuit…that and the fact that the Panthers signed him this season.

  8. Let’s be fair…of course the company that administers the drug testing program is going to say this, and having some anonymous source make the vague claim that Reid was tested “a normal” number of times hardly proves anything.

    If the source was really close to the situation, why couldn’t he give us the actual number? If the testing program is truly random, then what does “normal” even mean?

    The NFL doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record when it comes to honesty, you know.

  9. steaksandwichandsteaksandwich says:
    January 9, 2019 at 11:49 am
    What is the normal range of testing, and what did Reid claim?

    Reid claimed seven tests. We already know that one of the claimed tests was a mandatory test given to every player at the beginning of camp. Unless the information is leaked, we will never know the testing numbers.

  10. The Panthers should have never signed this guy. He fractured their locker room and destroyed team chemistry! Reid’ is a liar!

  11. Well, he learn to lie from the master of lies who claimed to care about inequality when in reality he was just throwing a tantrum because he was benched by Gabbert.

  12. “If the source was really close to the situation, why couldn’t he give us the actual number? If the testing program is truly random, then what does “normal” even mean?”

    If Mr. Reid disputes the conclusions presented, he can easily clear all this up by having his full testing records released and then the whole world can see if he was indeed telling the truth.

    Mr. Reid wouldn’t have any reason to be afraid of that, right?

  13. His reputation and EVERYTHING he stands for is now officially in question. Before, he had some people (5% or do) supporting him, now he should he have ZERO. Unless the people supporting him disregard integrity…

  14. Everyone knows Reid graduated from MIT with a degree in mathematics. He did not lie. He “misstated” the facts due to his analysis of the formulas used to calculate the number of tests he had been administered. Mathematical errors are forgivable when the formulas are so complex, such as counting from one to ten.
    His football career pales in comparison to his future career as a politician.

  15. “Unless the information is leaked, we will never know the testing numbers.”

    Mr Reid can authorize those records to be released publicly with a short phone call to the league or union office.

  16. Always shocking when a loud mouthed “activist” embellishes their claims of oppression. You won’t see him in the NFL anymore…good riddance.

  17. Even being tested 7 times is something that was likely to happen to about 3 of 1500+ players in the league over that 11 game span. Its possible he was only officially tested 5-6 times but he is counting some other test the league does not count, like if he had an extra test due to joining the team, getting insurance, or on one of the official tests they had an issue with the sample and asked him to redo it the next day. Its even possible a prankster got him to take a test by claiming to be a league official.

  18. danimal1974 says:
    January 9, 2019 at 11:56 am

    If the source was really close to the situation, why couldn’t he give us the actual number? If the testing program is truly random, then what does “normal” even mean?

    The NFL doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record when it comes to honesty, you know.

    They cant give out the number. If they were to publish Reids testing schedule that would be a violation of Reids rights. Wouldn’t he love that though?

    I agree with you the NFLs honesty or lack of. But taking things on a case by case bases this one does seem to stand up to the smell test. The NFLPA, the group that was representing Reids issue, being part of and endorsing the investigation says more for it than the NFLs word does. But in any case, Reid was given a copy of the report from the investigation and if he thinks its false he is welcome to hold it up and point out the lie. The NFL may not be able to publish the report that contains Reids private info, but Reid can. And if he feels its false info it makes his case for him to expose it so he will do that.

  19. Remember when the Bennett twin claimed Las Vegas police had a gun to his head, but videos surfaced and it turned out he was lying? Sounds like Eric forgot there’s objective evidence as well.

  20. Honestly, I’m still unsure why revealing the # of times a player was selected for testing needs to remain confidential? It’s not like they’re “outing” him for being in the drug program as it’s a league policy to “randomly” test all of their players.

    Why is it a state secret how many times someone gets selected for a random drug test?

  21. He, like Michael Bennett, LIED and the MSMedia pushed the lie because it fit a narrative. Until they give as much attention to the LIES being proven to be so, this is the definition of FAKE NEWS.

  22. I read this story and still have no facts. How about some numbers? How many time did he claim to get tested and how many times was he actually tested and what is normal for a NFL player?

  23. The lack of intelligence by some of these guys is mind boggling. Did he really think he could just make accusations and the truth would not come out and make him look even worse??? Just sooooo dumb!

  24. Reid knew from day one the testing agency, which is NOT part of the NFL and is a private organization, cannot under any circumstances (Fed Law) reveal anything about number of test, who was tested and when, how often they test. They only reveal to the org they tested, the results of the test to them only. Reid knows all this. All the players know this.
    Just an FYI, since I know a lot about this process from my days at the DOT. The testing agencies test randomly themselves. they usually have no strict time table as to when they will test so that everything is by chance and no one can gauge, when they are coming around.

  25. Reid is so pathetic he is actually making Roger look accurate.

    Well, at least for one occasion.

  26. Kap should distance himself from Reid if he wants a serious shot at winning his case. Reid is a discredit to everyone who’s making a real effort to create equality and eliminate police brutality.

  27. For those few that are trying to back Reid, re-read the article, especially the part that says “the investigation commissioned by the NFL and the NFLPA”. If the players union has to admit that nothing outside of the normal range of testing occurred, then Reid’s entire argument is invalid.

  28. He lied. No alternative facts, no ”I forgot to mention that,” no ”lemme explain…”. He better enjoy life in Charlotte, NC, because when it’s over, he’ll be joining ol’ Kap in the retirement line.

  29. The Panthers started off great this year:

    Then they acquired Mr. Reid. LOL

    I believe they lost every game after Reid joined the team except the last one.

    The last one was against the Saints, who were resting players (Brees etc.) for the playoffs.

  30. “Many assumed Reid was providing accurate information about” his claim of collusion, but…..

  31. Like I said back then, you don’t start complaining about being over tested at 7, with no peep of a problem for test 3-6. Just stirring the pot to keep his name & man keeping him down attitude in the media. He can’t just blend into the scene. Has to make up a reason to stand out.

  32. like when the person gets the offensive languauge written on a receipt at a restaurant then blames the restaurant and it turns out…they were the one that wrote it? but the headline made page 1 news and the apology a month later is on page 8

  33. We already had a feeling he had character issues, now we know it’s a fact. He’s not looking to improve anything, that would take intelligence, he’s just looking to divide and influence the uninformed masses.

  34. Eric Reid got a second chance and totally blew it. In the process he made The Panthers look bad and specifically those who supported the team bringing him on board.

  35. Something tells me he will get cut not just for lying but also for being burned all year long by receivers. Good riddance the lying piece of garbage.

  36. Panthers add Reid and the go on a free fall from the playoffs. Doubt he gets another job. If kaep had any chance, he hurt it.

  37. What kind of drugs was this dude on? Not only was he hallucinating, they weren’t showing up in the tests that weren’t happening.

  38. When he was signed by the Panthers, how many people (including me) thought Reid was the more stable one when compared to Kaepernick?

  39. Theadvent says:
    What if he’s telling the truth and the “source” is lying?’

    As others have pointed out, if Eric Reid is telling the truth then all he has to do is give the testing company written permission to release all of his results, which would prove conclusively which side is lying. Yes, I said lying, not “overstating.”
    If it were me and I knew I was telling he truth, that’s precisely what I would do.
    So far, not a peep out of Mr. Reid. You may take that to mean whatever you wish. I find it quite telling.

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