Titans G.M. confident Marcus Mariota can learn another language

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Titans General Manager Jon Robinson compared learning a new offense to learning a new language.

If that’s the case, quarterback Marcus Mariota could work at the United Nations when he’s done with football.

With the Packers hiring Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, Mariota will now be onto his fifth offensive coordinator since he was drafted in 2015.

“It is always challenging when you are talking about new terminology, and concepts. I kind of liken it to learning a foreign language, and he is on his fifth language now,” Titans G.M. Jon Robinson said , via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website. “But we’ll do our best to try and help the team and keep a lot of that the same. We’ll talk to coach [Mike] Vrabel and we’re still just going through that process now about the direction that we’re going to go.

“But it is always difficult with any player when there is change because you have to learn new things. One thing was called ‘this’ with this coach, and now this is called ‘that.’ . . .

“Marcus is a smart guy. We’ll work at it. Whatever we ask of him from a studying and learning and terminology standpoint, I am confident that he’ll definitely put the time in to try and be his best.”

Robinson also said that he was confident Mariota would be healthy and ready for the coming season, after he was held out of the decisive regular season finale because of neck and foot injuries. He said the decision to hold him out of the loser-leaves-town game against the Colts was made with the future in mind.

A future which, once again, will be conducted in a new tongue.

12 responses to “Titans G.M. confident Marcus Mariota can learn another language

  1. disagree

    there is a reason why he has not taken off yet

    he regressed his 2nd year, too

    he has a strong run game and is still mediocre

    he is about to be alex smith’d

  2. This is why I’m afraid they’re going to promote some position coach from within instead of bringing in a proven OC from outside.

  3. He is an average starting QB at best. If you can’t learn a playbook than there wouldn’t be much hope for you. Playbooks aren’t that complicated. Its football, not particle physics.

  4. As a Titans fan, I love Marcus. He’s tough and he plays well when the game is on the line. But if he can’t stay healthy next year, it’s time to move on.

  5. One of LaFleur’s worst calls was the 2pt conversion against the Chargers… so should have ran that ball in. That one play alone could have changed our playoff hopes. o.0

  6. there is a reason why he has not taken off yet

    What would constitute taking off with the team he’s had? His stats have been quite good despite him being hurt a lot. His QB rating has been over 90 3 of the 4 years he’s been in the league.

  7. Mariota is an injury prone QB. All these media people making a big deal about Carson Wentz missing 9 regular season games have been strangely quiet about Mariota missing a bunch more!

    Wentz has also played a full 16 games season in 2016. Mariota has NEVER done so!

  8. Some languages are easier to learn (French, Spanish, German) than others (Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic). It takes years of practice to actually be proficient at one. I wonder how many languages Jon Robinson speaks that he is able to justify the comparison with learning a new offensive system.

  9. LaFleur getting the HC gig is truly baffling. J.B. Cooter was fired as OC in Detroit while putting up better offensive numbers than Matt did in Tennessee last season. At this point the NFL teams shuffle these coaches around for no other reason than to perk off season fan interest and discussion. There is no other logic to the moves that happen. Bruce Arians was on life support in AZ, his last season there, and now he’s two years older with a brand new gig.

  10. He’s smart, no doubt about that. Cool under pressure, too. I’d be much more worried about protecting him next season than whether or not he has to learn some new terminology. Finding a way to keep him healthy is priority #1. If he goes down again this year, and misses games, I’d say it’s time to give up. He’s playing pretty well when he’s able, but let’s not pretend we’re talking about Patrick Mahomes here.

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