Todd Gurley eager to get back on field to see how knee responds

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Todd Gurley understands the questions about his injured knee, but he hopes to put those to rest with his performance in Saturday night’s divisional-round game against the Cowboys.

“I haven’t been on the field in the last two weeks, so it’s like ‘Why is Todd not on the field? It’s his knee, so we want to know how his knee is doing and get an update,’” Gurley told reporters Wednesday when asked if he was tired of questions about his knee. “Then, I don’t have to keep getting tweets and Instagrams all day. They could just watch this video, see how my knee is doing. They’re either going to believe it or think I’m lying. It’s cool. It’s cool.

“I’m really just eager to get back on the field and then just see how it responds. Then, hopefully we have some new questions next week and not about the knee.”

So how’s the knee, Todd?

“It’s good,” Gurley said. “. . .See how I wake up and feel tomorrow. But everything went pretty good today, so just super excited about that, honestly.”

Gurley hasn’t played since Dec. 16, missing the final two regular-season games with left knee inflammation. He was limited in both practices this week as he works his way back.

“He got a kick out of joking with me that he was real sore today,” coach Sean McVay said. “I didn’t think it was that funny.”

5 responses to “Todd Gurley eager to get back on field to see how knee responds

  1. I think with all the media hoopla … people are forgetting about CJ.

    Even if this “knee” thing is real, Anderson will take over.

  2. Honestly, it won’t matter. Dallas shut down the #1 rushing team just last week. Gurley is talented, but not 100% for this game and will have no holes. Jaylon will spy Goff, and they have enough DB depth to matchup well against the Rams receivers.
    On the other side of the ball, look for Zeke to have a field day. The Rams focus so much on pass rush that they’re too far up field to stop the run. Dallas will roll Dak out of the pocket to buy time from Donald, and Dak could have 50 yds rushing himself. I think the Cowboys will mythodically beat the Rams in front of a 60/40 (Dallas) fan base, and possibly host the NFC Championship next week.

  3. I don’t get it .. in the immortal words of Lombardi: “what the hell is going on out here!?!?”

    What is going on with that knee? Is it one of the CLs (A/M/L)? Its just sore and swollen? And 3 whole weeks have gone by and still he is trying to see how it feels? What???

  4. He tore his knee up in the Kansas City game in the first quarter and hasn’t been the same since. He will not make it through the first half.

  5. There wasn’t any doubt that the Rams could win the final two games while resting Gurley. The bonus was CJ Anderson showing he’s got a lot of football left in him and racking up 100 yard performances.

    When Malcolm Brown’s injury resulted in him being out for the season, it had a big impact on the Ram’s offense. CJ Anderson has proven to be a very effective replacement. The Cowboys will be facing RB by committee. If Gurley and Anderson are on the field at the same time, it will make it very difficult for their defense to anticipate what the Rams will do.

    I was more concerned about us facing the Bears than I am us playing the Cowboys. This will be a fun game to watch, but Dallas will go home losers. And no, Dallas fans will not outnumber Ram’s fans. Ticket prices have soared to LA levels. The crazy thing is that people here will actually brag about how much they spent on tickets — the increased pricing makes them more desirable to some people.

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