Where are the Dolphins leaning?

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With three jobs filled, three others likely down to two candidates each, and two AFC East jobs seemingly still wide(r) open, the Miami vacancy hasn’t gotten much attention.

So where will owner Stephen Ross go?

The Dolphins have interviewed Patriots linebackers coach (and de facto defensive coordinator) Brian Flores, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Cowboys defensive backs coach/passing game coordinator (and de facto defensive coordinator) Kris Richard, and Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.

There’s one name that continues to loom over the process: Ravens coach John Harbaugh. There’s a lingering belief that Ross will eventually throw his hands in the air and give Baltimore whatever it wants in order to get Harbaugh.

So what would it take? Some have suggested that the Ravens want two first-round picks. That’s a high price to pay. Considering what Harbaugh could do for the Dolphins or any other team, it could be draft picks (and, in turn, money) well spent.

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  1. Just dont take Kris Richard please. He is our DC next year. You can have Scott Linehan and Moore our qb coach, In Fact We will Pay You to take them both!

  2. Please Miami…. waste 2 1st round pick to get him!!!
    Says every fan of every other AFC EAST team!!!!
    & PLEASE KEEP RYAN T as your QB too!!!
    Maybe Harbaugh can bring JUMP BALL JOE along with him!!! LOL

  3. With all the holes in our roster we can’t afford two first round picks especially with our need to draft a QB. I would give up this year’s only. The QB class of 2020 is more talented and our won/loss record in 2019 is not going to be pretty. Sign Bridgewater and still draft a QB but with a middle round pick then use the 2020 #1 on another QB. One of these centuries we will actually find a long term QB.

  4. The Dolphins are leaning towards going through this whole process in another 3 years. Typical Dolphins cycle for coaches…..exceed expectations in year one and playoff birth. Year two when fans become optimistic they go .500. Year three fans are still somewhat optimistic and disappointed once again just to return for another firing and hiring.

  5. The ONLY Coach that you would trade Draft picks for now and not feel stupid about it later is Belichick. For everyone else, a college coach is just as likely or more likely to succeed.

  6. Dolphins should do whatever it takes to land Harbaugh. He’s head over heels better than all the other candidates in the field.

  7. Where are they leaning??…… Atlantic, Pacific…. take your pick…. they will continue to drown as a franchise

  8. If the Dolphins give 2 first round picks for a coach with one season to go, then that’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen in over 30 years of following this team. Sign him next year (I don’t believe that Ross hasn’t put the feelers out already) and use the picks to move up the draft for a QB if they think one is worth it. Most ‘brilliant ‘ coaches have a great QB or (in the case of Harbaugh) an amazing defence to compensate. Losing 2 first rounders will ruin this team further.

  9. It’s not all about the coach. It takes talent to make a coach look good. Why would Harbaugh want to coach a team that will lose two first rounders? Why not Tom Coughlin or take another look at Dan Campbell?

  10. Why would Harbaugh agree to come the the Fins knowing they need players and know that they do not have first round picks for the next two years?

  11. Dan Campbell doesn’t want to come back, and I shouldn’t think the Dolphins want him either.
    Tom Coughlin, are you crazy Deborah Hearn??? He’s in the Jags Office now.

  12. As a chiefs fan, I don’t want to see Eric Bienemy hired anywhere else. I do think he would be a much better head coach than a lot of the other guys being interviewed/hired. It’s a joke Kingsbury was hired in Arizona instead of Bienemy.

  13. The owner of the Dolphins would do good and let the GM find a coach, and not someone the owner has a wish for.Bill

  14. If the Fins want to replicate the success of the Ravens then they better not stop at Johnny. Ozzied Newsome and his evaluation of talent had as much to do with the Baltimore success as JH.

  15. Whichever way Ross goes its likely to be wrong and create another 2-4 years of Fins futility. Flores is not ready for that jump though I thought he did well for the Pats this year. Chiefs OC may be ok but the longer they wait the less chance of getting the guy they need.

  16. they should have kept Gase or fired everybody…including Grier. They could have at least had more firepower to land a decent coach who wanted GM functions as well like one of the Harbaughs. Next year would have been the better year to fire Gase

  17. This is not a popular opinion but the Dolphins would have been better off staying with Adam Gase and getting the best Defensive Coordinator they could find. Timing is everything and getting the best assistant coaches will not be easy. One of the main issues with the Dolphins has been the Personnel decisions made mostly by Tannenbaum. Moreover teams scored at will against the Dolphins in the 4th quarter due to predictable defensive play calling.

  18. Am I the only surprised that Mike McCarthy’s name isn’t at being mentioned? He went to the playoffs 9 of his 13 years and won a Super Bowl. I would think you would at least bring him in for a meeting.

  19. Local Baltimore media reporting it’s a done deal for Harbs.
    2 first round picks for Harbaugh and a 3th rounder for Flacco.
    Who knew Miami was “Baltimore South?!”

  20. What we know for certain is that whatever decision Ross makes, it will be the wrong one.

    He can’t hire coaches or people to hire coaches or people to evaluate talent.

    He now has a ten-year track record to prove it……

  21. If I’m a head coach, the last thing I want is to be draft handicapped for 2 seasons the day I show up to my new job… maybe that’s just me though.

  22. Miami needs a full 2-3 year rebuild. Outside of a couple good young players on the secondary, this team is devoid of talent. Time to burn it down and start from scratch

  23. As has been said above, the Ravens had Ozzie – it’s not all Harbaugh, so paying big for him is no guarantee of success. Also, as a Browns fan, I agree wholeheartedly that the owner should stay out of it and let the GM make this decision.

    If they want to give a young guy a try, fine – just give him enough time to have a legit chance…and give him the talent to make it happen.

  24. They are not going to entice any established coach to come there, not with the GM and front office people already in place. The fact that people here think Gase should have been retained is laughable. Mr “offensive genius” was ranked 27th and 29th the last two years. And their defense was a mess. Gase made his rep the two years he was in Denver and Manning was there. Go look at his numbers after he left Denver. His offenses were never ranked higher than 17th.

    This cycle of hiring a coordinator and thinking he is the next big thing will keep happening every three years as long as Ross still owns the team.

  25. In 2008 Ross bought 50% of the Dolphins and in 2009 he bought another 45%. In the 9 seasons since acquiring the other 45% Dolphins are 72-88, have had several head coaches (Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin, Adam Gase and interim coaches Todd Bowles and Dan Campbell) and 3 GMs (Jeff Ireland, Dennis Hickey, Mike Tannenbaum). And while Ross’ record for hiring HCs and GMs is abysmal, letting Mike T run the show would also be a disaster. Irrespective of what Ross ends up doing, I would bet Jet, Bills and Patriots fans will sit back, watch, and smile.

  26. If I was Ross, I would be on the phone with the agent for Gregg Williams of the Browns. He took a bunch of certified losers and motivated them to a 5 -3 record. I think this would be the best move he could make but I doubt he will. We all grow up and Williams is just hitting his stride.

  27. Why would Harbaugh want a job where he’s immediately behind the eight ball when they have to give up two first round picks? Besides the weather, I see no reason to accept the offer,he’s much better positioned now with a good defense and a young, albeit reckless, QB.

  28. Even the Buccaneers made a great hire for once… But the Dolphins remain the Dolphins… We’ll be having this conversation again in two years, three if whoever they hire gets lucky.

  29. I moved from New England to Florida in 1995.
    Going down 95 to Miami once a week I always listened to the Sports radio stations talking about how excited they were each year for Miami and their football team hopes.
    Clearly it is very sad that a billion dollar organization can’t hire someone that can ut together a winning team.
    Man I use to love watching Zach Thomas play, good Gawd had he been on a winning team!
    Laces Out Dan!

  30. I remember a GM saying, “If you’re going to fire a coach, you better make sure the guy you hire is better…”

    Do you really think whoever they hire is going to be better than Adam Gase was? Gase was nothing great, but he’s better than the names being mentioned for this opening.

  31. Why on earth would anyone want to go coach a team that just gave up its next two first round picks?

  32. “Some have suggested that the Ravens want two first-round picks.”

    There’s all kinds of ‘suggestions’ and ‘speculation’ from nameless sources or the ubiquitous ‘some’ about Harbaugh being moved but the only definitive thing that’s been reported is he and Baltimore are working on a long term extension.

    As for where the Dolphins are leaning let’s hope it’s over the bowl this time to at least keep them from throwing up on their own shoes…again.

  33. Ross should make it just as high a priority to find a qb who can really play. I am not going to tar and feather Taneyhill, but I think that era is about over.
    Ross has made most poor football decisions.
    Ross is ok with dining clubs and stadium amenities, but the Fins have showed very few signs of progressing on the field…total stagnation.

  34. Stephen Ross is a great civic minded owner. However he relied on personnel executives to tell him what he needed. They failed big time! The Dolphins need a Franchise quarterback first and foremost. Ross can’t attract the successful coaches he wants without first having a franchise quarterback. Adam Gase did not have a bad record given the fact that he inherited a second string quarterback in Ryan Tannehill.

  35. Of that list they should hire Eric Bieniemy to be the new head coach. The last 2 head coaches to come from the Andy Reid coaching tree were Doug Pederson who won the Super Bowl in his second year and Matt Nagy who won 12 games in his first year coaching the Bears. Andy Reid is a great coach and a great teacher and his assistants have a great track record of winning.

  36. Adam Gase inherited a QB that he would not give up on. A bit like Cutler when Ryan got hurt last year.
    He had a problem with having to have players he already knew.
    What Head Coaching job has he got today, by the way??? Obviously isn’t #1 on anyone’s list.
    He split the Locker Room, and for players to want to lose in Buffalo, so he was fired just tells you what they thought of him.
    Move on from that mess,and hope next time is better.

  37. Makes no sense to mention Harbaugh here. Everyone knows 1st rounders are not guaranteed play makers and there isn’t a good HC candidate left. Bisciotti, who would be the one to make this decision, loves Harbs and knows all this. This is crazy speculation.

  38. Dolphins should do whatever it takes to land Harbaugh. He’s head over heels better than all the other candidates in the field.

    Lol don’t use a saying unless you know what it means. What your looking for is Harbaugh is head and shoulders above.

    Harbaugh is good but let’s be honest other than Belichik it’s hard to believe any coach is worth 2 1st round picks. No one would trade Khalil Mack for Harbaugh straight up

  39. Never thought I would say this, but, interview Rex Ryan. Our defense is closer than the offense. Rex can make it better and as long as he can snag a legit guy to handle all the offense then Rex is better than any of the chumps left over and a far better option than giving draft picks over for a coach. Maybe a 3-4 would increase QB pressures and allow the secondary to ball-hawk. Honestly, what is the down-side here? Rex would make the team worse? How, exactly? What about the other guys, including Rizzi gives you any confidence. Rex would bring swagger and legitimacy which seems to be what some of our more petulant players want in a HC. If there is a true rebuild going on, then allow him to fix the LBs and D-line. Maybe a couple we have would be decent in a 3-4 and if not, then the roster is already getting churned. Bottom line: we have nothing left to lose…look at Rex.

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